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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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No poison on the end of the spear??? Although anyone catch littlefingers line "some people die hovering over their chamber pot"...but still no poison???? ...and i feel like they undersold oberyns nickname like they had so many times to mention it!...idk im still up in the air...

There was poison, you're not going to be able to see it, why would Oberyn have it visible?

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Gave it a 6.

Missandei/Grey Worm was a yawnfest. The Jorah exile lacked emotional impact and felt like Dany being cruel. Shoulda kept in the stuff about him thinking of her as a chick he fancies instead of his queen.

The Theon/Bolton stuff was good. Wish we'd see more of Roose this season, he's always a delight.

Arya scene was weird. I get what they were aiming for but it did not work for me. Sansa had already revealed her identity by that point, no? The guard didn't think to mention it? They didn't think it was wise to capture her, being Arya Stark and all? Shit writing.

Sansa stuff was surprisingly good. I think I prefer her being more overtly manipulative than she is in the books. I take Littlefinger not having a plan with a grain of salt now, they've already wrecked any subtlety he has in the books.

The Wall stuff was so-so and seemed to be there to a) remind people about the wildling threat and b) add a bit of extra drama with the whole Gilly thing to give Sam something to do next week.

I wish they had spent more time on the duel, and opted for a different pre-duel scene than the Tyrion/Jaime thing. We've already seen plenty of those two together this season. How about Oberyn/Jaime? Would have been cool. Or Cersei visiting Tyrion.

The duel itself was fine, I just wish they'd spent longer on it or had a different scene before it instead.

There was poison, you're obviously not going to be able to see it, why would Oberyn have it visible?

Exactly. Why else would they have the shot of the guy wiping down the spear tip? He was obviously coating in poison.

Do people expect Oberyn to say "BY THE WAY I POISONED YOU" or something?

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But the guy at the gate did know who she was? He'd never seen her before and she still looks like Arry the orphan but he knew who she claimed to be. We don't know yet what happened after Arya stopped laughing. Lets hope for a bit of explanation as to why they were not let in next week.

I think this is true. Donnel Waynwood is he 'Ser Donnel Waynwood"? (that's Alisdair Simpson). Tho he makes no big deal out it, you'd think any Knight of Vale would know all the High Born of Westeros , there not that many, a lot of vassals , knowing all of them, I don't know. But one of the top 7 (there may be 8!) ...'Click!', "Thats odd.".... he thinks.

I know in the 15th century news did not travel fast, but, it's gotten around that the former king is dead and Robert's Hand was executed.. Would think the guardian of the gate would need to know a lot of things. So why didn't he perk up he would have known that Arya is of both Stark and Tully blood? That would have been important in the Vale.

By the by Arya has NOT been taken for a boy since season 2.

The Arry thing is done with.

(I think this was true in the books too.)

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My first 10 of the season! Phenomenal television. I was also really happy with the format the storylines took. For an episode that went to just about every location, sometimes in similar episodes a storyline gets lost if its shown after say 5 minutes and then returned to again at the 40th minute. But loved that every location got one 5-10 minute block of time. It really heightened the importance of each IMO.


- Mole Town raid: Set the tone early. Pacing wise it was a good decision to start off with some action, nice touch with Ygritte not wanting to kill a mother and newborn, maybe she knew she was a fellow wildling too?

- Theon: Continued good work from Alfie. Loved the internal struggle of knowing he has to act assertive and Lord-like discussing the peace terms, but his fragility is just about to burst.

- The Boltons: This may seem really minor to some, but I really really loved that they showed Roose being so immensely proud of holding The North. Similarly, showing how much Ramsay loves the Bolton tradition of flaying (wow, gross scene).

- Jorah sent packing: Better late than never I guess.

- Sansa: Holey shit Sophie is on fire this season. Her 'confession' speech to the Lords of the Vale was great, but the conversation between her and LF afterwards was even better for me because of smart dialogue. A simple line from LF saying better she went with the guy she knows as opposed the stragers she doesn't. And Sansa's line of "I know what you want", the way she looked and the way she said it was terrific.

- Arya/Hound: So perfectly played out. Finally they made it, it's over, they both get sort of what they want. Nope, wait, after a couple of years on the run, Arya is 3 days too late. What else can you do but laugh at the incredible misfortune. Great stuff.

- Tyrion/Jaime: Ok the beetle story itself was a bit weird and i'm sure there is more of a point to it than what I got out of it. But, this is about the most natural on screen conversation you're likely to see. Peter and Nikolai play off each other like they've been friends for 30 years, and what I got out of it was a touching reflective chat between two brothers who love each other and are fully aware there is a good chance it will be the last time they speak.

- The trial by combat: Wow. Speechless. Confronting, emotional, shocking. The fight was really well choreographed. Like most people, definitely going to miss The Red Viper and have a great respect for Pedro's acting for a flawless portrayal of a character.


- Sam: His character continues a slippery slope of annoying and pathetic (far more so than the books).

- Missandei/Grey Worm: Not sure where this is going, or why it's going at all, and i'm pretty sure I don't care.

- Dany: I hate harping on about a point i've made a fair few times on these forums now. Emilia's acting sticks out like sore thumb in most scenes. It wasn't as bad as she has been in a few episodes this season, but everything felt very forced, and I think the seething but restrained talk to Jorah needed to be more subtle.

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No poison on the end of the spear??? Although anyone catch littlefingers line "some people die hovering over their chamber pot"...but still no poison???? ...and i feel like they undersold oberyns nickname like they had so many times to mention it!...idk im still up in the air...

not for nothing but why are some people assuming poison wasnt used on the spear?
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The duel was everything I'd hoped for (apart from Tyrion's vomit) and I thought Sophie Turner was amazing, as usual, but I'm not sure how I feel about the changes in Sansa's story.

I would have given it a nine but it was let down a few poor scenes especially Missandei and Grey Worm - what does the romance add to the show? Could we not fill that time with more of the Red Viper or coldhands ? Did we really need to see a bunch of naked women (of course the men were wearing trousers). To be honest, the pointless nudity is really annoying me as the series progresses.

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I wanted to love this episode, except I just couldn't. The fight especially is what I wanted to love, but I couldn't. There were too many cuts! I didn't feel anything because the edit didn't give me enough time to react. Joffrey had a better death / edit than this, and I actually felt sad, even for Joffrey. But this ... this episode was like Cersei directed, edited, and produced it. Thinks it's good, ends in disaster.

Sorry. Just couldn't. Rated it a 4.

The Boltons and Theon scenes were probably the best and truest of this episode.

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8/10- I don't see why so many people are bitching about Missendei and Grey Worm, there's something beautifully tragic about a eunuch fawning hopelessly over another former slave. Bar Emilia in the Jorah exile scene I thought the acting was pretty great overall. Enthralled by the spectacularly choreographed fight scene and absolutely brutal ending. Satisfied with some good build up to the Bolton's rule over the north and the imminent wildling attack on the wall.

A few downsides were some structural plot issues and poorly executed character moments. Littlefinger's helplessness definitely felt disjointed from the rest of the series, particularly after all the other scenes talking up his intellect and cunning- 'the most dangerous man in all of westeros' left twiddling his thumbs only to be rescued by the a girl who was all too recently an unwitting pawn. D & D definitely jumping the gun on that plot thread. Dany's dismissal of Jorah didn't quite hit the mark either, her inner conflict was not well shown on screen and having Jorah beg made her seem more ruthless and arrogant than ever. Arya and the Hound announcing their arrival at the doorstep of the Eyrie also seems to be a hole the writers will struggle to convincingly dig themselves out of. Also Ramsay's claim to the north via the imposter Arya has so far been ignored so either will be ignored or dropped in as if out of nowhere.

Overall though some fantastic dramatic moments and action set pieces which build towards the series climactic multiple revelations

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I gave it a 9, I thought it was an excellent episode except for the beetle bit that went on too long. Not sure what that was about.

I loved the Sansa scene at the "trial" and how they changed that from the book - so Royce and the others know she is Sansa Stark already, in the books they do not. Also, that she and Robin are going to go out into the Vale which should be interesting. Her interaction with Littlefinger was just excellent. I like where they are going with the Sansa character, I think she will be Queen one day and a darn good one. She is learning the Game of Thrones.

I was wondering how we would see the spying of the Bear revealed, it made me sad as it did in the books. Mormont is a sad figure, poor Jorah. So it looks like they will keep to his story arc as it is in the books, which means Tyrion's will follow.

I liked Ygritte seeing Gilly and the baby and letting them live.

Oberyn's death was too gruesome for me. I wish he had just killed that Mountain instead of insisting he admit to Elia's rape and murder, and the children's murder. Reading it is one thing, seeing him squeeze his head was too much. Will we fiind out his spear was tipped with poison I hope? The Mountain has to become Robert Strong.

I love this show and think D&D are doing a great job with the series!

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So much was wrong with that episode, not the least the key part, the duel. They thought they knew better - again - and they fucked it up. That's a 2 for me, lowest since the House of the Undying atrocity.

Couldn't agree more; I also gave it a two. And that's only because I couldn't bring myself to give it a 1. Not yet, anyway.

I've been feeling more and more disinterested in the show with each episode. I do understand that changes are necessary when adapting a novel to TV, but I don't understand many of the seemingly unnecessary changes they have been doing. And it seems these are getting more numerous, and even more unnecessary as the show progresses. I mean, there are shitloads of important stuff that's being left out and replaced by... well, meaningless filler, like that whole minutes-long scene about some non-existent Lannister smashing beetles. What. The. Fuck.

The way the inter-characters dynamics are being changed into something very different. No idea why.

Some things that are being changed for what seems to me to be to up the 'gore-effect'.

I also feel that the acting direction is being overlooked; like your commentary, Linda, on the YouTube review for Oathbreaker, when you said someone should have directed Daniel Portman in his horse-riding scene better. Frankly, no one would be that bad at it, and it just looked ridiculous.

I'll probably finish watching this series since there are only two more episodes, but I'm not going to watch the next ones until I've read the conclusion to the saga by Martin.

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This was absolutely fantastic television once again. I rated it a 7, but it was very close to earning the first eight of the season. No weak links and a multitude of amazing scenes, from Moat Cailin and the Winterfell reveal to Jorah's banishment, to Tyrion's beetle monologue…the list goes on. My fourth favorite episode ever, surpassed only by 'Valar Morghulis,' 'The Rains of Castamere,' and 'Blackwater.'

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Well, another 8 for me. Probably deserves better but it seemed so rushed because of the complexity of the story and the inability to get it all in in the episodes available. Plus for the sets, costumes and cinematography. Beautiful.

Best moment for me was Aryas laughter. Exactly how I would have reacted but then I love irony.

The Wall is quickly becoming the most boring story of all when it should have been the most exciting. I fear for next week.

Dany continues to have the personality and acting skills of a dead fish. Her range of emotion lacks a range of emotion.

The Beetle story, ah metaphors and as they go this is a good one. So many possible explanations. I like it being GRRM and killing his characters but Gregor killing everyone is as mindless as Orsons acts.

I like the books better but the changes made make it more interesting for me to follow the series rather than a mindless regurgitation would.

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This duel... perfectly executed, but only to the point where the tables turned.

1. The tripping of Oberyn - it's extremely hard if not impossible, to trip a standing man by tapping him in a boot with a hand. After adding our hero's Jedi level KungFu skills it is really unbelievable how easily he lost balance. This, and the way how easily Oberyn got caught on the ground, without trying to roll away, rise, or anything.

2. Dr. Clegane Dental Service - beating out full keyboard from a mans mouth, with a single blow without a swing, lying flat on the back? Seriously...

3. Crushing skull with bare hands - ok, licentia poetica. It was worth it, as many of us will never forget the look and the sound of it. Most brutal scene i've seen in years. Whole 4 seasons of Spartacus didn't moved me as much as this scene did.

4. Why werent Oberyn smart enough to cripple Mountain before starting his little chat? Blind him, cut his tendons, cut off his damn arms?

5. How many more movie scenes like this will i have to watch, where a character certain of victory starts to talk a bit much, to let the opponent recover and kill him?

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Gave it an 8. Removed myself from the books several seasons ago so I try to look at the shows as a different story. If I compared them to the books each episode would be a 1 or 2.

The battle was great. I was peeking through my fingers when The Viper was getting mad Mountain love.

I liked the scene with Dany and Jorah and Jorah and Selmy.

Greyworm and Missendei was odd but it adds character/story to them both. I also think they are trying to keep the black people in the show since there are very few of them around. I thought they were going to have it so Greyworm still had his bits and pieces. Glad they didn't.

I liked the Eyrie scenes but not sure why they would have Sansa give up who she is and then lie about how her aunt died. And Peter and Sansa would have had plenty of time to go over a game plan after he killed Lysa. That was sloppy.

The Hound and Arya at the Eyrie was also very sloppy. I enjoyed Arya's laughter though and the look on the Hound. But after announcing to the world that he has Arya Stark, why would they even think of allowing them to leave? Let alone allowing the Hound to live? Ultra sloppy. And the obvious downfall of the Hound due to a bite on the neck is just pathetic IMO. Hopefully they have a battle too where he gets it even worse.

Theon and Moat Cailin was pretty good. Loved the scene with him riding holding the white flag. Wish they showed more of the surrender though and the aftermath and Theon's reaction. They certainly had the time to do so.

Was fine with Tyrion's beetle speech. No issues there.

And again the show is well under 60 minutes.

Maybe I should have given the episode a 7 but the final battle was crazy.

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This is the first time I've posted in this topic, and its because I have to downrate it unfortunately. The gruesome scene of Oberyns fate really made me lose respect for the series. They didn't have to go off the deep end with the crushing of skulls. The rest of the episode was just .. ok, Arya and the Hound, Dany banishing Jorah, Theon at Moat Cailin, but everything else just was so-so. I'm not really happy with whatever is going on with Sansa either, but we will see.

I give it a 5 ...

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Well George had Unsullied cuddling with hookers in Mereen, so maybe you should rknow what you are reading.

Cuddling for human companionship does not equate to sexual tension. Besides in the books Missandei is no more than ten years old when freed and a little too young to be involved a consensual eunuch/slave romance.

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