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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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I loved the episode - my first 10/10 this season. At first I chose 9 because of the WTF beetle scene but I have read some comments over on WiC net and they really made sense. Some pretty subtle writing. And I just can't get over Sansa coming down that stair, holy smokes ...

I get the impression some people here would find watching Harry Potter more enjoyable ...

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1 of 10 -- although I feel bad giving it the same rating as episode 4, as this was clearly better, a solid 1.5, but I just couldn't justify giving it the gentleman's 2 (D).

Moat Cailin was excellent, and most of the Eyrie was great (this episode could have been a '2' if LF and Sansa had rehearsed *something* first and had it fail -- that would have made Sansa's save more believable). Also, why does Petyr ask Sansa if she knows what he wants -- he told her exactly what he wanted in episode 4. And it's exactly what Sansa thinks it is. This would have been a great time to have Sansa 'seduce' Petyr (what I think will happen in TWOW).

Everything else pretty much blew. I guess the combat would have been ok if I hadn't already read the books, but regardless, if you are going to name an episode after two people having a duel to the death, please make sure to add some sort of suspense. If the audience (extras who get paid to watch) look bored, that's not a good sign.



"1 of 10"


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Well, since Ran gave it a 6 I sort of have to give it a 9 because I had the complete opposite reaction to him and Linda. This is one of the best episodes of the whole show for me and I didn't find the editing of the fight distracting, I don't have a problem with wushu being used as inspiration for Oberyn's fighting style (it's flashy and confident and hence it works or that character) and I got what they meant with the Orson scene, which the review did not even really bother to approach from a metaphorical perspective. I also have no problem with the Sansa and Arya changes. yeah, so no real complaints from me. I like the acting, the cinematograpy and that's that then.

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People seem to throw around 9s and 10s like lollipops on Halloween these days. I just don't get it. I gave it a 5/10.

Agreed. According to my IMDb profile, I've only rated 14 things a 10... ever. And Game of Thrones doesn't even begin to approach their level of quality.

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I think it was a great episode, though I expected more. The pre-duel scenes were clearly cut down- the preview shows Ellaria saying "You're going to fight THAT?", which probably follows with Oberyn saying "I'm going to kill that." I am sad that they cut that from the show, it was a cool line. Another missed opportunity was having the Mountain chop apart the squire... Aside from that the fight was really good. It felt a bit impersonal (where in the books it was all about Oberyn) which is a shame but it was still epic and awesome and Pedro said his lines from the book and the end was equally gruesome as the book.

Moat Cailin was perfect thanks to Alfie Allen, he is just a great actor. The lack of a Victarion mention is noted, and I think this is very bad news to Greyjoy fans (though not a solid confirmation).

I actually liked the Sansa stuff. It's an interesting, albeit different direction from the books. I want to know where it's going and if it will line up with the books or go to a completely different place. That said, we won't know until TWOW comes out since D&D have run out of material here. Sophie aced it, and the rest of them were also great.

I think Arya's scene was hilarious and I am pretty certain that they will follow up on it with Littlefinger. The trailers show the Hound clashing swords in the Vale, and we haven't seen that yet (also Rory teased the biggest battle he's ever done in a later episode). So my guess is Littlefinger sends men to get Arya, the Hound kills them and Arya leaves him for dead. I was expecting the fight to be here, tbh... A bit disappointing (but not nearly as disappointing as the Rorge "fight scene").

On to the beetle scene... I agree it was too long, and didn't really hit the intended mark. I would have preferred a scene between Oberyn and Tyrion where they talk about poison. Too little Oberyn in this episode...

Then there's the Jon scenes which everyone's avoiding for some reason. They were great! The attack on Mole's town was nice, Gilly and Ygritte were cool. The follow up conversation between Jon's entorouge was good. I kind of wish the episode would have set up the battle better, though.

Grey Worm and Missandei was great and I think I know where they are headed with this. Playing the long game. The Dany and Jorah scene was really well acted, so it's a plus too. Visually, this was a great episode all around, but there are a few disappointments here and there that I listed.

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the ratings on this site are purely from a reader perspective. This does not reflect the true quality of the show since we know where it's going and think we know where it's supposed to be going. Only the Unsullied can give it a fair, untainted grade. I would give it an 8, but I gave it a 10 to help against other reviews that were way too harsh to be honest.

Our scores will always be harsher than the truth, because the books will always be better...

I am now hoping for a bombastic last two episodes. Two straight tens is the least I will take from D&D! lol

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Solid 9. Sansa is playing "the game," Arya's lol, Ygritte's moment of compassion, Dany acting like a dragon should, Ramsay being Ramsay, a clever foreshadowing thanks to LF, Tyrion and Jaime making fun of the mentally handicapped, and an amazing 1v1 medieval duel, choreographed to perfection, ended with gruesome perfection.

I tried to prepare myself for Oberyn's death. Not the fact that he died, but how he died. It was gruesome reading it. Seeing it? Well, you can't un-see it! The duel was executed masterfully, almost verbatim. Oberyn, all cocky, showing off to the crowd, determined for vengeance. The Mountain, looking completely badass in dark plate and mail with his greatsword, ready to kill whoever he's told to. Seems there's a lot of hate on how short it was. It's not like it's a heavyweight bout between two boxers NOT named Mike Tyson. It's a 1v1 medieval duel between two warriors trained to kill and determined to kill the guy in front of them as quickly as possible. I'm no scholar, and wasn't alive back in the Middle Ages, but I'm pretty sure a fight like that wouldn't go much longer than 5-10 minutes on average.

I loved the scene of Jon and Co. discussing Mole's Town's pillaging and Gilly's fate. If the Night's Watch had a dodgeball team, those are my guys. Jon, Grenn, Edd, Pyp, Sam the Slayer. Jon as Captain, and don't underestimate Sam, he killed a White Walker after all!

Moat Cailin looked amazing...for a 7000+ year old decrepit, albeit, still useful fortress surrounded by hostile swampland.

I've read a lot of hate for the Grey Worm/Missandei scene. Don't know why. I know it was filler, but Grey Worm is an awesome secondary character, both in the books and show, and it was a well acted scene that made you feel for Grey Worm (even if he barely has feelings) and realize that even though he is Unsullied, he is still a man (at least on the inside). And, oh yeah, some nice boobs.

The only thing that kept it from being a 10 for me is the Hound and Arya's scene where he just announced to the world that "Hey, here's Arya Stark, the biggest milk box/amber alert child for the last few years." Don't know where they go from there.

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Just for shits...

Dark Queen Sansa, so ham-fisted.

Arya's reveal, and the sinking feeling that the next time we see the Hound and Arya they'll be trudging back down the high road unmolested with no one think that maybe they should inform Robin Arryn or Petyr Baelish.

The endless Orson speech.

The heartfelt promise that he wouldn't die, telegraphing that he was indeed going to die.

It just was not good at all.

For what should have been the most memorable fight scene in the novels, they turned in something that was, frankly, forgettable up to the final moment.

  • Loved it.
  • Her laugh was worth that entire scene
  • Loved it.
  • What.
  • Yes it was.
  • I honestly can't remember the fight from the books. So let's talk about defining the word "forgettable" for a second. Because I'm fairly certain I'll never forget that scene from the show.
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Every minute of film put on the screen costs a certain amount. Some minutes cost more than others,, but still, they all cost. Lets say a 54 minute episode costs $6.5 million. That gives the per minute cost of an average scene as $120,000. Shave two minutes from that episode and, depending how you do it, you could in theory save $250,000. Across 10 episodes, that's $2.5 million that you could choose to pour into a single marquee episode (ala The Watchers on the Wall)

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I voted an 8, rounded down from 8.25.

The Meeren, Eyrie, and duel scenes were fantastic. The Moat Cailin scene was also well done.

I could do without the Grey Worm love subplot. The beetles conversation was entertaining and well acted, but probably should have been shortened in the editing process.

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Ran, the scene was far from forgettable. That is really unfair. It's not as good as the book- true, but my Unsullied friends all around are saying it was really really good and that they still see the image in their heads of his head exploding.

Take the goggles off for a moment... It really wasn't THAT bad. It's probably the show's best fight scene yet. Could have been better, but could have been a whole lot worse.

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I gave another 10 for the duel alone. It was the one scene I've most looked forward to this season. It's been years since I read ASOS, but I thought it was well done and followed the book for the most part, minus the Mountain hacking up the front row with wild swings. I am sad to see Oberyn go. Pascal did an amazing job bringing the Red Viper to life. By far my favorite character this season. I echo others' disappointment with his nickname being left out, but hopefully they follow the books and include the poison's effects later on in the storyline.

I can understand the disappointment with the Grey Worm/Missandei storyline from a purist's standpoint. Although, I didn't pickup sexual tension between them, rather a feeling of love from Grey Worm. Love for someone who treats him as a person and not just a killer/warrior. As far as Grey Worm admiring her naked, you don't have to have your meat and two veg to admire beauty. They are going to have to add some filler to replace things left out from the books(not necessarily a good thing) for the obvious fact that they are catching up to George and his writing. Just go with it and learn to separate the books from the show. Life sucks if you let everything disappoint you.

The Jorah dismissal was serviceable, but seemed a bit rushed.

The beetles dialogue is another dilemma for book purists. Very fitting for the show, but not the books. In one instance, it shows the senselessness in most instances of killing and tries to justify or reason why they wage war and kill. In the end, even a simpleton has the basal instinct to kill and destroy. It's human nature and defies reason. In another instance, it highlights the truisms and oddities of what comes to mind when one is faced with imminent death.

I thought the Eyrie was well done. Well acted. I especially loved the double entendre between Sansa and Baelish. "I know what you want." 1. He wants her. 2. He wants her to marry Robin and he can control the Eyrie as an advisor, as well as gain its protections from King's Landing. Perv time...Sansa(Sophie) looked smoking hot in the black dress in her last scene.. Yowza! Arya and the Hound was a bit of a left turn from the books, but you can definitely tell his wound is starting to fester. I did like Arya's hysterical laugh when, once again, the Hound misses his payday.

Mole's Town and the Wall...meh. Not bad, not great.

Moat Cailin was good, but seemed a bit rushed and it's a bit unsettling that they are leaving out a lot of the Pyke/Iron Islands story up to this point. There is still plenty of time in seasons 5 and 6 to involve them in the storyline or at least include the interesting and important plot lines from the books. I liked seeing the flayed fella. Bolton living up to his family motto.

Boltons/Winterfell scenes were well done and it was a bit haunting to see Winterfell again.

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Ran, the scene was far from forgettable. That is really unfair. It's not as good as the book- true, but my Unsullied friends all around are saying it was really really good and that they still see the image in their heads of his head exploding.

Take the goggles off for a moment... It really wasn't THAT bad. It's probably the show's best fight scene yet. Could have been better, but could have been a whole lot worse.

I thought it was a damn good fight scene, could have been 2 mins longer

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