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How would you rate episode 405?


How would you rate episode 405?  

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Fantastic episode. Had some great dialogue fast paced and funny. I can't remember an episode where I laughed so much. Until mopey Cersi had to bring the mood down . I felt the action scenes at the end were a bit clumsy. But still a nice ending. I was tempted to give it a 10 but settled on an 8.

My only real complaints would be really nit picking at stuff like why was Locke trying to take Bran with him rather than slitting his throat right there. How is Hodor able to walk within 24 hours of a spear going through his leg.

But yeah really entertaining episode. Which is what it's all about.

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The changes to the Bran and Jon arcs were very predictable, IMO. And the rest of the chapter was too slow and somewhat boring for me (except for Brienne & Pod, which I found hilarious).

The battle at Craster's was entertaining, though. But I was really disappointed with Locke's death.

All in all, the weakest ep. this season for me. A 5, at best.

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It wasn't a very good episode, I rated it a 6.

I was never terribly impressed with their invented scenes in previous seasons, but a few this season I really liked. Not the case in this episode, though. All in all I'm quite worried about next season, because they don't have good writing to fall back on. With all of the big moments left in season 4, it's pretty much a walk in the park for it to be good TV. But they'll really have to get better at writing to make season 5 interesting at all.

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So I think we all agree, that this episode was probably the least exciting so far, BUT, I cannot bring myself to use the word worst, because they are ALL good. Worst indicates bad, and you must admit, there is nothing bad about this show. The visuals are epic, the costuming is beautiful and the actors are simply brilliant!! This is epic television folks, that nothing on air today or in past even comes close to.

This episode had a lot of housekeeping to do. That can be rather tedious, but imagine you are just a viewer not a reader. That scene between Lord Baelish and Lady Lysa, was a bombshell. I feel thankful there wasnt a sex scene though. Hey I'm a red blooded American girl who isnt afraid to admit to enjoy a good sex scene, just like most, but seeing Baelish do Lady Lysa would have damaged me. Hearing it was quite enough....and seeing Sansa hear it made me wanna jump out the moon door for her at her realization of what a effed up situation she is in YET AGAIN.

Seeing Dany's scene tonight made me wonder if she will actually ever even go back to Westeros, since she already refers to herself as a queen, who intends to reign in what she has conquered and rule. Did anyone else get that vibe?? Maybe her dragons will be necessary for "the big one" and that will bring her to Westeros. Just a thought.

By far my favorite part tonight was Bran, first calling for his brother Jon, then actually seeing his beloved bastard brother in full warrior mode. Longing for a reunion, but knowing he will not get it. I actually cried a bit during that part. Bran seeing Jon at least threw us a bone, as to how these children want to find each other. Brans expression as Jojen was telling him they had to leave, was heart breaking.

It did at least end with ONE reunion and that was Jon and Ghost. So the last 20 min of tonight's show was an emotional rollercoaster. Not the best ride, but still damn good :-)

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152 votes, 7.53 average, 8 median, 7.57 normalized average.

The average and normalized average are the closest I've ever seen, I think. At least this season.

And let me add, there's a major lack of votes under 5. It's not hardcore purists vs. hardcore fans, as we've seen in some others where the distribution is very different. Most people just seem to be a bit cool on it.

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- Good to finally see Daenerys start to falter a bit.

- Lysa's scenes with Sansa were great.

- Pleased they didn't have Bran and Jon meet each other.

- Hound/Arya were good as usual, as were Brienne/Pod.

- Disappointed to see Locke die so soon, although Bran using Hodor to kill him was a nice touch.

- The 1v1 between Jon and Karl felt a bit contrived. I guess that's what the average viewer wants though.

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I feel like Bran's story was redeemed. With "Locke" dead and no meeting with Jon I think he is back on track. Nobody knows he is beyond the wall. Jon was amazing. Loved him. He could have been a little bit happier to see Ghost though. Arya was relatively pointless. Her story could use a push forward. Loved the Eryrie scenes. Cersei was fantasticly manipulative. Tommen was adorable, and Tywin was perfect, as if he would be anything less. I think he is probably the most perfectly well cast character. Ever.

Edit: I gave it a seven

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Enjoyed it quite a bit - obviously not "edge of your seat" stuff.. but sitting back to take in a pretty well-written, overall well-acted episode was nice - especially with the added visuals of the Vale. Craster's seemed a proper way to force some excitement/action into an otherwise 'build-up' type of episode so I didn't mind it despite it feeling a little unnatural with all of the convergences (repeat of the Queenscrow pretty much.. with Bran warging hodor.. Jon fighting and they narrowly miss each other - which I'm glad they did of course) The sword/knife fight between Jon/Karl was really well choreographed although I've never been big on "Spartacus (Starz)" types of over-the-top deaths like that; I know most people are so I have no real complaints about how it went down.

7.5/10 (rounded up)

Ep.1 - 8

Ep 2- 7 (Boltons 10)

Ep 3 - 7

Ep 4 - 9

Ep 5 - 8

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I gave it a 9. I actually really enjoyed this episode, I loved the Eyrie scenes and Lysa being her psycho self. Kind of weird how Littlefinger says Alayne is his niece not his daughter, very minor though. King's Landing scenes were ok, Cersei and Margaery's scene together over Tommen was pretty enjoyable though. Arya and The Hound scene was really funny, her anger with him is really starting to come through.

I agree with others that the Bran and Jon change was predictable, I don't really like it but when Bran was deciding whether to continue his journey or go with Jon I teared up, same thing with the Ghost reunion. Glad to see that this filler for the both of them is over with.

Another plus, only 3-5 minutes of screen time for Daenerys :)

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I gave it a 7.

Very happy that Daenerys will finally settle down and rule.

The kill shot at Craster's was EPIC.

Warging was awesome.

Oh, the moon door, the creepiest piece of architecture in all of Westeros.

It takes a special kind of man to romance Lady Arryn.

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