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(BEWARE SPOILERS) Book Lovers beware this episode was better than we expected


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I think the changes are OUTRAGEOUS! Why doesn't Melissandre have red eyes? Or Tywin Lannister have gold flecks in his? This show is a disaster.

If Mereen doesn't have the blue grace and the green grace and the gold grace and the red grace and the aqua grace, I shall picket HBO!!


How could you forget the growling, snarling, and howling by Ghost! :shakes head:

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just sniffing through and remembering the epi while re-watching in preparation of premier...

If anything,

It'll make Martin write faster. Thats +points

well i guess not so much...it's almost been a yr and the new season is about to start and we are where we were 10 months ago...luckily we got the great A World of Ice and Fire, thank the gods for Linda and Ran...oh yeah and the old bearded dude, too ;)

that is all...


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