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How would you rate episode 405?


How would you rate episode 405?  

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I'll give it a nice fat 7.

Loved Sophie, as her panic rose to a hysterical pitch of fright.

Great acting..

I shared the tension.

Would have loved to hear the crunching of skull, as Ghost chomped down.

I hope to see a band of Craster girls,

nymphs of the forest,


the unwary traveler.

I'm a dreamer..

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5 out of 10. Worst episode of the series in my opinion, rivaled only by The Bear and The Maiden Fair and The Climb. We are now seeing yet again the massive downside of extending A Storm of Swords over 20 hours. Nothing that happened in that book happened in this episode. This is pretty much licensed fanfiction at this point. All the acting and writing is wooden and dull and underwhelming as shit, and the pace is crawling slower than a snail. And what the fuck was up with that Jon Arryn murder plot reveal?

I'm too tired to complain about this more, but basically I thought everything in this episode sucked. I can't think of a single positive remark to make.

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(-) Dany scene was awful in terms of drama itself (everything said right out like it is daytime soap-opera) and (sadly) acting.

(-) Wasn't it weird that Cersei who's hating Marg guts, which was repeatedly established on the show, suddenly and diligently starts to forge the alliance??? I didn't get it.

(-) Bran, who yelled "Jon! Jon!" just a few seconds ago is saying literally "Oh, well... He won't take me North, good-bye"... This is just stupid IMO.

(-) Arya and the Hound are first time in a "minus zone" for me. If she wanted to kill him and he just stands - God, hit him in his ugly face with your Needle, you're bad enough for that at this time...

Omitting "meh" stuff, the only thing I really enjoyed (like most of the people) is Jon's attack. (not Eyrie, because of some suddenly very unsatisfying performance by Sophie. I always like her acting a lot). But besides Bran thing (see above) I had some trouble wolf-wise (wHo let Ghost go? Where the hell is Summer?), although I understand that this is most likely budget thing.

It was 6 for me being very generous.

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I don't get the high votes. People that was an horrible episode. The only good stuff was in KL and the Vale.

How can this episode get so much praise, and others are so heavily criticised?

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You haters are in the tiny minority.

Thank god most people have better taste.

like lol at saying that the only good scenes were in KL?

did you not see the Vale?

Agree about the Vale. And the ending was anything but bad; maybe not a Dracaris moment, but still pretty good. I think this was more like episode 3. A lot of set up, decent scenes, nothing bad, nothing great either.

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7/10 on rewatch - some things were unclear to me on initial viewing (what Cersei was up to, mostly), but that's a personal problem

I enjoyed the Craster's Keep stuff. Even though it was filler, it was highly entertaining. The scenes in the Eyrie were great. Brienne and Arya's scenes were fun. Dany's scene was okay. The King's Landing stuff was decent.

Weakest of the season, but still a good episode.

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I gave the episode a 7 out of 10.

I really enjoyed the development of Cersei's character. This episode has underscored just what she is willing to sacrifice to see Tyrion found guilty during the trial. Headey was brilliant once again, I particularly enjoyed the scene she shared with Pedro Pascal's Oberyn.

The scenes set in the Vale of Arryn were incredibly compelling to watch. The scene where Lysa gives Sansa lemon cakes was made the highlight of the episode for me. A very well framed and tight scene beautifully imagined by Michelle MacLaren.

I also enjoyed the developing relationship between Pod and Brienne. Both of these characters involved serious character development during this episode. The relationship is clearly in a different place at the end of the episode to where it was at the beginning.

The episode does have a number of downsides too. The one that is bothering me the most is the scenes between Arya and the Hound. While I cannot deny that the dialogue between the two of them is quite funny, I just feel that the scenes don't serve much of a purpose. We don't learn anything about either character, it seems more like an excuse to info dump Braavos again before it appears next week.

Emilia Clarke is not delivering the same powerhouse performances as she used to. She was the weakest link in her scene. She can't come across as aloof and passionate at the same time. That being said, the show delivers once again in terms of that beautiful set.

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8.5 rounded to a 9. Maybe a bit generous. I felt episodes 1,2,4,and 5 were all very close rating wise with 3 being the weakest thus far this season.

Overall after 5 episodes I'm a bit dissapointed, I felt like this season was gonna be the best since season 1 but its pretty much the same quality as 2 and 3 imo good but not great.

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When did Cersie become an expert political maneuverer, manipulating judges left, right, and centre?

How does Pod go his entire life in a horse and mule society and not know how to sit a horse? I'm not saying he has to be an expert rider, but sitting a horse is rudimentary.

Why would Lysa accost LF with Jon Arryn the minute he walks through her door? I know she wants to pressure him into marriage because she's threatened by Sansa, but why the minute he walks in? It's so unnatural and awkward behaviour.

Why were LF and Sansa walking to the gate? Are there no trail horses, mules or donkeys in the Vale?

Why didn't Bran take the opportunity to warg Hodor and free them before the Locke moment? It's been established by the show, tonight no less, that the mutineers are mostly drunk 24/7 and that they felt safe enough not to have their camp, or Bran and co. guarded.

Also, Why did the show kill Locke? What was the point of taking him to the Wall just to kill him so pointlessly?

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