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How would you rate episode 405?


How would you rate episode 405?  

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I gave it a 7, thanks to great performances by Dickie, Taylor and the focking legend.Shame the last two kicked the bucket, too soon I think.

Couple of things:
- Why does Locke need to spy and learn the numbers, when Edd and Green, as former prisoners, should already know how many mutineers there are? Moreover, wouldn't they know if there were any hounds chained in the hut? Locke's risking too much here.
- On-screen, Jon alone killed at least ten of the mutineers. No way could there have been eleven of them.

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i think the last two episodes were absolute crap. in fact if the next episode is crap i wont be watching the series anymore.

Last episode was pretty crappy but this one really didn't have any serious problems. I'll never understand how some people can hate an episode so entirely when nearly everyone else agrees it was a great episode. I could understand you being lukewarm but not outright hate. Care to explain your opinion?

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108 votes in, 7.53 average, 7 median, 7.57 normalized average.

Gave it a 7, myself. The stuff beyond the Wall kind of ended in a whimper, while the King's Landing stuff highlighted how much softer and less compelling I find Cersei on the show. That said, folks, Cersei was not just being nice -- she was working on each of the three judges -- and it says something about the way the show-runners have decided to do things, that Margaery is the obvious stand-in for the judges rather than, you know, Mace Tyrell who's actually THERE and has hardly been used at all despite being played by a distinguished actor; couldn't he have at least been a part of the conversation? -- to subtly, more or less, influence them on Tyrion's trial.

Kate Dickie is fantastic, though, and the Arya-Hound stuff was pretty good, I thought. Oh, and whether it's spoilery or not, I thought Thomas Brodie-Sangster's performance as Jojen touched on Bran's destiny and his own fate suitably creepy; well performed, on his part, and well-written by the writers. I do think they missed some opportunities with the Night's Watch attack on Craster's, though, and maybe finished up using Locke too quickly.

I was shocked about Locke as well. Although the crackpot in me is not 100% convinced they are done with him. Sometimes the dead walk beyond the wall. I never saw his body burned.

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I was shocked about Locke as well. Although the crackpot in me is not 100% convinced they are done with him. Sometimes the dead walk beyond the wall. I never saw his body burned.

Give Jon some credit. He definitely burned him.

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Overall i thought this was a great episode. I was fairly concerned how they were going to get the Bran and Jons plots back and I thought they did an exellent job tying it together.

I really enjoyed the Sansa and Lysa interaction. Great performance for both actresses.

I also really liked the Cersi/Margery interaction. I thought it matched the characters as parellels a bit more and set up the conflict.

Things I still wonder....When will Jon show any warging ability?

How on earth will they do Jorah's betrayal?

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I loved this episode. Much more exciting than the last two, in my opinion. The fight scene between Jon and Karl was fun, loved the sword through the head, and the reunite with Ghost.

As someone who's only just finished reading the books I feel a bit lost especially with all the changes they've made (Vargo/Locke, who I was actually kind of gutted for when he died, I was starting to like him, even if he was a bad guy).

I gave it a 10 because it's the only one that's got me pumped up other than episode 2.

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My thoughts on Game of Thrones season 4 episode 5

Contains no spoilers if you've seen the episode.

This episode, even though it had dynamic , entertaining action near the end, I felt that the actual plot was uneventful. This midway point in the series is either a calm before the storm or a slumping low point in story before major uphill arcs. I was bothered by the lack of significance here, it was mostly just a lot of talking for the sake of talking.

However, it was the standard quality acting that we've come to expect from the series.

Where is Varys this hole time, why has he been absent like this entire season? Are they gearing him up for something big? I can't imagine they are.

I was really hoping to see Theon & Ramsay reach Moat Caitlin this time, not sure why they are delaying that, or even Arya get on the ship, but we are denied both those occurrences in favor of..just banter.

Funny how HBO spared us actually seeing Lysa and Petyr knocking it, while they make sure to show us details of the more glamourus people screwing. lol vanity?

The highlight of the episode was defintely seeing Hodor snap chains and snap a neck, while Jon snow battled a ruthless killer. Excellent sword fight. I can't help but feel a little disappointed that Jon wasn't able to beat Karl on his own. He still has a ways to go in terms of fighting skill. However, it was satisfying to see Karl skewered like that, and to see Ghost get his just desserts.

The subplot with Vargo/Locke came to a weak and abrupt end. Jon didn't even get to discover his treachery, leaving us to ask what was the point? Maybe Roose Bolton will grow impatient and send others to find out what happened to his hunter? Yet , I doubt it. Would have been much better had they included a conflict between Jon and Locke; a reason for them to pursue one another, but with the massive war at the wall coming I guess the show runners don't have time ( or patience?)

Cersei seeking out an ally in Oberyn is rather odd. A complete 180 from the book where Oberyn favors Tyrion. No doubt this will turn around though. I believe this scene was simply just to remind viewers that the Martell's have Cersei's only daughter, which will become very important (in season 5?, 6? or 7?) lol. Where the heck is Varys? spying on them I hope.Dany: this is the point where most fans start moan and groan. Brace yourself, hateful comments and condescending remarks from fans about Danerys are coming.

You must give her credit, she sees things through. The girl's got resolve. But will HBO be able to atone for the infamously loathed "Mereen saga" ?

-Review by [email protected]

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I'd give it an 8.5, but I voted 9. I might've over-voted in reaction to seeing a bunch of people in this thread dogging the episode in a way that was really undeserved in my view.

They're really upping the game this year. And it's not just that the budgets are bigger. The writing and direction are really crisp.

The first couple of years this show really didn't have all that much for people who had read the books. Some good nudity, a well-down battle of the Blackwater, decent sets, but the main thing that hooked in the numbers was the rockin' plot, and if you'd read the books you knew the plot because there were few deviations. Other than going over the top a bit with sex and gore, it was pretty much traditional TV, with the GOT characters largely being shoehorned into TV stereotypes. (Often they fit well, because of course GRRM's background is largely TV.)

3rd season the show was a little better, with a few really excellently-done scenes. But this year it has blossomed. This is excellent TV that deserves to be compared with what I consider the classics of the recent TV renaissance: The Sopranos, The Wire, Rome, etc.

As for this episode, I loved it til we got to the North. No, Cersei isn't being inexplicably nice, she's trying to get Tyrion put to death, but those scenes were written in a way that softens Cersei's character a bit - as it was in the book, where you get a good luck at what makes Cersei be the way she is. Lena Headey wsa excellent

The scenes in the Vale were fantastic, especially the "hand-holding" scene and Sansa listening to Lysa's howling. A couple of really nice moments in the Arya-Hound scene, too.

Daenerys' scene didn't work all that well, but it's set-up, and the same can be said for Brienne and Pod. The directors have over-done the queenly badass conquerer bit for Daenerys, they need to bring back more of the scared, emotional girl with enough inner strength to get by that lives in the books.

I might've been inclined to give this episode a 10, but the North bits left me flat. I'm not a big action fan, but I can appreciate good action; that wasn't it, neither the big fight outside nor the duel inside. The part at the end where everybody is toasting marshmallows by Craster's burning house just made no sense at all, and Bran deciding not to reveal himself to Jon was set up poorly and just reeked of viewer-teasing. The only bit of that whole scene I really liked was Hodor's reaction to realizing how he had been used. Oh, and the "fight" between Ghost and Rast.

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I liked the episode, gotta say like everyone the ending was way better, Karl was a good little villain for a while, liked him because I'm a fan of Burn Gorman so I'm sad to see him go, Karl Tanner.....not so much, probably was killed in the best way possible.....ya know because he was a "Fookin Legend" i'll give it an 8. Also weird that Daenerys JUST got word of Joffrey's death, since it happened like 3 episodes ago.....guess word travels VERY slowly

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weak ep:

Brienne and pod stupid.

Jojen, wtf?

Disappointed in Oberyn, why you do this? He's awesome

Already revealing jon arryn...

I thought the Jojen stuff was pretty cool, I agree on Brienne and Pod though I did get a chuckle out of Pod (not as much as in Oathkeeper when they first showed him standing there all smiles, happy to be a squire again :lol: )

Oberyn I was alright with, Jon Arryn reveal I was a little uneasy about but not the biggest deal in the world.

WIth Jojen in particular, I think they needed to generate more interest in his character and his abilities. My show watching friends were all uninterested in him before that episode. :thumbsup:

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