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(book spoilers) How I would show the audience Tysha in the show


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Agreed I think the story comes out as a conversation between Jamie and Tyrion or Bron and Tyrion.

I do think it likely that Shae

Doesn't meet her demise as she does in the books. The show has really showed her and Tyrion to be different more sympathetic characters. I don't think killing her would acheive the same effect as it did in the book...and the show writers seem unwilling to do anything to demonize Tyrion.

Actually, I do think it will go down as it did in the books. Whether that will achieve the same effect remains an entirely different question that we won't be able to answer until we see show watchers' reactions to that scene.

Even if the Shae/Tyrion relationship is soured from here on in, it seems pretty clear that TV Shae really did love Tyrion and would have gone on loving him until he rejected her in sufficiently stark and hurtful terms. I guess Tyrion could idealize Tysha as the only one who never BETRAYED him, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

The thing about the whitewashing is that both Tyrion and Shae have been whitewashed. Not only does TV Tyrion have to do a 180 to murder Shae in cold blood, but TV Shae has to do a 180 to sell him out at the trial. Sibel Kekilli alluded in an interview as to how they're going to do it (seems like it will be straight-up revenge for betraying and rejecting her--hell hath no fury like a woman scorned--rather than mercenary considerations as in the books), but I like the more nuanced, sympathetic TV Shae, and I hate the idea of her character getting trashed, too.

And I think this is exactly what they will focus on: Tysha was the only one who never betrayed him. The only one who ever loved him enough not to lie to him, not even once. As for Shae's motivations: I think it might be a bit of both: revenge for being scorned on the one hand and the Lannisters making it clear that she'll be next on the chopping block if she supports Tyrion on the other.

The problem is that the writers like going for the shocking turn of events rather than something carefully choreographed beforehand: no escape plan for Sansa at PW or hint that there was anything fishy about her jewelry, no real foreshadowing as to the RW or even any hints that something was off until the doors closed, etc. etc. If they follow the same pattern for Shae, then there will be no whiff of Shae's betrayal until she turns up at the trial to testify against him...which would rule out a scene where she's in prison and Cersei is trying to talk her into testifying.

The other thing about Tyrion/Shae is that the whitewashing is a zero/sum thing, assuming Tyrion still murders Shae. You can't make Shae look better or more sympathetic without making Tyrion look worse for murdering her, and vice versa.

Actually... if you re-watch the scene where Walder greets Robb and co. and presents his daughters, you'll see that there's quite a bit of foreshadowing there (most blatantly: "the wine will flow red and we shall put this mess behind us").


Edited to include botched quote.

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