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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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One complaint: Biter scene was kind of ridiculous. Aside from that? Amazing, especially for a setup episode. Season 4, for me, has (dare I say it?) equaled and possibly surpassed GRRM as far as quality overall is concerned. Okay so for this episode: I don't recall Sweet Robin getting slapped in the books, its been awhile and I could have just completely forgotten, but either way, great. Oberyn/Tyrion.... great scene.... love the Casterly Rock recall. Initial Jaime and Tyrion scene was great as well. Bronn made me uncomfortable in his new clothes and demeanor but by the time it was all said and done its possibly the most heart touching moment you could get between a mercenary with no morals and a narcissistic, overentitled dwarf without seeming forced. Hot Pie? 'nuff said. I thought Brienne talking about Sansa by name was stupid and loved that Pod called her out on it even if she was right. Jorah changing Daenery's mind was also rather swell IMO. No complaints here. The complaint of Petyr calling her 'sister' instead of 'Cat' makes sense as its a show and it makes it easier to understand for show watchers. It's, IMO, more of a 'decomplicating of things' more than anything else for viewers.

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I did not expect 'by the book' , rearanged as it is , that is, the KL stuff was 'by the book', and the Eyrie condensed but 'by the book'.

Arya's story... oddly modified, but was fine with me , seems the Arya scene should been constructed a little differently , the killing seemed awkard, ok, but too sudden.

Ben Hawkey! Saw no warning about his appearance.

Briennes's story, fine by me, but where is it going?

To bad not more time at Castle Black. They didn't have it.

Marking time at Meereen, Clarke was very good this episode.

A D&D episode, well done, see... they can do it.

Alas! A two week break!

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I'm going 10. I've been down on D and D's writing this season but they really came through in a big way here. They were bolstered by several of the performers, including Dinklage, Flynn, Pascal, Aiden, Turner, and Dickie.

Thank you, I thought I was the only one who felt the writing was suffering this season! Some of the episodes have been great, but not their strongest collective work by far.

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Loved the 3 jail visits. Jamie least of the three, Oberyn the best. Bronn seemed as uncomfortable with the discussion as he did in his new clothes. He knows he's selling out but what can he do? But Oberlyn... if there was a nearly flawless delivery this episode, it was "What about what I want?" The depth of his pain really shone through, something that hasn't happened a lot with all his banter.

Meh on the Mountain. He's the right body for the job, talking is optional IMO.

The Eryie was too short and felt rushed. While I enjoyed the stop at the inn and the surprise meeting with Hot Pie, I would have preferred less gravy (though I laughed at the moment) and more Crazy Lysa. And the Sansa/Petyr scenes gave an appropriate creepy conspiratorial tone. Little Robin deserved the slap but I though Sansa's anger was a little much but it might have been the delivery.

Overall, a solid 8.5 out of 10. One of the best setup episodes of the series. If only it had been ten minutes longer...

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9/10. We're building up to the end now.


  1. Tyrion and Bronn. What a fabulous sequence!
  2. The Hound's confession. You confess before you . . .
  3. Sansa and Robert Arryn.
  4. Using Hot Pie. Wasn't big on how they used him, but still. Saves considerable time.
  5. They left Dragonstone off the credits. And Melisandre said Shireen must come with them. We're going to be left hanging until they arrive.
  6. The small details are what makes the show wonderful.
  7. Transitioning from Daario's rearguard to Melisandre's Van (Houten) guard was a nice touch. Also, the Hound "getting . . . bitten!"
  8. I like that Dany is in for a descent.
  9. EDIT: And I loved how they mixed in Tyrion's three jail visitors.


  1. The first Hound/Arya ("two swords") scene could have been skipped. The gift of mercy part was nice, killing Rorge was nice -- but we've had both of these already. I wondered if the two Hound/Arya scenes were originally set for different episodes.
  2. Ghost at the wall. I get that the wolves are CGI and inserted, but he's off standing on his own and it looks terrible.
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Would have loved to have "Only Cat" but thought the change made sense for the Unsullied. Really happy with the non-book scenes in this one as well as the changes to the LF/Lysa/SR/Sansa scene.

And really, any episode with the return of Hot Pie is an automatic 10.

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8 out of 10, but really it's an 11 just for the last one minute. Never been so happy to see a person fly in my life! Raises all sorts of questions for Sansa though. And Hotpie! Glad to see him again; interesting to see how the info he provided will be used. And thank you Rory McCann, for making me love the Hound.

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There was so much to be positive about in this episode; things from the books I had no idea would make it to the show and to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

​I almost wish they would change things next episode to keep Pedro around longer. That guy is on his way to amazing things.

Why they felt the need to change one of the series most iconic lines is beyond me. I know there's a lot of names to remember but if unsullied can't remember who Catelyn Stark is by name then they should probably not be watching.

Aside from that, awesome episode. Ranks at the 3rd best of the season so far for me, behind last weeks and episode 2.

It's gonna be absolute mayhem from here until the end.
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