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Small questions v.10082


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Why did Ned not bring the bones of his buddies who died trying to rescue his sister? I mean, I don't know about the burial traditions of the other Northern houses but at least lady Dustin saw it as an insult. I'm surprised nobody in the North complained they did not have the bones of their lords or family members. Unless all the TOj companions save howland, Ned, and Dustin were from minor lines of those houses and not worth carring about.

She saw it as an insult because Ned took the effort to transport Lyanna's bones, but not those of the others. As Barristan says when thinking about the body of Quentyn Martell, the flesh will need to be boiled or burned off of the bones, otherwise the body might (definitly will) start rotting. Ned, Howland, and the mysterious other person(s) went through all the trouble of finding a place to do this for Lyanna, meaning that they actually took Lyanna's body and transported it, presumably to Starfall where the Silent Sisters could be called. The other 8 were burried there,

Had Ned left Lyanna's body south as well, Lady Dustin would have most likely been a little less angry about it. But she wasn't just angry because the body of her husband had been left in the south. She was angry because first a possible marriage to Brandon didn't work out, then a possible marriage to Ned, and when she finally did get married, and actually seemed to care about her husband, he went off to war while he didn't have to, and never came back, leaving her a widow.

I think for Barbrey, there are a lot of things that happened that created her feelings of hatred. Not just the fact that her husbands body was left south, though that is definitly a part of it.

Edit: Never forget that we don't really know yet why Ned brought Lyanna back. Was there something about her body that could betray something? Like childbirth? In that case, it would make sense that Ned didn't want het body to be left in a place where he couldn't ensure no one would dig her up again.

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