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[NO SPOILERS] "Positive Nitpicking" - What you loved about the episode


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I loved the way the episode was structured, and how it was split into 3 distinct parts.

Part 1: Meereen. It's always best to get Dany out of the way first. I generally like her storyline but I find when they end an episode with it it's a bit of a letdown.

Part 2: King's Landing (plus Sansa). Obviously brilliant as ever.

Part 3: The Wall. It was brilliant to get a prolonged section bringing all the 3 Wall storylines together.

This is definitely the best way to structure an episode. I don't like it when they try and flit between too many storylines and we end up with loads of brief unrelated scenes.

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Sansa!!!! questioning Littlefinger. I loved seeing her savvy side come out. Finally, she is turning "from pawn to player!" I think that was my favorite part of this entire episode. Way to go D&D on her character development.

I loved the foreshadowing from Janos about Jon, as well. That was a nice touch, and proof that the show does contain foreshadowing to future events, for me.

The acting and directing in this episode was just superb. A job very well done.

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Dany's hair - flawless. And that Aerys II look in her eyes (we already could catch a glimpse of in 1x06 when she says that "fire cannot kill a dragon") while speaking with Ser Barristan.

Grey Worm speaking in Ghiscari! In general, the linguists working for this show did an amazing job bringing to life all the foreign languages!

Am I the only one who gets a bad feeling seeing Locke? There's a certain menacing tone in the music when they show his face. I don't trust him a bit and I'm curious as how his character and the whole Jon arch will play out.

The editing was so good, I loved how they answered Tyrion's "Sansa's not a killer. Not yet anyway" with a shot of Sansa and LF. And after that LF's speech about "new friends" as a voice-over over the QoT and Margaery scene.

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I effin loved the Others. Overshadowed everything else for me.

But I loved the Castle Black scenes too.

Sansa starting to become a player even before LF starts training her.

Jaime/ Brienne scenes (although I was a bit disappointed it wasn't Jaime who named Oathkeeper). Offering Podrick as a "gift" to Brienne was priceless.

Tyrion's certainty Sansa didn't kill Joffrey and Sansa's certainty Tyrion didn't do it. Sweet marital loyalty.

Everything beyond the Wall, really.

It was an excellent episode, the best of the season by far.

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Everything was marvellous — really, really good. For all the naysaying I heard before I saw it, I was continually pleased, and in every single scene (well, Crastor’s Keep was grisly, but we knew that).

What really impressed me was the moments of veiled joy that peeked out in the sweetness and caring between Grey Worm and Missy, Jaime and Tyrion, Jaime and Brienne; connubial Tyrion and Sansa sticking up for each other; the beneficent and sound advice of Ser Grandfather, alas unheeded though it proved.

And though I was a bit nervous how it might play out, Marge and Tommy actually looked competely wholesome, natural and cute. I love the new king’s smile, his late brother’s antithesis. The lad was afraid at first, but she warmed him and broke through his fear; she’s really good at that. Very fine acting there.

And Ser Pounce, how could anyone not just go awww? But I suspect Tommy is in for a surprise someday: Ser Pounce was a tortoiseshell kitty (with both black and orange/red fur intermingled), which means “he” had to have two X chromosomes floating around. Unless “he” had a Y chromosome to go with the two X’s and make “him” an actual he, there may well be new kittens someday exactly where Tommy least expects it.

I hope for the best for little Tommen; perhaps he and Marge can have the Rock. He’s lost so much already; I want him to make it.

I liked how Petyr subtly gave away his class (well, or at least his non–King’s Landing origin) with his pronunciation of aunt as /ænt/ rather than RP /ɒnt/ or ultra-posh ːnt/. No way would Tywin or Dany have said it how Little Pe—er, Finger did.

Sansa wising up to him was impressive. You can see real growth in her.

The three Lannister siblings knowing just whose son perished, and not pretending anymore when it is just between a pair of them.

The music was just right: subtle yet meaningful. Watch it again, and notice the different themes that are played when.

Ghost and Summer, loyal and fierce. Can you ever see Summer growling at Bran the way Drogo hissy-cowed at Danny? Of course not! The difference between the respective bonds is the difference between an alien reptile and a furry cuddly companion. One I trust, the other I fear.

It’s a strange swap, one of those flip-flop interlocking mirrors that George likes so much. The dragon which fire made flesh is ultimately cold in that reptilian way, whereas Bran’s northern direwolf is the very opposite of frozen ice, as warm as a summer day is long: truly Summer incarnate.

Ghost, Ghost, Ghost. So excellent to see him again, his haunting eyes all aglow. What a great reunion that will be for Jon!

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Great episode, much better than last ep.

Stuff with Brienne was awesome.

Jaime being pimp-slapped by his own hand.

Ser Pounce! Tommen's scenes are really turning out good.

Dany's crufixition thing. Call It morbid, but i was looking forward to it appearing on the show.

Ghost and Summer! Direwolves > Dragons any day of the week.

Jon in general.

Bran. I was so nervous at first, hoping none would get hurt...I really wanna see how it ends.

The Troll King and his reverse-Loki adoption thing at the end.

Seems like next ep is full of Stark goodness for everyone of the kids. Can't wait for it!

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- Jon's glorious curls, surely due to be upgraded to 'also starring' in the opening credits.

- Ser Pounce!!!!

- Actually that entire scene, though deeply uncomfortable, was brilliant. Shows how similar Marge and Cersei are in terms of how they manipulate - they're all about the honey. (Tommen's actor played the wide-eyed 'omg a girl' thing beautifully)

- Brienne. Everything about Brienne, but especially "Ser...M'Lady"

- I actually don't dislike the changes to Jon & Bran's story - it gives Bran something to do other than wander 'n' warg, and gives Jon a chance to prove himself as being a capable leader of men.

- Darth Maul

- Did I mention Ser Pounce?

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It is known.

Yes. The direction of this episode is among the best ive seen all series. The end scenes with Craster's and the Others really left an impact on me. So gooooood.

- Jon's glorious curls, surely due to be upgraded to 'also starring' in the opening credits.

Hnngh! :devil: Kinda sad that Jon has had a shave too. I was really digging on that really scruffy beard he was rocking for a while there.

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