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Or maybe the Hound goes to the gate to the Vale, gets attacked, and they flee somewhere else, maybe to Braavos. Seems unlikely that Arya will stay in the Vale, since her storyline has her ending up in Braavos because of that coin.

agree that arya to bravos is the direction of her storyline, she goes there becomes an assassin with teaching from the one guy at harrenhal, jager or something? then starts taking names off her list, that could be seasons away though

I am very curious about the Arya storyline, which, I agree must lead to Braavos. And she most likely will become an assassin. I assume we should see some drama when she starts taking people off her list. Arya will have stayed a while in Braavos and not be aware of all the internal developments in Kings Landing etc.; it seems likely she might kill someone out of her old hatred who in the meantime has changed sides (say for example she kills Sercei who in the meantime got married to Jon Snow, not that I think it's going to happen, but just as an example).

But I also assume there will be some turns until she even gets to Braavos. The Hound wants to bring her to the Vale, right? Where Lord Baelish is at the moment, and if he could he'd hand her over to whomever serves him best. Also if I remember correctly the Freys plan to conquer the Vale, so they may meet somewhere on the way to there.

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