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[book spoilers] What your non-reader friends/family thought and their predictions.


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Had no idea who Ser Gregor was. They remember faces more and only know him as the Mountain so totally confused there. They also predicted Lysa's little slip. Saw it coming from the moment Petyr grabbed her and said I have only loved 1 woman.

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The unsullied I was with predicted that littlefinger would push her the moment he showed up in the room.

But after the episode, they were talking about how much they liked Oberyn, and seem to think that he's going to kill all the lannisters. xD

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-Interest in the Tyrion plot

-Creeped out by BaelishxSansa (Thought Sansa was into it, and unaware how much younger she is in the books)

-Want to know when Dany is getting to Westeros

D&D are progressing because the 3rd thing is usually all they talk about, save these last 2 weeks.

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My friends hilarious predictions:

Anyways, this is as far as my predictions go. Now anything can happen.

Though, having Arya+Hound and Brianne+Pod arrive at the Vale at the same time would be hilarious. Or .....what if they meet halfway there, and Brianne + The Hound battle?

Yes, I can see it now:

It's episode 9. There will be a mayor chaotic "everybody dies" climax that will happen in the end of the episode


I assume it will be the wildlings attack on the Wall. The 9th episode is called "The Watchers on the Wall", so that is obviously going to be the big "battle where everybody dies".

I bet like...Sam will die or something. Or maybe Ghost, or Yrgitte. Doubt Jon will die.
Janos Slynt and/or Alester will surely die, and so will Tormund (and the cannibal dude).

Hmm, yeah, I can already see it now:
Everybody is fighting at Castle Black. There is chaos, but Jon manages to lead the defense and everybody. Alester sees this, and sees Jon alone giving orders. He thinks this is his opportunity to strike him and remove this pain in his ass once and for all. He goes to stab Jon, maybe succeds, but then Ygritte/Jon/Ghost come and attack Alester and save Jon. Alester dies.

Or could be Janos slynt....or both

However, before that, Arya and the Hound walk through the Riverlands, and notice the Eyrie far in the horizon. They decide to take a break for the night.
Before going to sleep, the Hound opens up to Arya. He confesses why he kills, maybe confesses something else he's hidden or some emotions he repressed. Maybe he had some hidden emotions when he killed Mycah, like maybe fear of reprisal by Joffrey or his brother or some stuff, and tells her about it. After that, he tells her he is sorry about murdering the boy, and goes to sleep.
Then, Arya lies down, and starts mentioning the names of her list. Joffrey is gone, Cersei is still in it, etc, etc. When she comes down to the Hound's name, she stares intensively to the camera, we hear the DUN DUN DUN Inception intense scene sound effect, and she just closes her eyes, falling into a deep sleep. Arya forgives the Hound for what he did, and doesn't want him dead any more.

However, when they wake up, Brianne and Pod arrive. Brianne recognizes the Hound, and Arya (or just figures out who she is). The Hound wakes up and confronts Brianne (Arya is still asleep).
Brianne demands the Hound to give Arya to her. The Hound will try to be a smartass and ask for the same reward he'd get at the Vale. Brianne, on her honor and stuff, says he ought to give her back and then face the consequences of kidnapping a poor suffering child. Brianne starts namecalling the Hound, calling him fugly and stuff (very hurtful indeed). We see the Hound distressed, he has an injury, can't fight very well, and he knows he will lose the fight (well, he can still call Brianne names and stuff before).
Brianne challenges the Hound to a fight, and the two clash swords. These wake Arya up. She sees the Hound fighting with an unknown woman who has an unknown squire. She sees Brianne is winning. She yells at them, tells them to stop, or just watches helplessly as the Hound gets his ass wooped. Maybe Brianne can at some point stop, and call her name out and tell her she will take her to safety.
Oh, but Arya doesn't trust that. Everybody that "took her to safety" lied, like the Brotherhood without Banners, and the Hound after that. The Hound is the only one she can trust now, Arya yells at Brianne to stop or something.
Brianne doesn't hear her, assumes she's afraid, and keeps beating the Hound.
The Hound gasps for air, he's tired, he can't use his left arm at all because his shoulder wound rotted and festered. He's clutching, rises to his feet. Brianne is a few meters in front of him. He looks to his side, sees Arya eye to eye. Then he stumbles to attack Brianne, and Brianne puts a sword through his chest. The Hound drops to the floor and dies.
Arya is in shock and stands still (or not, whatever). Brianne comes closer to her, and tells her everything will be alright, that she will take her to her sister or to Jon or to the Vale or whatever. Arya though, believes Brianne to be a Lannister sellsword, that killed the Hound for the reward. Brianne calls Arya by name, so Arya realizes this lannister sellsword knows who she is, so she will take her back to Kings Landing.
Right before Brianne grabs her, Arya slips through her fingers, and runs away into the woods...

In episode 10, we see Arya trying to survive in the woods. We see her alone, in dark places, whatever. She makes a fire and goes to sleep. She recites her list. When she arrives to the end of the list, she calls out Brianne's name, and goes to sleep.

I doubt we'll see where Arya goes next. Doubt it will be the Eyrie, at least not until season 5. Maybe Dragonstone? Would be funny having Arya meeting Davos or something, and meeting Melisandre again. Dunno what else, maybe she sneaks to the Twins and plans on murdering Walter Frey in season 5, maybe she tries to go to a port to sneak to Braavos. This I dunno, but I doubt it will be shown in this season's finale.

Anyways, I'm calling this now. Too much foreshadowing in this episode, with Hot Pie, the "fork" in the road with Brianne, the Hound opening up to Arya, Arya helping him, but the Hound refusing to "heal" his wound because of his fear of fire. It's too much coincidence...something big will happen (I hope Pod survives all of this though!).

The only thing that is a big ????? is King's Landing. I have absolutely no idea what can happen there. Maybe Tyrion escapes Kings Landing and goes somewhere else, maybe everybody dies, dunno. These next few episodes will be very intriguing back at King's Landing, anything will surprise me.

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Jon will marry Dany and then kill her to become king.

Oberyn will win the duel because they spent way to much time developing his character for him to just die and they can't kill both Oberyn and Tyrion in the same episode.

Dany is boring.

Littlefinger is smart and creepy.

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My sister had no idea who the guy shown as Cersei's champion was supposed to be. When I told her he was the Hound's brother, the Mountain, she looked confused and said "but he looks completely different." :P

She cheered when Oberyn said he would be Tyrion's champion.

She loved when Lysa was shoved out the moon door. She said that she hates it when shows give too much airtime to annoying characters and is glad that she is dead and gone so quickly.

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