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The wiki needs a policy on TWOW spoilers

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As far as I can tell, there is currently no official policy regarding TWOW spoilers on the wiki. I think this is a problem.

I assume I am not the only person who has read the first five books and is avoiding spoilers for TWOW. Such people might reasonably expect to be able to use the wiki safely, especially as spoilers outside spoiler tags are, to my understanding, not allowed on the forums except for the TWOW forum. However, it seems they would be wrong.

As an example, I just tried to look up Arya's death list, and got hit with a TWOW spoiler. It's true that there is now a "The Winds of Winter" section under Recent Events on that page, which might have served as a warning if I hadn't missed it in my eagerness to find the death list. Even so, if the wiki followed the rules of the forum I would have been fine. Moreover, since there's no official policy, there's no guarantee that this is a reliable way of avoiding spoilers. (After all, the spoiler I encountered was not in that section.)

Such a policy would also be useful for new editors, who might like to know whether or not TWOW info is allowed on the wiki, and if there are any restrictions on it.

I'm not necessarily requesting that TWOW spoilers be removed from the wiki (although it would honestly be my preference). What I really want is clarity. In the absence of such, I have, perhaps irrationally, used the wiki while imagining it followed what I'd consider a sensible policy. If there were even a well-placed message saying "The wiki contains spoilers for The Winds of Winter", I'd likely have stopped using it and been happier for it. Thus, I make a request: I would like an official policy on if, and if so where, TWOW spoilers are allowed on the wiki.

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Obviously one has to make allowances for fandom but my own request would be not to include "spoiler" tags and collapsed menus within a freakin' encyclopedia. Links to the AWOI&F from the Game of Thrones wikia already have spoiler warnings attached. On the other hand, I'm all for coverage being divided by book (uncollapsed) and for including a prominently-displayed list of all sources for the Wiki in a banner or sidebar.

People looking for generic lists compiled from all the works in the series, though, don't really have a good-faith complaint when the list includes all the works in the series.

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