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[Book Spoilers] NK spoiler, would you have guessed?


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I am wondering how many posters think they could have guessed the Other at the end of episode 4 was Night's King even if he had never been mentioned as such by HBO.

There is usually someone on this forum who can work this kind of thing out.

In the episode we have a leading Other, who has horn-type-things which look a bit like a crown and he has 12 mates behind him.

I am thinking that there certainly would have been a debate about whether this Other was connected to the myth of Night's King but I also wonder whether he would have been linked more to the Last Hero.

What side of the debate would you have been on? Or would you have told anyone claiming it was Night's King that they were definitely wrong and that the whole idea was impossible?

I like a bit of northern mystery so I would probably have gone with the LH and NK myths and the Other's leadership reflecting each other and the number 13 being symbolic somehow.

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