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Septon Chayle Appreciation Thread


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Hey folks. Here is another appreciation thread.

His legs were stiff and sore as he eased down off the bench. He massaged some life back into them and limped heavily to the table where the septon was snoring softly, his head pillowed on an open book in front of him. Tyrion glanced at the title. A life of the Grand Maester Aethelmure, no wonder. “Chayle,” he said softly. The young man jerked up, blinking, confused, the crystal of his order swinging wildly on its silver chain.

Chayle is a relatively young septon who keeps the sept and the library of Winterfell. He slept over a book. How lovely.

Bran asked Septon Chayle about the comet while they were sorting through some scrolls snatched from the library fire. “It is the sword that slays the season,” he replied, and soon after the white raven came from Oldtown bringing word of autumn, so doubtless he was right.

Chayle gives a very interesting interpretation of the comet. I think he is referring to something he read and he might be right about certain things.

“Hodor never knew they were mocking him,” Bran said. “Anyhow he never fights.” He remembered once when he was little, going to the market square with his mother and Septa Mordane. They brought Hodor to carry for them, but he had wandered away, and when they found him some boys had him backed into an alley, poking him with sticks. “Hodor!” he kept shouting, cringing and covering himself, but he had never raised a hand against his tormentors. “Septon Chayle says he has a gentle spirit.”

Look how this young Septon cares for Hodor. Isn’t he lovely?

Within, the seven walls were cracked and crooked. God is one, Septon Osmynd had taught her when she was a girl, with seven aspects, as the sept is a single building, with seven walls. The wealthy septs of the cities had statues of the Seven and an altar to each. In Winterfell, Septon Chayle hung carved masks from each wall.

Chayle is also very practical.

Catelyn’s thoughts went to Ser Rodrik’s little daughter Beth, to tireless Maester Luwin and cheerful Septon Chayle, Mikken at the forge, Farlen and Palla in the kennels, Old Nan and simple Hodor.

Chayle is a cheerful fellow. What a good trait for a Septon. Lovely.

In the days that followed, he tried to warn others about what Jojen had seen, but it didn’t go as he wanted. Mikken thought it was funny. “The sea, is it? Happens I always wanted to see the sea. Never got where I could go to it, though. So now it’s coming to me, is it? The gods are good, to take such trouble for a poor smith.”

“The gods will take me when they see fit,” Septon Chayle said quietly, “though I scarcely think it likely that I’ll drown, Bran. I grew up on the banks of the White Knife, you know. I’m quite the strong swimmer.”

Alebelly was the only one who paid the warning any heed. He went to talk to Jojen himself, and afterward stopped bathing and refused to go near the well. Finally he stank so bad that six of the other guards threw him into a tub of scalding water and scrubbed him raw while he screamed that they were going to drown him like the frogboy had said. Thereafter he scowled whenever he saw Bran or Jojen about the castle, and muttered under his breath.

Mikken and Alebelly acted like fools but Chayle was serious. He was quiet, gentle, educated and lovely. He also said gods, not the Stranger or any other aspect of the Seven. The Old Gods followers use gods while referring to them. Chayle is respectful to other religions. We know a lot of fanatic Seven worshippers or Rulore dickheads. Chayle is none.

“Why would the gods send a warning if we can’t heed it and change what’s to come?”

“I don’t know,” Jojen said sadly.

Since Chayle is the only one who surrendered to the gods and we know that Mikken and Alebelly are definitely dead, I think Chayle survived that fall to the well. There is an underground connection between the pools and probably Chayle found his way to the black pool in front of the Heart Tree.

Farlen entered limping, struggling to support Palla. Her dress had been ripped in two; she held it up with a clenched fist and walked as if every step were agony. Septon Chayle rushed to lend a hand, but one of the ironmen knocked him to the floor.

Gods, what a lovely man. We know a lot of Septons who are utter dickheads but Chayle loves the household, each and every one of them although they were the followers of the Old Gods.

As for Chayle, he had to give someone to the Drowned God, his men expected it. “I bear you no ill will,” he’d told the septon before they threw him down the well, “but you and your gods have no place here now.”

Chayle also respects the Old Gods. Even if the Seven had little hold in Winterfell, I think the Old Gods are strong enough to save him from this invader Drowned God.

And finally, here is the thread for Septon Chayle = The Hooded Man.

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He's my favourite Septon, with the possible exception of Septon Meribald. I like the way he looks after the books in the Winterfell library, which I guess would normally be Maester Luwin's job. I like anybody who has a healthy interest in books. I guess he's gotta be cool because he's won the respect of the residents who worship the Old Gods. Yay for Septon Chayle! (He'd make a great Hooded Man)

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