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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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This was my favorite episode of the season, and I thought it built up nicely the slam-dunk ending. I liked the shading in of Sansa's character and her growing adroitness at playing the game, as well as the subtle hints that she's knowingly using Littlefinger's attraction to her, and possibly, reciprocates it.

I actually kinda like the Missandei/Grey Worm subplot, in large part because both actors are gorgeous. I'm glad they aged-up Missandei.

The fight was possibly the best fight ever on the show, though I'm heartbroken we won't see Pedro Pascal again. And the look on Ellaria's face when her beloved Prince of Dorne dies was also heart-breaking. Theirs is one of Westeros's few enduring loves, and I really believed their passion for and devotion to each other, as well as Ellaria's absolute faith in Oberyn.

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I gave in an 8. I agree that the scene with Arya did not really make sense, Robin Arynn is her cousin, there is no way that she is not let into the Vale. At the very least a message would be sent to determine what should be done and in the meantime she is going no where. Now I could see them not believing that she is Arya but this guy at least acted like he bought it so it doesn't work. I think I can see where they are going with it and I think it could have been handled better. Sansa's stuff was more good than bad but it was a little mixed. Nothing else really stands out to me right now. I'm interested about Lindas exact criticism and why she rated it so low. Its not perfect episode, certainly its not great as an adaptation but from what I have seen the more casual fans, who have not read the books, found this episode very enjoyable.

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Pretty good episode, Oberyn carried it with his performance, the Bolton now Bolton scene was cool, don't care for the grey worm love angle, what's that about, and the modifications in Sansa's arc are intriguing. Overall it was a good episode, oh missed the dude getting chopped up during the duel, and wow Clegane squished his head like a grape.

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On a first watch nothing is going to be exactly as we've envisioned it. 10/10. This is tv at its best. Amazing acting. Just rewatched the second half of the episodde. I actually loved the beetle speech, and the fight was amazing. Thank you Pedro for making Oberyn even better than I could have imagined!

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This was a good episode. As a reason it had the potential to be even better than the others, if they weren't making up so much filler folly.

The duel was executed just as the trial was: perfectly.

As someone not too far back said, the image of the Mountain killing Oberyn will not leave my head. It was one of the most grisly, grotesque things I've ever seen on film. Ellaria's reaction just completely sold it too, and made it so much worse. I'll be hard pressed to get that image out of my head for a while.

EDIT: I almost forgot about the most important part! I have been waiting for Missandei's clothes to come off since her first scene, and I was not disappointed. She is such a sexy, beautiful woman.

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7. I didn't care for a lot of this episode tbh. The Tyrion beetle scene was downright awful. The Vale was ok, the North was ok, I did enjoy the fight though. Oberyn looked pretty cool sliding and spinning around. I also liked all the Meereen scenes, especially Jorah's exile, and Missandei :drool:

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Wrestled with the score for this one, and I've decided that I'm just going to go all in with it -- it's a 6 for me. That's the third episode I've rated a 6 across the whole series.

Why? Littlefinger, the man without a plan, dimishing the character yet further, and needlessly. Dark Queen Sansa, so ham-fisted. Arya's reveal, and the sinking feeling that the next time we see the Hound and Arya they'll be trudging back down the high road unmolested with no one think that maybe they should inform Robin Arryn or Petyr Baelish. The endless Orson speech. The heartfelt promise that he wouldn't die, telegraphing that he was indeed going to die. The horribly frenetic editing of the fight scene, the direction choices that left it impersonal, the choreography that necessitated so much stunt double work which meant less intimate scenes and poor pacing. It just was not good at all. For what should have been the most memorable fight scene in the novels, they turned in something that was, frankly, forgettable up to the final moment.

The good stuff: the attack on Mole's Town, the Missandei-Grey Worm material, the Sansa and Littlefinger dialog after she revealed herself to the Vale lords, Moat Cailin, Pedro Pascal's performance.


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So much naturally begins to feel rushed with this many storylines in play overall and in a single episode. I don't mind that, except when they add unnecessary stuff that i view as lacking of added value... like Missandei/Grey Worm.

Don't add any of the stuff you had to cut from the books, just cut that story line and flesh out other parts of the episode and it'll improve the product.

Good and bad in the fight scene but I expected that. Satisfied with the ending but still...

This episode was a microcosm of my overall feel which is that the show is good but I always feel it could be better. It's a solid adaptation and one I'm very happy exists. I look forward to it every week. The source material is so good, though, and so much of this show is pure success that it makes the misses that much more of a let down.

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