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Blackfyre Rebellion Casting


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  • 8 months later...

Paul McGann as Baelor ''Breakspear'' Targaryen

Eoin Macken as Maekar Targaryen

Julian Rhind-Tutt as Daeron II Targaryen

David Oakes as Daemon I Blackfyre

James Purefoy as Aegor ''Bittersteel'' Rivers

Domhnall Gleeson as Brynden ''Bloodraven'' Rivers

I'm pretty sure Maekar is not supposed to be 25 years younger than Baelor, nor much hotter than him. Plus Paul McGann hasn't got the Dornish look at all. Both of those fancasts are all wrong.
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what about the others

Those are just the ones that struck me the most, but the rest of them aren't great either - Purefoy is also over 20 years older than Gleeson, and I didn't want to say anything about Gleeson since I haven't seen him in anything, but physically he doesn't look right for Bloodraven to me. And I forgot to mention that your Baelor is older than his own father. Or were you just doing fantasy casting with no regard for ages? Regardless, Paul McGann and Eion Macken are completely wrong for those roles, whatever their ages.

For Bloodraven, I could see perhaps Paul Bettany. I've imagined James Purefoy as Baelor in Dunk & Egg (though he's 50 now, he could pass for younger). However, if we're talking the First Blackfyre rebellion, then Bloodraven, Daemon Blackfyre, Bittersteel and Baelor should all be in their mid to late 20s. Even with the typical Hollywood casting of older actors to play younger, and possible aging, they should at least all be in their 30s... so I don't know, I'd have to come up with younger actors.

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