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[spoilers] Nitpicking with Impunity


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You kind wonder how worse it can get?what about when Tywin is killed off,looking back to season one wich was flawless I reckon the acting seemed a lot better,mark Addy was my fav of the show,shaun Bean was mega as was some of the characters that are still about,it's like they've rested on their laurels or something.

One thing that bothers me is stupid none sensical plot changes like having Mel see Arya instead of Ghost of High heart,Jamie in KL isn't working out I'm afraid and the blatant D&D sledge hammer tactics of ramming things home is really bugging me,did anyone need to hear QoT and Littlefinger point out what happened at the PW?

Just how many of these has there been,if they do this with Jons mother before time I'll go ape shit,why can't they go back to how they did things in season one?

Has there been any professional critiques and what were they like?

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But they have established that people in Meereen don't speak the 'common tongue' which is English...so why not leave it out since it only points up how illogical it is.

Can you just imagine a bunch of Mereenese people gathering and staring bemusedly at the graffiti - ["What the fuck does that say?"] ["I don't know, maybe 'HBO thinks its viewers are idiots?'"]

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I still think this season is so far MUCH better than last year....

But, D&D are sloppy when it comes to logic and continuity, they prefer out of the blue SHOCK to consistent characterization, they create and then ignore logic and plot holes...sometimes in the same scene. Their wholesale invented plots are not that good.

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I still think this season is so far MUCH better than last year....

But, D&D are sloppy when it comes to logic and continuity, they prefer out of the blue SHOCK to consistent characterization, they create and then ignore logic and plot holes...sometimes in the same scene. Their wholesale invented plots are not that good.

Which in turn better than the horrid season 2. (imo)

That said, if I'd known the show was gonna go down the privy so fast, I would've been much less critical of season 1, because in retrospect, it's a fucking masterpiece.

With Tywin —who is (arguably) the most charismatic character/actor— and The Hound —who is probably in the top 3 fan favorites— gone, next season is going to be really tough.

I can't wait to see Brienne get raped by Rorge and Biter :rolleyes:

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Dany taking Meereen with the power of a couple packs of weapons.

Emilia Clark's lip flopping.

Aidan Gillen as batman.

A little bit too much comedy in KL.

Ghost in a cage.

Alliser Thorne being way too evil.

Locke's fake identity.

The horned White Walker looking like Darth Maul.

Olenna always talking about his husband. WE GET IT HE WAS AN OAF!

"Gift to the gods" chant (thank you Karl the Legend).

The "KILL THE MASTERS" text on the wall in English.

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Greyworm with tears in his eyes trying to remember his past. Unsullied do not cry. They kill a puppy they raised themselves and then killed a baby infront of its mother. They are cold, emotionless robots, they don't get teary eyed from a simple conversation.

I loved the scene but you are right, it's hard to believe that Grey Worm would survive the Unsullied training with so much pent up anger and emotions.

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I don't mind if Aiden kept an Irish (or any other accent) from the start and stayed wit it. It's the fact that his accent and the raspiness of his voice changes with every scene.

To my ear it started around Belfast and ended in Kerry, it's inconsitent within the same scene. Although it was better than last weeks, which sounded more like a Geordie doing a Batman impression

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On Craster’s Keep/ The Mutineers:

Sam somewhat had Ghost’s trust (as had been pointed out earlier in the thread) so he may have been caged by Sam and hasn’t been out since before the mutiny. A stretch I know, but it is an explanation. Karl sees value in keeping Ghost around since a giant direwolf would be a good weapon against the others. The trap that Summer fell into wasn’t necessarily for another direwolf. Plus Bran was in Summer’s mind when Summer hit the trap so that is technically Bran’s carelessness.

What made me say “wtf” was when Karl hinted towards a ransom? To who?

On the Night’s King:

There’s no indication the White Walker went as far as the Land of Always Winter with the baby. North of the Wall encompasses a huge area (as George RR Martin says “Probably the size of Canada). It’s possible he went somewhere much closer, the Frost Fangs for example (still a good ways from Craster’s but not nearly as far as the Land of Always Winter), and the White Walkers could have several hangouts. Plus, as others have pointed out the White Walkers were really gentle and careful with the baby. It’s possible the white walker fed it and kept it alive for a four or five day journey. They could have ridden non stop too, cutting the journey to two or three days.

On top of that, the Fist of the First Men in the books is actually in the middle the Haunted Forest. There would be trees close to it, in the show it wasn’t portrayed as such so the geography beyond the wall could be quite different. More barren and covered in snow, so Craster’s keep could be closer to the edge of the Haunted Forest rather than in the middle of it. Again, not an excellent explanation but it’s something.

On Margaery:

Margaery is the same game player we saw in season two, but she just may not be as crafty as we originally thought. What do I mean by that? There’s a difference between being crafty enough to know Renly and Loras were doing it (as if it was a secret anyway) and knowing that your grandmother was plotting to kill Joffrey. Margaery as manipulative as she is she still in her third season doesn’t seem overly evil or genius.

She wants power. Opportunity in the Storm Lands pointed towards marrying her brother’s lover who happened to be a king. When Littlefinger was there and it became possible to be betrothed to the bachelor King in the capital, she jumped on that opportunity. She will do whatever it takes, if it means putting up with a husband who likes men or trying to appeal to a psycho and make the best of it. Renly wasn’t a real king and she wasn’t really in any position to rule as queen anyway, when Joffrey died and the marriage wasn’t consummated she didn’t have any reason to assume she would just be marrying his younger brother.

I’m rambling a little, I guess I’m saying I disagree with the idea that Margaery has been portrayed as dumbing down from season to season. I think everything she’s done has been consistent with her season 2 and 3 portrayal. As far as getting into Tommen’s room her family is allied with the guy who knows every secret passageway in King’s Landing (Varys). She didn't necessarily have to get past the guards.

On Latin text in Mereen:

I imagine the Masters spoke the common tongue and it seems plausible the text was written in the common tongue to further taunt them before they were killed. They know Dany was waiting outside their gates, but showing that the idea of rebellion had crept inside their walls? That’s an “oh shit” moment. The slaves didn’t necessarily have to read it, it was meant to be seen by the Masters I think.

Locke/ Stormlands/ overhearing Sam and Jon:

He said he was a game warden IN the Storm Lands, not that he was from there. Being raised in Winterfell and being a bastard too I doubt Jon had too much interaction with Northerners who weren’t his own family/ people of Winterfell. Even if he did they were probably highborn, something Locke is not. Maybe he didn’t know the accents definitively enough to differentiate a northern lowborn from any other low born. The wall’s full of low borns from all over Westeros, I imagine it’s a challenge to keep accents straight anyway.

All Locke would have found out from overhearing Jon and Sam is that Bran and Rickon were not at the wall (which he probably had figured out already). He knew from Ramsay that Bran and Rickon were alive.

On Sam breaking his oath:

By this season Jon has learned: Ghost is (potentially) dead, his brother (Robb) is dead, The Old Bear is dead, his sisters are probably dead, Edmure spent his wedding night in a dungeon, and Alliser Thorne is acting Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. I imagine Sam would have probably told Jon about Bran and Rickon being alive just so he could have some optimism.

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  • Unsullied don't cry or want to get revenge

The Kingsguard wear white and their room is all white. Nothing is white. The white is so cool too.

Sam doesn't tell Jon about Bran

"Kill the Masters" written in English or the Common Tongue

Why do the Unsullied still have slave collars?

Jaime isn't fighting with blunted swords...he'd be so fucking hurt with real swords

Littlefinger and Olenna straight out saying they murdered Joffrey.

Littlefinger not giving his speech on Cersei being a moron and Olenna talking about how smart she is

Marg not being a part of the PW

Jon really recovers fast from four arrow wounds....he suffered a lot more from just one in the book.

Janos and Alliser worried about Jon becoming LC.

Locke. Why?

Marg getting past 4 KG to see Tommen, unless she blew Boros. Maybe. Her seducing a little kid.

Heady and Clarke's acting

Jaime named Oathkeeper, not Brienne. The sword doesn't match the description at all.

Jon Snow going to Craster's Keep. Bran & Co there. Ghost and Summer locked up in a cage. Hodor being beat up for no reason.

The boob quota met by a rape scene in the "male gaze." Sick.

Drinking from Mormont's skull for the shock factor. Lame.

Baby would freeze to death before anyone got to him.

Meera would have been raped immediately.

Show spoiling the books.

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You all are talking like the mutineers at Crasters weren't rapists and killers in the books...


I wonder how many blog posts about how ASOIAF is going wrong will pop up now that more people are reading? *smirk* Cuz the amount of rape in the books is kind of incredible. Just saiyan.

the only thing which ringed the bells for me was Ghost. Howling.

Ghost isnt silent in the show. That was established in season 1.

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Of course Oathkeeper doesn't look right, this show can't do weaponry or armour for shit. I can't wait to Oberon vs Gregor.

Who can tell with the Xena Unsullied armour where it ends and the LEATHER slave collar begins. Leather slave collars with what looks like braided CLOTH chains. How the fuck is she Breaker of Chains...

Ghost HOWLING, why the fuck would you change that.

The rape of the Sacking of Mereen.

Of course they spoiled the books, its been said since the 1st rumours.

They will likely spoil book 6 7 and probably 8. Probably beofre Martin even gets book 6 out.

Martin has told the Duo how the book ends becuase he can't be fucked to hurry.

It will be a fuckin miracle if the series is done in 10 years.

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Hound says he doesn't steal; two episodes later he steals.
It is said that Tommen's room is heavily guarded; two minutes later Margaery sneaks in.
Are they doing that just to annoy us? Just shut up.

You all are talking like the mutineers at Crasters weren't rapists and killers in the books...

We know what would happen to Craster's wives. I don't remember how much it was described in the book. There is a difference between mentioning something (or letting the audience put 2 and 2 together), or dwelling upon with extended descriptions.

- Ghost being able to growl, I really miss that he isn't the silent brother

I think it was in the DVD commentaries, already in season one, they made Ghost vocal because it works better on TV. The CGI wolf wouldn't look as menacing without sound.. or something like that. A shame for Ghost, but true because a lot of the effects depend on sound.

It also kind of bothered me that Karl had such perfect teeth. I mean, I don't think there are any dentists in Westeros and his teeth were not only perfect, but shiny clean too.

Meh, usually in TV fantasy they go with the clichè bad guys = bad teeth.

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I don't understand why we're seeing so much of the White Walkers. It takes all the mystique out of them. Part of what makes the WW and the "Others" so scary is their obscurity. Also, Craster's sons get turned into White Walkers by getting tapped with a finger? That's all it takes?

Maybe the nail art is key

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