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[Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

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She sailed around Westeros then up the Weeping Water by rowboat to the Dreadfort

Well that's ridiculous.

It didn't happen that way in the book and in the show it would still take less time to hike across Westeros. If they HAD to have a boat for cultural reasons they could have built one by hand and still saved time


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All the way across the North which is held by the Boltons?

Small force, big country, no pirates.

Theon made it to Winterfell and his guy made it to Torrhens Square without boating around Westeros - my book reference. Of course he had learned some green ways.

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No way, Balon winning the war of five kings by default by being the last one to die is The Greatest Joke Ever and it needs to continue

LOOOOL! Banana Peel. Make it happen show! You need to make up for that bullshit goat scene...


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

OMG HNNNGH IM SO FREAKING OUT OVER THAT RIGHT NOW! We watched that preview and i shrieked with glee and was like "SNOOOWWW CASTLE!" My mum was all "wtf?" I told her that is a part of one of my favorite scenes in the series. I just hope they have some cool nostalgic voice overs for when she builds it.

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I have more of a blue b**l feeling, maybe like YarAsha. But for the same reason - great ending.

I don't think there is any non XXX filler at least in DD s minds, and they prob think the XXX stuff is necessary too.

YarAsha I agree gave up the fight - but if Theon hadn't confirmed Balon's idea of what he was she might have put forth more of an effort.

The most unbelievable part of that battle was the boat. Even the Ironborn could see you don't sail from the Iron Islands to the Dreadfort.

Yara ought to kill Theon before made her escape, as a good sister, she should put her baby brother out of his misery

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I bet Balon Greyjoy is drinking in Pyke to all the guys and gals killed in the show while they're still alive in the books, Just chillin' in the castle waiting for the storm to kill him.

And since Mockingbird is the Ep 7, I already figured out this was gonna be the 'Only Cat' episode.

Man, look likes <z have :

E07 : Only Cat

E08 : Oberyn vs Gregor

E09 : The Battle at the Wall

E10 : Tywin dyin' + UnCat

We can say for sure this end of season is gonna kill the Internet.

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