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The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight Season 2

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20 hours ago, Risto said:

Yeap, I watched the second one too. It was very good.

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One may think that this is another go at the story already told in "The Good Wife" but I find this essentially different. Diane's fall from grace was much harder to swallow, because it truly hit you that sometimes life is not fair. But, in Alicia's case, it was taking her out of the comfortable life she had, in many ways, liberating her from the golden cage she has put herself into. On the other hand, with Diane, we see total destruction of everything that she has worked for. There is a wonderful moment when she said that everything is gone in a second. Long-standing career, wealth, future. It beautifully parallels the nationwide shock of Trump's victory, so beautifully seen in the first scene of Episode 1.

It is the story old as time itself. How the mighty can fall... And I love this deconstruction of composed Diane, just as I enjoyed throughout the years deconstruction of Alicia's composure. You know it's bad when the only reaction of such well-educated, well-bred woman like her is the F word.


BTW, @Kyoshi, nice to see you again... You have been missed :D 

I think it may be because they want to be a bit more grittier. There are F words and some nudity.

I really like it. It is not groundbreaking but it has a good story and it is a beloved character with what can be an a very solid arc. I am not that fan of spin-offs, but this one can actually work.

Thanks.I miss this place too. Just too busy job-hunting, and life in general. Nice to know I was missed. :)


I think one thing 'Good Fight' made me appreciate is how alive that universe is. The characters are so distinct, and so enjoyable. I was very skeptical when it was first announced but not so much now. As soon as I saw


Judge Abernathy I smiled because he was always so much fun. The bit with the sunglasses was just so beautiful. I can't wait for more characters like Tassioni (sp) and the lawyer who always had a new baby, and the lawyer played by Meryl Streep's daughter (I think). I didn't realise how much I missed them.

The story is also good IMO.

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Oh, boy... The TGW Universe is in full swing... Kresteva, Tascioni... Man, this show is great...

It is essentially great TV drama. People, you need to watch it :D It is really good.

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On 3/6/2017 at 5:04 AM, Winterfell is Burning said:

Peter needs to be on this show for the sole purpose of punching Kresteva again.



Tascioni took care of it...

I still remember how Diane called Alicia a trouble in first season of TGW. It is amazing to see her being the problem :D 

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Have you watched Season 2 premiere? Audra McDonald is joining the cast. 

I have to say, I am enjoying this one much more than I have anticipated. Baranski proved to be quite capable of being lead actress and Diane seems amazing mix of dignified incredulity and craziness in response to the world around us.

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