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Jon and Sam at the library

Gimli son of Gloin

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In "Oathbreaker", there is a nice scene in my point of view with Jon and Sam discussing and giving each other advise. We get to know that Sam has obviously told Jon abut Bran ging north of the Wall. If I am not wrong, he doesn't in the books. So just to be shure does he or does he not?

Please don't complain about how it is different from the books!

How do you think it will affect the future of Jon and Brans Plot in the show?

I could see from this point Jon going north, starting a asort of hostage-rescue mission when he gets to Crasters. Or he kills them.
Or perhaps the not-brothers-of-the-nights-watch dies before that, Bran&Co escapes with Summer AND Ghost? Jon gets to an abondoned Crasters Keep?

giddy up folks! :)

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sam never tells jon he sees bran. he thinks that bran and rickon are both dead in the books after hearing what theon did to them. my guess is that bran and them will escape while the chaos is going once jon arrives at crasters. it would be nice for jon and bran to reunite but i have a hard time believing that jon will allow bran to travel north with the white walkers out there and mance rayders army marching on the wall.

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