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[Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

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I can't watch the show and I have no idea what is going on. Can kind soul please explain what happened to Sansa, Jorah, Ramsay etc?

Sansa - admitted identity, praise LF for saving her, told the Lords Lysa jumped herself

Jorah - banished (Selmy got a copy of RObert's pardon)

Ramsey - took the Moat (thanks to Reek/Theon) and now he's a Bolton.

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get out of here!!!!!! the lemoncakes are going to lose it.

in all honesty, it's happening too quickly. we knew it was coming for sansa but it feels like it happened overnight. one day she's crying because lysa's squeezng her hand too hard and the next she's walking around like the master game player. far too fast.

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