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[Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion


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I'd hate to see this guy go to a market. "I'm looking for two things.. but if they aren't together, I better drag the entire displays together before marking one off my list."

I was also curious about whether any of those surviving women might happen to ask what happened to the kids and the 7 foot tall guy who kept saying 'Hodor'. That would be a bit of a tell, I think, if Jon heard it a few times.

Did the women even know of them? From what I saw they put them separate?

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Yes, I agree. The Hound was simply pointing out that skill won't win out against real steel and armour.

I think he was pointing out, though not intentionally, that a) he didn't know squat about fighting without armor or water dancing and b) even if water dancing could beat armor, Arya was just a beginner. Yeah of course Syrio couldn't beat the hound any more than a guy with no armor and only a spear could beat a big guy in heavy plate ;/

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I think he was pointing out, though not intentionally, that a) he didn't know squat about fighting without armor or water dancing and b) even if water dancing could beat armor, Arya was just a beginner. Yeah of course Syrio couldn't beat the hound any more than a guy with no armor and only a spear could beat a big guy in heavy plate ;/

Just like the Hound couldn't squash a certain Braavosi head like a plum as a certain Moutain did to a Dornishman.

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I personally don't mind the Jon Arryn reveal coming this early. I hated that exposition dump in the books prior to the murder attempt: cheesy villain(ess) monologuing, very clumsy writing. This breaks it up a little. It's still clumsy, but it won't break up the tension in the scene where Lysa is trying to kill Sansa with a bunch of expository villainess monologuing explaining in great detail exactly what Lysa's deal is. Likewise for the scene with Sansa in this episode where Lysa shows her crazy, jealous side early on.

But why did they have to F up Joff trying to kill Bran in episode 2?

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Rewatching the ep now...

Confirmed margery knew she was being played...cersei basically says she'll hook Margery up with Tommen... you can see her giving her crooked smile and checking Cerseis reaction as "sister or mother" comment...

Just noticed Daario's expression when Jorah is talking about Yunkai...hilarious..u can tell he's just thinking "what a buzz kill, jeez, chill out man"

Dany seems to have stopped calling him Ser Jorah...he's just Jorah to her now...interesting shift

Emilias performance seemed weak...has to be said

How comes all the purists arent yelling about LF saying Sansa is his neice and not bastard daughter?

I was surprised to see them showing Robert is so happy and close with LF.

LF seems so freaked out by Lysa [emoji1]

His expression when he sees the septon is hilarious

Lysa auditioning for porn with her screams? [emoji13]

Tywin "I didnt like your husband...used to pat me on the back a lot" epic charles dance

I loved that Tywin didnt specify the size of the loan...just reiterated "tremendous amount"...he's not a man to exaggerate

He spells it out so neatly for Cersei about the iron banks.."u cant run from them, cant cheat them, cant sway them with excuses... if u owe them money, u dont want to crumble urself..u pay it back" so clear...and cersei still dicks them around..one word...MORON [emoji21]

Cersei saying "What does Tyrion deserve for lighting that future on fire?" How does that even make sense? He killed a psychopath who had the Baratheon name...even if people said he was a lannister, he would bring nothing good to their legacy...surely tywin sees through her BS! By his expression, he seems to be trying to make sense of her words too lol

All the additions to Aryas list! How come joffery wasnt on it though? Indicating she knows he's dead???

Masies eyes when she says "the hound"...chills down to my bones

How come all the haters didnt say Lysa talking about Cats sweet tooth wasn't a filler?

Sansas performance seems to have improved

Wow Lysa is all over the place! Cat, Brandon, brothel, whores, pregnant, marry robin, lady of the vale...very nice

Here's another one for u purists...Brienne/Pod horse ride? Not filler?

"You'll say I wasnt a very good squire" [emoji1] Pod's awesome

Wish they played some music while Aryas practicing, would add an impending doom feeling to the scene and aryas future assassinations. When u watch it again, just watch her face..u'll see what I mean..

Hound.."who taught u that shite!?" [emoji1]

"I bet his hairs greasier than joffereys cunt [emoji3]" lolll the smile on his face

Look at his face "the greatest swordsman who ever lived killed by Maryn fukin Trant!"

"The greatest swordsman who ever lived didnt have a sword!" The joy on his face! Never expected to see that look on the Hounds face lol!

Lesson of the day.."ur friends dead and Trant is not because he had on armor...and a big fucking sword" awesome wisdom being passed on here [emoji1][emoji1]

Oberyn composing a poem...huh..

He mentions Elia, 5th daughter...I dont remember the parts from Dorne well...is that the one involved with the kingsguard?

"Everywhere in the world they hurt little girl" just after arya gets backhanded...and foreshadowing Meera

So emotional Cersei...Oberyn be like "waaat....[emoji19]"

Lollll, poor pod...rabbit on fire

Brienne should do something wirh her hair, shes starting to actually look feminine...

Brienne seemed so impressed that pod killed a kingsguard...I almost thought shes gona climb on her high horse and start yelling at poor kid for stabbing him from behind...guess that kind hate only for Kingslayer? Or maybe they showing shes growing up and not judging everyone so quickly

Wheres Rast taking that woman? Off to rape in snow? Odd...

Damn Locke looks so vicious...like a real wild animal...

How come Locke didnt consider that one of the other prisoners might be Rickon?

Random question...both Bran and Jojen see this huge solitary weirwood tree, under which is BR presumably...in the books, the cave they are in, doesnt Bran mention a whole forest/network of weirwood trees above? I always assumed it was something like in Avatar, network of trees amplifying BR's powers...guess it could be behind the hill Jojen refers to...

When jojen says "this isnt the end...not for u...not yet"...does that mean he's seen Brans death too? Would be interested to see that vision, even if it is a spoiler from the next books..

Jojens hand on fire could have too many implications...I say again D&D pulling a GRRM and just trying to mess with our heads

Can I say I really dislike the Valyrian steel in the show? I've always pictured it exactly like Damascus steel, ICE and Oathkeeper tended too look at that in certain angles....Longclaw just looks like shiny plain steel [emoji17]

Locke "we'll carve 'em up like walnut pie" his imagination says it all...

Oh lord...just got the most horrific image in my head...Karl, Ramsay and Locke, together and bored...[emoji21]

Why did Bran immediately suspect Locke the moment he asked "ur brandon stark?" Intuition? Psycho vibe? I dont get it...

Love the thunder associated with the moment bran leaves his body and another when he enters Hodor

Ok, that was a seriously poweful scene...

Bran crawling to get closer to Jon...a bit on the nose but he is just a kid I suppose

These 4 seem utterly unconcerned that they will get noticed..again...i'd be running like hell

Ah ha! This is why they did it...jojen gives bran the choice...back to ur family, back to safety or into the unknown to find 3EC...showing that Bran making the big sacrifice, giving up family for the good of the world (according to show)

Jon/Karl fight...jon was doing ok, not not geat but ok, till karl spit in his eye, mocking him about honor...its not that Jons a shitty fighter, like Karl said, he never learnt to fight dirty

Awesome....sword through mouth [emoji16][emoji16]

Rast running alone in the forest...raped/disposed of earlier woman?

Yaaa Ghost!!! Woo hoo!!!

Jon following in LC Mormonts footsteps, offering wildlings protection south of the wall...build up for his reason to shelter all of them against everyones wishes in the future

Rasts GOTTA come back as a wight, would be amazing too, exactly like a zombie movie [emoji1]

Ok im done for now...gona take a break...hope I dont piss off everyone with this post

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Pouring one out (of a skull) for THE FOOKING LEGEND OF GIN ALLEY , you were a fantastic dickhead. Hopefully Burn Gorman is on to a bigger and brighter future, perhaps including the lead role in a Willem Defoe biopic.

Backstabbed by a daughter-wife, right after spitting in Jon's eye and praising the pros of Not Fighting With Honor. And then Jon flanked him like a boss. A backstabby boss. CONCLUSION: Jon "know nothing" Snow learning how to not fight with honor when necessary. Here's hoping anyway, it's a valuable lesson to learn, especially when you're fixin' to be The Hero of this whole shebang. Now that Ghost is back, there should be plenty of opportunity for effective dishonorable flanking. Was half expecting Ghost to bring the pain on THE FOOKING LEGEND OF GIN ALLEY , but there's fine closure in it being a daughter-wife.

Really enjoyed the finer points of how and why they kept Jon and Bran from meeting. Locke fudging his recon report to lead Jon away from where he'd find him, and Bran making the sacrifice/tough decision not to let Jon know he's alive. Which is back in concert with the books, even though Bran's making the decision in a different spot and with different people around.

And mentioned already in passing, but how about the loafer of the Direwolves, GHOST, finally putting in some work? Welcome back, whitey. As soon as Edd's mutineer head count came up short, and Rast was named as the short head, you just knew what was coming. No kill-stealing here, Ghost finally got to add a deserved notch to his score-sheet.

Screw Dany, HODOR~! is the true Breaker of Chains. Did not expect Locke to go down this quickly, but it's a good time and a good way to write him out. Dummy made his move on Starksassination too quickly (where's Rickon?) and paid the price. Also liked Hodor staring accusingly (and fearfully) at his hands, reminding us that Regulatin' on Locke is very much not his nature, and laying the groundwork for how This Is Not Okay, even though it was for the greater good this week, Bran is going down an unpleasant path by Warging Into Hodor.

I guess Locke WON'T be the man whose ear Brienne bites off, after all. Even though it sounds like she's heading that way. She thinks Sansa's heading off to meet Jon at The Wall. Dead wrong, of course, as we know, but it's a better plan than her book plan. Come to think of it, why didn't she think of that possibility in the books? I guess Cat wouldn't have mentioned Jon's existence :) but then how did she learn about Jon as a possibility in the show? Maybe Jaime remembered him, I guess.

So Ser Milady has a plan, and a still-unclaimed reservation at Ear Restaurant. Plenty to look forward to.

MACE TYRELL SHOWED UP THIS WEEK. Maybe next week he'll get to actually talk. He's the one judge we didn't see Cersei talk to this week, she still owes him a lobbyin'. Also got half of Loras' head in one shot. That's a pretty successful week for Male Tyrells.

"Meryn Trant? The so called best swordsman of all time got killed by Meryn Fucking Trant?" Awesome. Loving The Hound.

Sophie Turner with the greatest "fuck this" face while trying to get some sleep listening to Aunt Lysa's O-voice. And "Alayne" is a niece now. Hrmm. As a fan of Sansa playing "bastard" laying the groundwork for appreciation of and reuniting with Jon Snow someday, I'm disappointed by this change. But really, it's probably not that big a deal overall, just to me.

I guess it makes the proposed marriage to Robin less squicky and incesty if they're not "officially" step-siblings already.

Speaking of which, fucking love the little detail of Robin being overjoyed to see "Uncle" Petyr, adoring the little glass falcon gift, but immediately losing interest in it and chucking it out the Moon Door.

Speaking of which, Lysa is crazy as hell. Manic Much? From almost breaking Sansa's hands to cradling her head in seconds. Oh, and how about getting the big reveal about how she lied in letter to Cat, and actually was the one who poisoned Jon Arryn.

CERSEI REMEMBERED MYRCELLA EXISTS. Way to take the first step on that path to not being a shitty mom!

Kinda was hoping for a tension-breaking joke, or any sort of light hearted one-liner, from the newly crowned King Tommen I. I guess the smile is enough for now.

In other kingsguard recaps, Pod goes the idiot-savant route by being completely useless to Brienne and annoying her until she finally asks "Did you do ANYTHING useful as Tyrion's squire?" to which Pod of course reminds us of the time he made the world a better place by ganking Mandon Moore with a spear (though Moore goes unnamed). And then Brienne throws him a bone by letting him undo her straps. D'awwwwww.

Oberyn appeared in this episode and did NOT have sex with anyone. Fortunately his Average Lays Per Episode (ALPE) is still in fine shape thanks to that foursome that got interrupted by Tywin two weeks ago.

Speaking of which, Tywin is at last admitting that The Iron Bank is a problem. When Tywin says "you do NOT fuck with these guys" guess what? It means you REALLY don't fuck with these guys. And we get a tangible reason why, even in a "post-war" scenario, the Lannisters still need the Tyrells. The Gold Mines are OVER, the crown still owes that debt Robert racked up, so letting the second richest family marry into the crown means they can use the Tyrells to pay off the debt. Of course, once upon a time the Tyrells were a major creditor of Robert's crown themselves. So much for getting that back :)

And Dany knows that Joffrey is dead. Barristan The Smug thinks they can take King's Landing NOW. Daario takes a shot at us book readers waiting decades for Dany's invasion by mentioning off hand "oh yeah, that fleet you need? I got that." 93 ships. 8000 Unsullied and 2000 Mercs, Drogon is a Big Boy, and the Offcial Flag Of Team Targaryen is stitched and ready to go as of last week, there is no reason for Dany to hold back a second longer, she's finally got everything she needs to retake her homeland while it's at its most vulnerable so here we go at last with the invaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute. Jorah The Fedorah, looking even more haggard than usual, once upon a time the man on this team most eager to get the fuck back to Westeros so much so that he was spying on Dany for Varys (where did that plot element go? Did Salladhor Saan steal it on his way out of the show?), is now saying Don't Go Back To Westeros. Jorah does mention "we might not have enough for KL. We definitely don't have enough for the whole country." He does NOT mention that the proposed invasion plan is probably pretty stupid because Stannis the Mannis recently tried the exact same thing and if he couldn't get it to work it ain't working.

In the end, Dany decides to do what is, really, the responsible thing. Also the boring thing. Fedorah tells her about how Yunkai and Astapor have slipped back into the same old shit without her literally squatting on them to make her reforms stick. "How can I rule seven kingdoms if I can't hold my own castle Slaver's Bay?" Careful, Dany, you're skirting close to Robb Stark territory. Just make sure you don't get smitten with somebody below your station and blow your chance at a powe.............. aww dammit.

Barristan really is getting very non-canon these days. Hasn't kicked an ass since killing that Manticore in S3 E1, all he seems to do is get sauced in Dany's tent and act as Chief Administrator Of Dissing The Enemy in Dany's council meetings. Jorah doesn't even feel threatened by him (and his potential to blow Jorah's secret) anymore. Weird. The actors sold that element well with some solid eyes-only acting last year.

But I may have enjoyed the "Next Week" preview most of all, what with the glimpses of two long-missing faces I'm overeager to see again.

Awesome post, so much to respond to, but all I can say is, F#$K THIS NEW DAARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I enjoyed the Vale. Although, I liked the action at Craster's I am puzzled as to why the show dropped Coldhands in favor of this plot line. Cold hands offers action, adventure and makes more sense. In the end, the Bran hostage story line feels contrived. I did like the peak into Jojen's visions.

Um....it's pretty obvious.....Cold Hands is a Stark, likely our missing First Ranger.....same reason why there is no Whitebeard (hiding Barry!) and thus no Strong Belwas and THUS no taking a dump on a city's champion................the fails galore!

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IMDB lists Peter Dinklage as being in this episode, so that makes it hard to check if there is one where we was not.

This is the only one I can note.

If you're in the "previously on" portion, IMDB counts you as in. Or tell me how Bean is in 12 episodes......

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Um....it's pretty obvious.....Cold Hands is a Stark, likely our missing First Ranger.....same reason why there is no Whitebeard (hiding Barry!) and thus no Strong Belwas and THUS no taking a dump on a city's champion................the fails galore!

I was pretty bummed about no Whitebeard...but to be fair, you can only do that kinda thing in books...even dedicated unsullied would recognize barristan pretty quick...wouldn't make sense for the deception in the show...infact it might have confused them more thinking same actor has been recast in a different role

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They have to kill time until Ep 9.

I'm not quite fond of this episode 9 recurrence. What would be so bad of having a big happen at any moment in the season? Especially since you can really feel how some stories get stretched and other compressed. TV Stannis was ready to help the wall (good job in ruining the surprise) and Jon had Wildlings on is back...

Nope, they have to wait till ep9...


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So, i think i never as much laughed watching an episode of GoT. Crasy Lysa is epic. I'm so happy that they kept the same actor for Sweet Robin !

Sorry, I have to mention this:

When I saw Carl-the-rapist-who-likes-knives-and-curly-hair-just-like-his-mommy bowed before Jon Snow, I laughed thinking "even asreholes bows before Lord Snow"(and "maybe, he likes his hair too"). But then, someone here complained because the Lords didn't kneel before Tommen, they just bowed. Plus, the revelation in this episode that "snow falling in a vision = Jon Snow".The Show seems to insist on "the snow falling on the iron throne vision" Well, that got me thinking. The title of this episode is "First of His Name", right ? But, we saw Tommen like what ? 2 minutes ? The coronation of Tommen wasn't the important thing in this episode. Are D&D trying to pass a message ?

Fail, Jon Stark is a common stark name. As would Jon Snow for bastards............................................................................................................ but..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................do you think............................................

Jon Targaryen? :drool:

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Didn't just Jon light the biggest fire the north has ever seen?

XD I now have the image in my head of Jon and co. returning to the Wall to find Ygritte and Tormund's group fighting the remaining forces there, and Jon being like "... Whoops..."

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It would be pretty hilarious if Victarion and that entire plotline were entirely eliminated with a throwaway line from Daario about getting 93 ships for Dany. Ditto if Quentyn's storyline was reduced to the single line "Some random asshole accidentally freed the dragons."

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