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[Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

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Excellent episode. :bowdown:


1. Did Drogon barbecue the goat or the child, or both (i.e. whose bones did the farmer bring to show Daenerys)?

2. Ramsay porn. Boring.

3. Two dogs. Run away, Ironborn!


1. Unexpectedly, Hizdahr (a virtual nonentity in the books); he's suddenly interesting.

2. Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) as the Iron Banker.

3. Oberyn doing/saying whatever.

4. Theon as Reek.

5. Tyrion-Shae-Tywin-TYRION!!!! (oh wow, those last electrifying moments; Tyrion unleashed the anguish and anger of a lifetime of resentment and hurt)

I didn't want it to end.

1. The bones were from the goat... you can clearly see horns on the skull. Hazzea, I think, will come next. That was just a preview to show that Daenerys is paying for the damages her dragons do;

2. It's HBO, so there will be porn... LOL;

3. The dog scene was very funny at first (c'mon, you kill a hundred man but can't kill two dogs?). But thinking again, I believe they left not because of the dogs, but because Asha/Yara saw what had become of Theon.

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i was really looking forward to the "yara" shit because i just accepted its gonna be different, let me just appreciate ashas fighting and the ironborn and the first couple seconds i was READY AS FUCK...but man was i disappointed...yara sows and doesnt fight really...and its really that easy to sneak into the dreadforts dungeons? and then run out of when you are backed into a CORNER?! cmaaaan

She wanted to take Theon back with her but she can't bring him back if he refuses to come with her and she wasn't going to throw her life or her men's lives away for him. It was a commando raid, their advantage disappears once the alarm bells start ringing (you heard them, right) and the superior numbers of the Dreadfort Defenders overwhelm their position.

It is totally parallel with her trying to get him to retreat from Winterfell. It's just hard to notice/remember when she only shows up once a season :D

Does look like she cut and run without spelling out that explanation, I suppose. But as I said earlier in the thread, we knew she could not achieve total victory and yet she could not take total defeat. So we got what we got.

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Alright enough of that. I do like Hizdahr already and the finger wagging he did need to fucking happen. Bravo, Hizdahr.

Bravo, Missandei for being audibly annoyed when Dany goes "omg really that many?"

Hey...Braavos is awesome!! YEEEAHHH!!!

Omg..Theon...omg...My feels...Hes like a beaten dog and its awful! Alfie Allen delivered like a fucking boss and i cant believe how awesome he is in full Reek mode! Ramsay getting tail kinda bothers me. I dont want to see Ramsay get funky. Its just wrong ok? :P


And the snow castle 1+


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People complaining about the Yara/Asha filler couldn't be more wrong. What if they did this arc just so when the Kingsmoot finally happens, it gives Yara all the more reason to declare herself the next Queen of the Iron Islands because "Theon" is "dead"?

I don't feel more wrong.

They definitely could have handled the scene a lot better.

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Peter Dinklage's Emmy episode for sure.

Am I the only one really surprised that Only Cat will be in 4x07 and not 4x10? I guess the episode title should have been a tipoff, but I sort of thought they would save that for the finale.

It wont be. There will likely be a lot of spacing for those scenes. The real debate should be this:

Does episode 10 end with which of these two quotes:

"Only Cat" or " "But the stink that filled the privy gave ample evidence that the oft-repeated jape about his father was just another lie. Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, shit gold."

My bet is on the latter :crying:

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- The drogon scene.

- Hizdahr was interesting.

- They put Shae in one of Sansa's old dresses.

- The whole trial was pretty well done.

- The Iron Bankers (besides their illogical choice to give Stannis money that early)


- No Starks! Seriously, was there a single Stark anywhere?

- All the gratuitous boobs/ female nudity.

I repeat this over and over, but it continues to bother me so I'll continue to point it out. We got to see some man boobs, but those were man-boobs of fully realized characters who had motivations beyond being sexual objects. In contrast, the sole defining character trait of all the nude women is 'wants the D'.

There's not even the semblance of balance.

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Well, Drogon knows where he can find a good snack now. When he swoops in next week, he won't find any goats (since he ate them all) -- only a kid playing. So he'll eat him instead.

Then the poor goat herder gets to stand in line for another two hours with another sack of bones, thus playing out the scene from the book.

Sure... why not?

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