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[Book Spoilers] Sandor Prediction


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In the books, Sandor is left to die after being wounded at a tavern fight, one which happened without any tangible consequences for him in the books already. I imagine that their are two ways Sandor's storyline could continue now: he does not 'die' at all (which I find possible but unlikely, given it completely eliminates Sandor's 'redemption'), or that the show creates a new death for him (akin to Rakharo's new death in the Red Waste). Thinking of potential new 'deaths' for Sandor, I can't help remembering that Sandor is currently journeying to ransom Arya to Lysa Arryn in the Eyrie. Though he definitely won't be making this transaction, to get to the Eyrie he would have to travel through the Mountains of the Moon. Now, I'm sure many in the show-only audience still recall the unique and somewhat comical mountain clans from Seasons 1 and 2. I don't think, at this point, re-introducing them would be particularly difficult. So my prediction is: Sandor and Arya travel through the Mountains of the Moon, and meet with Shagga and his Stone Crows or some other clan chief and clan. Sandor is unable or unwilling to negotiate with them and wins the fight against them but is wounded. Arya leaves him to 'die', as before, and the story continues on as normal. Arya could easily travel to some Vale town (perhaps Gulltown, even) to get on a ship to Braavos, and Sandor could plausibly make his way to the Quiet Isle from the Vale. It would be a fairly good opportunity to bring some well-liked characters (I'm sure more than a few people wouldn't be adverse to seeing Shagga again), and stay consistent with the storyline. Thoughts?

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