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[Spoilers] What's in a title?


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For some reason I thought the notion of a "blood groove" or "blood channel" was inaccurate. Does that actually work?

I thought it was primarily about keeping the sword lighter. :dunno:

Swords can get stuck, the blood channel helps to reduce it to some extent.

They also have blood channels on bayonettes. http://cdn2.armslist.com/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2013/05/14/1617282_03_chinese_sks_w_bayonette__640.jpg

Weapons that are used for slashing don't need them, weapons that are used for stabbing get some benefit.

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All the Valyrian steel swords on the show have that Damascus engraving. It's the way the show differentiates them from normal steel. Ice, Longclaw and Oathkeeper. I didn't notice if Widow's Wail had it too.

Edit: search 'Damascus sword' on Google images. That's what they're using to replicate the Valyrian sword ripples from the books.

Damascus steel is not the engraving part.

It is an un-engraved steel surface with a distinctive patterns of banding and mottling.

Swords , axes, spear blades, other edged weapons have been made of Damascus steel up to the 18th century.

Damascus steel can still be engraved tho.

(In the 19th (and early 20th) century even 'Damascus' steel shotguns were made, only for use with black powder, when modern gun powder is used they come apart. The steel for these guns only looked like Damascus , no one made them from Wootz steel.)

Supposedly the art of Damascus steel was lost by the mid 18th century.

People still work on 'reverse engineering' it.

By the by ,in recent times, it was discovered that real Damascus steel contains carbon nanotubes!

Using pattern welding one can reproduce swords and knives that look like Damascus steel. I am supposing that's what is being used on the show. On the show , every now and then once see the banding and mottling on the 'Valyrian' steel blades... I think the dagger LF has it show up clearly, but most of the time it's hard to see.

I don't know who made the shows Valyrian steel swords and blades.

Maybe Tommy Dunne the series weapons master has his own shop?

See interview here:


Chris Beasley at the company Valyrian Steel makes beautiful reproductions of the swords used on the show, but don't think they make anything for the show?

One think they don't even seem to CGI in, is that the Valyrian steel blades supposed had 'color' , I guess a metaphor for the 'magic' contained.

Still the swords look super.

One thing to note about Oathkeeper , my eyes may be going bad, but does it have an edge on it?

I can't see it.

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The Channel down the center of both sides of the sword is not actually a blood grove. It's purpose is to make the sword lighter while at the same time allowing it to maintain the greatest amount of strength along it's hacking edges. It's a modified "I" beam construction. See: Secrets of the Viking Sword +ULFBERH+T at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXbLyVpWsVM.

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I wonder if the title "Oathkeeper" relates to the last scene of this episode. Apparently HBO says the darth maul guy at the end is Night's King... he was the 13th Other in the scene and the Night's King was the 13th Lord Commander for 13 years, so...

Maybe the Night's King is fulfilling some oath he took? I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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