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[Book Spoilers] Show Davos


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Well, like all Stannis fans I am upset about the ongoing portrayal of him on the show.

However while a lot of attention has been brought to that, I feel that people have not discussed Show Davos that much.

This is important to me. I like Stannis, but I like Davos too.

Show-Davos has stopped making any sense to me over the course of the last season and a half. I can't put my finger on it exactly. The acting is good, the lines are okay, and it's roughly the same character as the book. It's just that the circumstances are so different.

Nowadays he comes off as the lead henchman of a villain. You know, the ones who say 'You're running out of time!' and 'You have failed me for the last time!' and that type of crap. I can't remember the last time we had an actually good Stannis Davos scene since the one on the boat in Season 2. S3E8 came close, but it was still just so different..

Consider for the moment, Davos is the Hand of the King. Yet he doesn't have anyone to read and write on his behalf. And he has to turn to.. Shireen. Yes, because she is a main cast member and needs screentime and that makes logic somehow. Not.

I think the main problem here is the massive cut-out of everyone else in this storyline. Kings Men, Queens men, Justin Massey, Roland Storm, Maester Pylos, Alester Florent, Axell Florent, Sallador Saan, and basically it seems like his entire army at this point is himself, Davos, Mel, his wife and daughter, and 3 random guards.

Want to have Davos set Gendry free? Well, we cut out all the knights and Saan's Lyseni, so just have Davos mumble some crap about a star and rush him out in a dinghy in a scene that makes no sense and basically leave him to starve or drown.

Want to show some burning? Well let's cut out all the stuff about Alester and his treasonous behaviour and instead let him burn an 'infidel' , oh and also change the name because who cares.

And now, Davos is writing a letter to the Iron Bank. In Stannis' name. Behind his back. Making him the Beggar King v2.0 , to beg money, to buy mercenaries cause apparently his own army is all gone by now. ( no wonder, as he keeps burning infidels ) Y'know, the same kind of behaviour that got Alester burnt? Oh wait, Shireen is writing the letter. Yeaaaah...

This is all just so messed up.. Stannis had a scribe in season 2 you know. And he can write his own letters. I guess he burnt the scribe by now, for being an infidel.

Oh, and why would the Iron bank support Stannis exactly? TV Stannis is just some creep who burns infidels. I know some people say that the Iron bank will turn him down instead. So then what? TV Stannis has no money and no army and no ships. And how would it make sense for the Iron bank to support him later on?

I don't know where they are going with this. But honestly, I feel like they have screwed up Davos' storyline as badly as they have screwed Stannis as well.

And why exactly does TV-Davos support TV-Stannis at this point? I can't fathom the reason, I really can't.. His son is dead ( which is apparently the only reason he did all the stuff to become a lord ), and let me remind you, TV Stannis is just some creep who burns infidels.

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