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ASOIAF 20 Questions v. 99

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Hint: repeating.

1. Not an object.

Not a character.

2. Not event.

3. Words.

4. Spoken within Asoiaf.

5. Probably never said by PoVs, but I am not 100% sure.

6. Said in Westeros.

Minor hint: and said in Essos too.

7. Said by more than one person, at least one of whom is Essosi.

8. Said in AGoT.

Actually, it's very hard riddle indeed. Extremely hard.

Major hint: heard in one PoV mostly. And important to him/her.

9. Might to be applied to animals, in some contexts. Not animal-specific.

10, Heard in Lannister or Stark PoV.

11. In a Stark PoV.

12. Not Jon/Bran/Ned PoV.

13. Arya PoV.

14. Less than three words!

15. Said by Syrio, indeed.
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Hint: Follow the pattern.

1. Place/Event.

2. Place.

3. Not in Westeros.

4. Seen on page in ASOIAF.

5. In a city.

6. Not in Astapor/Yunkai/Meereen.

Hint: Follow my pattern.

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