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How would you rate episode 405?

How would you rate episode 405?  

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Episode suffered a little for me because I watched 406 straight after which I thought was incredible, but still thought it was a good solid episode.

I love the fact that they are at the Eyrie, but got annoyed with Robert knowing that Sansa's real name and the clumsy Jon Arryn reveal but was still good to see the craziness of Lysa.

Love any scene with Maisie Williams and Rory McCann and Craster's seemed to tidy up where they'd gone off the rails a little.

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How was the Jon Arryn reveal clumsy? It was perfect. Perfect timing, perfect context, extraordinary delivery, and Baelish's reaction was great. This was the highlight of the episode because it was delivered so casually and not in an epic way. This is how it should have been.

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Lot will disagree with me on this, but this season feels really different to me. I think the costumes and sets look too modern (specifically the Iron Bank and Joff's wedding). Dany looks like she shopped at GAP. I loved the sets and costumes from the previous seasons, but this season feels different.

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