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How would you rate episode 407?


How would you rate epsiode 407?  

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A strong 9. Cannot give it 10, because it lacked that very extra special pace.

The Vale sequence was good. I imagined it differently of course, but it worked as it is and it showed where Sansa and Littlefinger are heading in terms of their future relationship, which is the most important bit. It was nice to see LF's real emotions for a change. I would have preferred Lysa's full speech, along with the story of how her father murdered her child. I think the show audience would think her much less crazy that way, but I guess the aim was to make the audience more sympathetic to the new Bonny and Clyde of the Vale. I missed Marillion song, because I believe it would have added an extra special creepiness to the whole scene. It was an important scene. It should have been longer. Kudos to all the actors, especially Aiden Gillen who was walking a very fine line there. Sweetrobin actor is brilliant. Spot on.

The Hound story was nicely done. It was great to see Hot Pie again.

Daenerys and Daario lacked a lot. We could not see her passion for him at all. I think most of Daenarys' sequences are weak this season and that is the weakest point of the show at the moment.

Oberyn/Tyrion exchange was great. It should have been written deeper with the story of marriage proposals, but …

The Wall could have been better in terms of the Craster's aftermath and some dialogues on that.

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An 8. Best scene was Tyrion / Oberyn. For the setup they have for Eyre the scene between Sansa, Lysa and Littlefinger was good. I don't understand why they didn't use the "Only Cat" version and instead they used the words "Your Sister".

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Gave it a 9. Couldn't give it a 10 because it wasn't perfect for me (The Mountain, Biter and The Wall weren't great for me). But gheeez, did the other scenes make up for it!

On re-watch I can't even say which scene was best cuz so many were so great. But Oberyn/Tyrion and Bronn/Tyrion come to mind. And I loved the Hound this ep... it was really great.

Side note: For the first time since GoT started, a scene almost exactly mirrored what I saw in my mind while reading -- Sansa making her snow castle. It was literally just how I pictured it -- so that's cool :-)

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Well unless something pretty drastic and shocking happens, I don't see how Arya would have the pure hatred for Sandor in the show that she had constantly towards him in the book.

The show keeps pulling and tugging the relationship between Arya and the Hound. Just when they get close, he does something she doesn't approve of. In this episode they seem to get close again, but it's not going to last. And, she did learn about 'mercy' killing. An ominous foreshadowing, don't you think?

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4/10 for me (the lowest i've ever given an episode). If I were to judge this based on an average episode of any other series it would be above average. But I need to compare it against other GoT episodes otherwise the 9s and 10s don't mean as much. Really disappointed this week. Almost no flow to the episode, just a series of different story lines chucked in and most of them were not riveting television.


- Tyrion's potential champions: Liked all 3 segments. Good dialogue between Tyrion & Jaime/Bronn/Oberyn. Clearly and logically explained why Jaime and Bronn won't do it, and a surprisingly touching end to the Tyrion/Bronn bromance.

- Oberyn: Pedro was fantastic. Emilia take note. That is how you deliver lines flawlessly and build up emotion as the scene goes along.

- Jon: The show has successfully made the transition with Jon to someone who you believe can be a great leader. His good suggestions that you can tell are getting respect from most, but managing to tow the line with Thorne without ruffling feathers is being handled well.


-Meereen: Awful. No exaggeration, just awful. Dany/Daario was just about the most awkward i've seen two actors before, zero chemistry. Why on Earth was Emilia talking so fast with Jorah? I could barely keep up with what she was saying and it was all really hammy. I can't over state how bad I thought Emilia was tonight, and I had just started warming on her again.

-Brienne: These scenes just felt like a bad sitcom with her and Pod. And bringing back Hot Pie? Pointless, and he was really annoying.

-The Wall: Although I liked Jon. How much more do we need to hear that the wildlings are coming? I swear it actually went backwards from they'll be here in a few days to they'll be here before the next full moon.

-Melisandre: So very boring. Carise is hot, but pointless nudity HBO.

-Hound/Arya: It felt a bit off tonight. Rorge & Biter 'fight' was really underwhelming. Almost looked like Rorge just walked straight into needle. Don't think the unsullied will be happy knowing The Hound goes because of that bite.

-The Eyrie: I tried to put my finger on what was off about these scenes. And i think i've come to the conclusion that you wouldn't have needed to have read the books to know that slap was coming, that kiss was coming, and that fall down the moon door was coming. They were all set up really predictably.

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My first 9 of the season!

About as perfect as it could be with the changes that have been made.

The Hound remains my favorite but they still dont have a Mountain except in size. Good thing he never says much.

Dany and Super-Daario scene was the only weak one although I will say Emillia never looked better. Slimmed down (?) good makeup(?) and that dress!! Couldnt stop looking at her belly button. LOL although she sure got cleaned up in a hurry and her hair done after Super-Daario did what he suppossedly does best for 20 seconds.

Just an aside, not how I pictured the Vail in the past few episodes. The Bloody Gate, the easier approach with the basket elevator missing and even the Moon Door and its room from previous seasons. Still great locations and sets though and dont distract.

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I gave it an 8.

Loved Oberyn- couldn't have found a better actor for the role..perfect

Tyrion scenes continue to impress-great job. Bronn is Bronn & he did tell Tyrion that he was being followed to the ship, a suspect engagement to Lolly is in character & Shae is an overly ambitious bitch so no surprises.

Mereen. Sigh Dany is not that bad to me but she has zero chemistry w Daario. Daario is so miscast just terrible

Brienne & Pod ok filler w Hot Pie

Eyrie. Good job but only Cat needed to be there

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- The scenes inside Tyrion's cell were all great.

- Liked Sansa/Robin's scene, and the moon door incident didn't disappolnt.

- Not so keen on the new Mountain now that we've had a good look at him. He has a better build for the role than the previous Mountains, but because of his Nordic complexion and his age (he looks mature for his age but still reasonably young) I have a very hard time believing that he's Sandor Clegane's brother, let alone older brother. I also hated the not so subtle way they felt they needed to reinforce the fact that he's an evil baddy.

- I really didn't like how they had Brienne/Podrick encountering Hot Pie and Rorge/Biter running into Sandor/Arya in the same episode. Having characters come together like this always does fantasy worlds a disservice in my opinion and makes the world feel a LOT smaller and less grand than it should be. This isn't just a dig at the show, because GRRM does it too (notably with Samwell bumping into Stark children constantly).

- Daario was awful as usual.

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First 9 of the season for me. The weakest stuff was either very brief (the Gregor scene, which was just too cliche to take seriously) or not all that weak at all (mostly it was just kind of weird, like the Rorge scene where he just sort of stands there and has a chat and then dies; I'm thinking Sakharov is homaging something, maybe something from Kurosawa I keep thinking), and the strong stuff was really, really strong (Pedro Pascal hits it out of the park in this one!)

Pedro Pascal was at times channeling Ricardo Montalban in "The Wrath of Khan."

(Cue crane shot)

"LANNisTERRRR! From the heart of perdition I spit at thee."

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Gave it a solid 8. Only negatives were Dany and the fact that HBO and Co. can't give it a full fricking hour. What gives? So much they can do in those 10 extra minutes. That is 100 minutes of show we lose because they are all around the 50 min. mark. Think about that.

But Oberyn was amazing. Lysa was amazing. Tyrion was amazing. Sweet Robin was great. I even liked Littlefinger this episode. Oberyn stole the show with his story and his announcement. Bronn ditching Tyrion was very sad. But glad they did it since it's just important to Tyrion's storyline.

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9/10. Superb episode all around with the exception of the Dany/Daario scene, which felt forced to me. They just don't have believable chemistry.

Tyrion's scenes with Jaime, Bronn and Oberyn were phenomenal, and the final scenes at the Eyrie (which I've been looking forward to as much as any in recent memory) did not disappoint in the least....well, OK, I'd like to have heard "only Cat" but it was still great television.

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