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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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7 I think. Some really clunkly dialogue here and there.

Oberyn is a fucking legend.

The first Hound and Arya scene was really quite terrible, poor dialogue, and Rorge showing up out of nowhere and then dying ridiculously easily. They really should be able to do better than that.

I don't feel like they've done enough with the time they've had at the wall this season; its just been week after week of Ser Allister putting Jon down. Again guys, you should be doing better.

Mixed feelings about the final moments. Great to see that the snow castle was in there, and they did keep some good dialogue from the book, but not enough. Aiden Gillen continues to disappoint in the crucial moments.

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A very solid 7 out of 10. Definitely my favourite episode of this season, and the one I've rated the highest. I didn't like Arya, Daenerys or Brienne's scenes though. Arya's little monologue about nothing was really dumb and cringeworthy and trying to be deep and meaningful, but it fell flat to me and seemed like it was trying to hard. I'm also wondering how exactly Arya is going to do what she does soon with Sandor, seeing as how their relationship seems much more caring and mutual now. This doesn't work. Also, what exactly is going on with Yunkai, Jorah and Daario? So does this mean Jorah's fate will be different to that of the novel's? And with Brienne's scenes... I don't know, something seems off about her. She seems much more loud and snarky than normal. I prefer the quiet and shy Brienne of the books, but whatever. Although I mourn the loss of what seems to be nearly all of her Feast storyline (which I actually liked), it was pretty funny having Hot Pie have a little cameo, and for once D&D seem to be showing a little bit of continuity between seasons, which has been sorely lacking this season. Oh and Emilia is still a really bad actress, I'm sorry. I can't believe she has the same tone when ordering a guy to strip that she does while holding court. She has no range, sad to say. I also thought that scene should have been built up more, and it's weird that after all the needless and gratuitous sex in this show, they don't show this one? One that is arguably more relevent than most the show has done? And I'm not just saying that cause I wanted to see Emilia naked again...... okay well a bit of me is :lol: The Melisandre scene made up for it though, even though other than Carice's beautiful body the scene was rather forgettable. I would have rather had a Stannis scene. Also, the Jon scene was ridiculously redundant and pointless, and really didn't need to be there. All it did was establish Yarwick (sp?) as a character, which while I'm glad for, this scene still really was unnecessary. We get it, Alliser Thorne is an asshole.

But that's enough of the negatives. Now to the positives, and this episode there were quite a few big ones for me. First of all, I'm ridiculously happy they kept the Tyrion and Bronn farewell scene very accurate. I was very surprised they bothered keeping in Lollys and Falyse and Bronn's marriage and new lordship. I loved that little subplot he got in the books, and I'm very glad they are keeping it in the show. Unlike Tyrion's other farewell scene with Pod, which I thought was very cheesy and sappy and dumb, I thought this one was done excellently. I also loved the Oberyn and Tyrion scene. Now that is how a long conversation is done, D&D. No cheese, no sentimentality, just straight up good dialogue and acting. Although I must give GRRM all the credit here, since I was very hopeful the show would include the Casterly Rock visit story, so I'm really happy they did. The bit where Oberyn tells Tyrion "I've come to the perfect place," was really awesome, and finally convinced me this guy is the only guy for Oberyn. And of course finally, the Eyrie scene was fantastic, and just as good as I hoped for. Everything was perfectly done, from the beautiful snow-covered Eyrie, to Sansa's Winterfell, to Sansa slapping Robin (a change I really liked), Littlefinger reminding us he's a creep, and then the great final scene with the Moondoor. All was done amazingly, and I have no complaints.

Wow, I honestly think this is the first episode of season 4 I've come away from really satisfied. I want to rate this episode an 8, but the unremarkable first three quarters hold me back. The final fifteen minutes though were incredible, and the best parts of this season so far by a long shot. Hopefully this momentum is kept up for the final three episodes, which I'm sure it will be.

I'm going to be very sad to see Oberyn go, though. This episode really convinced me of the actor's brilliance in the role, which I was hesitant towards previously.

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People said the same thing about Shae and Tyrion, but they managed to twist that around. I don't think this complaint is fair.

Well unless something pretty drastic and shocking happens, I don't see how Arya would have the pure hatred for Sandor in the show that she had constantly towards him in the book.

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One of my favorite episodes this season. Pedro Pascal and Peter Dinklage are terrific. The scene between Tyrion and Bronn was also great.

The bit with Biter and Rorge was a bit abrupt, but otherwise I really enjoyed this week.

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First episode I didn't enjoy an Arya/Hound scene, the dialogue during the gift of mercy was cringeworthy, and the random way Rorge and Bitter show up and die in 10 seconds was lame. Also the season is almost over and Sandor hasn't even mentioned Sansa, not even once, wtf?

The Eyrie scenes were great, Sophie was amazing as always, but who is going to be framed for Lysa's death? That little detail left me with a bad taste for what it could have been a great ending.

Brienne and Pod, whatever...there was Hotpie!!! Best part of the episode :P

Tyrion/Jaime and Tyrion/Bronn were ok, but I think Bronn should have explained what the hell happen with Shae :dunno:

Oberyn was ok, but once he started telling the story I was hoping they mention the reason why the Martell went to Casterly Rock, but they're probably saving that for next episode.

Edit: change my vote to 7

I thought the dialogue was incredible, and not a bit cringe worthy, I loved their conversation about nothing.

I am curious to know what Ran thought of this episode, will have a look back and see if he said anything.

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Another thing...Rorge and Biter reduced to a couple of non threatening fools. Again though, I am a book reader foremost. I like authenticity.

No shortage of dangerous villains if Brienne needs some.

They killed Tickler early but Arya found someone to take his place.

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8/10. Really great but not flawless. Didn't love the Arya/Hound/Rorge/Biter stuff (super anti-climactic and a bit awkward) and the Eyrie stuff could've used a bit more time, but most of the big scenes were absolutely terrific. Tyrion/Jamie. Tyrion/Bronn. Tyrion/Oberyn! Lysa meeting the moon door. The Hound's story.

Expecting an utterly epic last 3 episodes.

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I guess I want it all, every episode.

I've been spoiled, in countless ways.

Strong bridge holding up the various story-lines.

The Oberyn/ Tyrion chat, made me want to grab Cersie by the back of the head and introduce her teeth to the edge of a door-jamb.

The Mountain, just seems like a Technicolor cartoon.

A throw-back to the 1950's B Grade Gladiator flicks.

Do you refuse a Khaleesie when she demands a boning? You do not.

It is known.

Jon Snow. ~ He puzzled, till his puzzler was sore.

Sansa, should seriously think about slapping on an ACME chastity belt.

E-bay has a slightly used Valerian steel model.

Toss the key out the Moon-Door and run like hell.

Was really hoping for more of a hellish freak-out from Lyssa,

and a some-what more primal scream of, AIYeeeee!!,

as flapped her sleeves.

But, hey, I go to sleep, feeling bad for a fictional baby whose little wink almost got pinched off.

The writers of this epic, GRMM, Show Guys, they're all sick little puppies.


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Solid 8 for me.

Things I didn't like:

The scene with Arya, Sandor and the dying man felt really useless to me and honestly, when the man was talking I thought "Well, that's what happen when a mediocre actor lands in a terrific cast."

I really don't like Dario, no idea if it's the new actor or the character... maybe both.

Brienne saying "You say...?". Because yeah, they got damn lucky with Hotpie, but Pod is right about being discreet.

The Mountain slaughtering prisoners. I thought it was a gratuitous scene. I don't see how slaying worthless weaklings can "train" the Mountain in any way. He'd get more strength by hacking some trees...

Things I liked:

The three jail scenes with Tyrion. In the Jaime one they really seem close, it's the first time I had the "brother" impression when I saw them, nailed it! The one with Bronn is great too, I like how Bronn explains to Tyrion that objectively he can't stand as his champion and there's nothing Tyrion can tell about it. Love the feeling of despair when Bronn leaves the cell.

The scene with Oberyn is the most intense of the three. I was really struck by the description of Cersei which really came to life.

The Hotpie scene was very nice. Also it's nice to see Brienne and Pod quickly on their way to awesome events.

The tragedy seems to keep building up at Castle Black.

The relationship between Sansa and Petyr is very interesting, loved the smile when he said he killed Jeoffrey to avenge Catelyn (it didn't feel like a lie to me but maybe I'm wrong). I think Baelish is one of the most powerful man in Westeros and the love he bears to Sansa gives her a certain power over him. I hope she'll realize that soon enough.

Overall very nice episode with awesome upcoming events.

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9 of 10, but it really hurts :(

Easily the best (imo, obviously) episode of the season, but I can only give it a '9' by pretending I never read the books -- as an adaptation, this episode is a 5 tops (the "Only Cat" rewrite is an automatic -5).

Like the last few episodes, the major flaw (imo) is grouping multiple scenes into one extended scene. In the books, we switch POVs frequently, and this pacing allows the overall story to be told in small bits, and I really like the slow build up that that pacing gives. In the last few episodes, the show seems to be grouping multiple short scenes into fewer, longer, scenes, and that makes a lot of those scenes feel rushed. For the last three episodes (4,5, and 6), this caused my to give severely low scores, as some of those scenes were written and filmed horribly, and having those scenes be such a large part of each episode magnified the horror.

In this episode, while I have major reservations about many things, these reservations were well-enough distributed that they didn't ruin any one particular scene, but to be honest, that's just blind luck.

Also, I've seen a lot of comments saying that this is a "set up " episode, and the people saying it are using it in a negative fashion, which disturbs me. ASOIAF is a long story, not a sequence of loosely related episodes. I don't want the show to make each (or any) one-hour (or less!) episode stand on its own, so I don't need x% actions scenes, y% boobies, and z% "zinger" lines. I don't want to see obvious "recap" moments. I'd be perfectly happy if the showrunners would say, "if you didn't get something, go watch the previous episodes".

But that's me.

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6/10, decent ep with nothing oustanding.

Best parts were the Tyrion scenes.

Mountain scene, eh. Why was he killing random peasants? Why weren't they just running away?

Brienne stuff was pretty good.

Bit of forced drama at The Wall, felt like they should have saved it for the next ep or left it out completely.

Dany scenes were better than expected.

Arya/Hound scenes were disappointingly weak this episode, and I usually enjoy them. That bloke took way too long to die, and the scene vs Rorge and Biter was dumb.

The Vale scenes I just find funny. I will say the outside bit was very pretty, though.

Dragonstone scene was only good for two reasons.

Generally, the ep was way too spread out. They've done a good job at cutting down the multiple stories per ep this season, but took their eye off the ball here.

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8. A little more moondoor action and crazy Lysa and it would have easily been a 9 or 10 for me. I also could have done without Mel and Selyse but oh well. Other than that very well acted (maybe not scripted though).

My biggest issue was probably the fact I was expecting too much of the end and it didn't quite have the tension I wanted.

All in all very satisfying episode.

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