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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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I read an interview like that, but I think she doesn't mind nudity if it serves the plot. She's gone nude a lot, but it's never like whores in the brothel.

Just looked for it, cant find it, but Carice van Houten does have an interview , talks about the 'leeche scene'. That they shot all day and at the start she used a robe between takes, but since the set was warm, she just discared the robe for the rest of the day.

She actually has a number of interviews about both sex and nudity on the show and how she does not give it a second thought... ah the enlightened Dutch!

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That's the HBO.com interview she did (here):

I wore a modesty patch and Joe did too. I come from Holland, and there's a lot of nudity in film there. We're very used to it. That doesn't mean that nude scenes are my favorite to do-not at all. But I'm not uncomfortable. I also believe that on set, the more you change into a robe or the more timid you are, the more people will want to see you. At the end of that day, I was basically walking around naked the whole time. That took away the sex and the tension. I pick up on other people's discomfort. I'd rather than have people be bored with my naked body. But again, it's not my favorite thing in the world. I had less trouble with it when I was younger.

So... not her favorite thing, but she found the performance easier if everyone on set was just used to her body -- no discomfort from them, no discomfort for her, I guess.

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That's the HBO.com interview she did (here):

So... not her favorite thing, but she found the performance easier if everyone on set was just used to her body -- no discomfort from them, no discomfort for her, I guess.

Recently on indiewire Carice van Houten had this to say:


A recent article in the Independent addressed your openness to the nudity and sex on the show. You mentioned, however, your support for more male nudity.

Well, someone asked me, and I was like, “Of course. Why not?” I know sex sells and people watch it because it’s new, but it also makes the show more real. If it becomes sexist, then it’s wrong, but I think so far it hasn’t been. I would never take my clothes off if I didn’t think it was appropriate for the scene.

It’s not something that I would like to do. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, at all. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m from Holland. I did a film eight years ago with Paul Verhoeven. It’s a signature in his work. That’s where I come from, so I have a different approach than most Americans. Who sleeps with their bra on?

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a solid 8 for me. Oberyn & Tyrion scenes were just superb. The Mountain scenes were just "yeah - we already know he's a brutal killer and...the point of the scenes were what exactly? Just re-introducing the character - OK, but a little more subtlety please - less is more :)
Dany's scenes were just disconnected for me. I love the interaction between the Brienne & Pod actors - it is great! I rather like the complex interaction between Arya and the Hound, I think it brings out and establishes both Sandor's frailty and Arya's increasing ruthlessness. Jon/wall scenes were a clear set up for the big attack. Thought the Messilander scene a bit odd. Eyrie scene was great.
Overall an episode that was not so tightly woven for me, but saved by some outstanding scenes/performances by Dinklage and Pascal

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First the Gripes...

I liked the scene with Arya and the hound with the old man. But it was spoiled by the pathetic ending of it with Rorge and Biter. These two were of the three most dangerous prisoners in Kings Landing. According to an SSM they set up an illegal fighting pit with Biter as the main attraction. Biter has a ton of experience of fighting and killing in brawl type of fights, I really cant believe he had his neck snapped that easily. Why would Rorge just stand there, after that, with his sword dangling by his side; they knew how dangerous the hound was even if he wasn't expecting Arya to stab him like that, it didn't happen very fast, so why did he make no attempt to protect himself.

I appreciate that they needed to give the Hound his injury, and I can see how the bite would get him back to where he and Arya parted company in the books, but the whole fight was incredibly poorly scripted and choreographed, far below quality for the show.

It was, however, made to look like a work of genius compared to the season introduction of the Mountain who Rides. Perhaps Oberyn could dress as Popeye the sailor man and eat some spinach before the fight. It was always the best way to defeat Bluto in the old cartoons.

I agree with previous posters about the lack of chemistry between Dany and Daario, Jon at the wal seemed entirely filler, as if he has a minimum screen time per episode clause in his contract.

Mel's nude scene was not necessary to further the plot in any way. She looked fabulous, but it was completely gratuitous.

I think the snow castle scene was handled really well. yes they could have dragged it out a bit more, showing Sansa's frustration at not getting it quite right. But Sophie would have to be an expert ice carver to make it convincing.

Aiden Gillen finally got the chance to show what a great actor he is. the kiss was just great, perfectly creepy, and Sophie Turner portrayed it so that you could not really tell if she welcomed it or not. if GRRM doesn't get WOW out before season 5 starts we will be deep into spoiler territory next year with Sansa.

The Moon door scene could have benefitted from being a bit longer, closer to the books, with the explaination of how Hoster had nearly killed her with the moon tea. It would have gone some way to explaining to the unsullied how she got to be so crazy, and given a bit more sympathy at the Only Cat moment. I didn't mind it being changed to "your sister". I never realised it was an Iconic line until I read this forum.

All of Tyrion's scenes were great

8 1/2 out of ten, highest mark so far for me

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Btw I enjoyed seeing hot pie again. But the pastry is at least as important as the gravy, What about a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie. No gravy at all but if the pastry is soggy it's no good at all.

Well for Hot Pie he probably never got a bad crust in his life

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I waited a while to post this; except for a couple of very very short slips... it was a 10 for me.

I just looked at Rotten Tomatoes ..... it’s a 100.

Of course with reviews , which as usual vary, subjectivity…. Still that’s an interesting score.

IMDB : Arithmetic mean = 9.3. Median = 10 , sample size 4431. As always noted no error bars on the data.

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Maybe my least favourite episode this season. Tyrion's scenes were great especially with Oberyn.

Disappointed that Gregor's return was brief.

Hot Pie's return was welcome.

Didn't like Dany/Daario scene (too rushed) or the first Hound/Arya scene (aren't Biter/Rorge supposed to turn up later?).

Eyrie chapter was my favourite in the books, on TV not bad but it felt a bit short/rushed.

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1a) I checked out that scene, good catch. And as I said, I wasn't criticizing HBO or GOT specifically, I was just thinking out loud that there are non-prudish reasons to be concerned with how nudity is handled.

2) Yeah, I can be a bit snarky at times :) FYI, I know that HBO has included full frontal male nudity before. You are correct, one of my concerns is that the costs of regulatory compliance would outweigh the benefits. FYI, the FCC most definitely does regulate cable tv. A lot of the regulations are different than for over-the-air broadcasts, but one thing that cable (premium or otherwise) shares with "regular" tv is the ratings system. My understanding is that the TV-MA (what GOT is) is like an MPAA (movie) 'R' rating, which is more restrictive than the MPAA NC-17 rating (which replaced the older 'X' designation for porn).

Anyway, my point wasn't that HBO isn't allowed to show certain things, just that the cost to add them is greater than zero, which is (at most) the value I receive from full frontal male or female nudity in GOT. So as long as you can admit that the cost is greater than zero (which you did seem to earlier), there's probably no point arguing what that cost is, we're just two viewers disagreeing about how important something is to a scene.

BTW, if you have a link to the Nairn video, I'd be interested to hear what he has to say on the matter -- I googled and saw several various clips from him, but if there was one where he goes into detail, I'd like to check it out.

Sorry for going awol and failing to reply GC, I appreciate your response.

I think this is the video I was talking about where KN describes his prosthetic Hodorpeen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZTX9cukwZ0

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