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[Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

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Would rather watch them than anything involving Ramsay Snow.

I actually like the Grey Worm/Missandei relationship.

Me, too. It makes Grey Worm and Missandei something other than props in Dany's storyline, the actors have great chemistry, what's not to like?

Childe Theon To The Dark Tower Came.

A++ literary reference.

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Well sir, I'd think Dany might have a shortage on usurper dogs at the moment. They only grow in Westeros and currently they are what I'd call "endangered". :D

And now we know why Dany is still in Essos. She simply can't finhd the way to the Seven Kingdoms due to her lack of Westerosi road and sea marks. ;)

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wondering where they're going with this greyworm/missandei thing but yes, they have great chemistry. and yeah, i've wondered about the pillars and stone thing, as well.

also would rather watch them rather than ramsey snow. i hate all things ramsey :(

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