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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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Seemed to me the Moat Cailin stuff was just a straight forward rework of the book.

It did see odd that someone guarding the Bloody Gate would not know who Arya Stark was!

Still did not seem all that bad, I guess they just walked away!

(How did they get through the Vale without someone at least noticing the Hound?)

(Did not bother me.)

The new re=interpreted Sansa arrives , I like this, nope did not seem ham fisted to me.

She has picked up some Machiavellian traits from KL and LF , good!!!!

I look forward to this change in Sansa , LF dos not have a plan, did not seem that way to me, just more focus on Sansa this episode.

Orson and beetles , well D and D like to do a existential riff now and then, I don't mind, thought for a second there ... going to be an homage to Kubrick and Paths of Glory.

Mole's town turned out to what I said "a wildling can sniff out another wildling"... Mole's Town seem to go totally unwarned... was that in the books.

Red Viper is mentioned only ONCE during the season!? Maybe again next week?

Actually seems , from book canon, Jamie did know Oberyn capabilities , oddly left out.

The poison on the spear thing was only vaguely hinted in one shot.

AS for the fight , well they painted them self into a corner, right down a nub of time left, I have the feeling a lot of 'footage' was edited down.

I DID NOT ,as I thought was going to happen like the chop sockey Wushu , they should of hired Zhang Yimou or Ang Lee's stunt director who did 1000 times better martial arts stuff than that, this was almost junky Jackie Chan... tho not that bad.

I was expecting it NOT to be elaborated , not enough time, one of this shows running curses!

Missandei-Grey Worm material, needed, too munch Dany closed looping in ADWD.

I gave it a 10 but am going to back it down to a 9. (The strangeness at the Bloody Gate was 'strange')

(I had a problem with the results of the fight in the book... and am still unsatisfied with it to this day.)

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Although the beetle speech was interesting, I couldn't pay attention to most of the speech. I kept checking the clock wondering when the fight would begin. The Purple Wedding was about 20 minutes or so, and I thought that the fight should have had at least more set up time. Maybe some people in King's Landing could have been whispering about using poison? I did notice Oberyn's squire "polishing" the spear head.

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8 out of 10


The new and improved Sansa

The fight at Mole Town

The Duel

Jaime and Tyrion being brothers

Arya Laughter: another relative bites the dust


Theon/Reek and the Snow/Bolton band. Saved by the shot of ruined Winterfell

The Lords Declarant.

Grey Worm and Missandei - GW himself made the comment previously that having no "pillar and the stones" didn't prevent him from loving in his heart


The beetle story. It was a good story but about a minute and a half too long

Flayed men. It's so out of fashion

I will probably have nightmares about the ending, but I wish Tyrion had thrown up. I certainly wanted to. Cannot believe there are only two more episodes this season.

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The haters are in full force tonight. Sansa's changes are great. They're a bit fast forwarded, but all and all they drive the point home. The Theon parts were tragicly amazing. The raid at Mole's Town was spot on, and the reaction at the wall was just as good. Ayra's laugh was heart wrenching. Though, how will they explain away that they sent the fucking Hound and the second to last living Stark down the road? Dany's stuff was great as always, and Missendei was gorgeous. The fight was AMAZING! It looked just like I imagined. I'm guessing that they'll explain the posion next week when the moutain's health takes a turn for the worse. The only thing that made this a 9 and not a 10 was not explaining how leathal The Red Viper was known to be. They had the chance with Jaime and Tyrion and muffed it. Outside of that, perfect episode.

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If there's one too-standard thing that GRRM did which bugs me, it's the Jorah dismissal. Betrayal in this sense is false. It's the exact opposite of reality.

Jorah knew Dany as a means to an end. His loyalty is to King Bob. He didn't betray her for King Bob. To the contrary, he betrayed King Bob for her. As far as Dany is concerned, he is her most loyal servant. He turned against potentially the most powerful man in the world for her. He turned away from the realization of his entire (recent) life's purpose for her. Not all men who follow her have been truly tested. He has... and he passed the test. More than that, his test was harder. He wasn't staying true to a woman he served, he was betraying his own King solely for her sake. That's a higher level of commitment.

I feel this failure of realistic interpretating events on Dany's part was magnified in the show, for whatever reason.

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It did see odd that someone guarding the Bloody Gate would not know who Arya Stark was!

Still did not seem all that bad, I guess they just walked away!

(How did they get through the Vale without someone at least noticing the Hound?)

(Did not bother me.)

(The strangeness at the Bloody Gate was 'strange')

But the guy at the gate did know who she was? He'd never seen her before and she still looks like Arry the orphan but he knew who she claimed to be. We don't know yet what happened after Arya stopped laughing. Lets hope for a bit of explanation as to why they were not let in next week.

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This is the episode when the producers told us they know what happens in book 6 and we don't. And don't think they are messing with the plots on their own. GRRM is part of the team and the series is a lot better edited than the books are.

The most important part was the reveal on Sansa which is clearly a plotline that is from book 6. Sansa is not going to be Baelish's toy. Will she turn into Arya II or Cersei II though? This handling of Lyssa's murder is much better than the books.

In the books we only find out about the venom after the duel. So I think we will find out about that next episode. when the Mountain does not heal.

Having Arya arrive somewhere too late makes a lot more sense than the pointless meanderings of the book. It also takes her in the direction of the sea and on to Bravos. Much more logical than the books again.

Next season the whole Sansa plot line will be new. And they will be drawing in part from Book 6. Meanwhile other parts are still finishing book 3. Looks to me like we are looking at more than 7 seasons... I would guess 9. And thats not counting the fact there are likely 9 books as well.

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Gave it a 3. No thank you :(

I felt like the choreography of the fight scene was lame till the end. Idk.

Then Tyrion's and Shae's reactions - god forbid we had more of that. Why the hell was that like 2.5 seconds?!

Also, I can't stand the GW & M shit. Seriously? Are we 12? Wondering if he has ze whole or half package? COME ON PEOPLE.

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A very impressive 9, literally inches away from a 10.

Everything in the Vale was outstanding. I know some people will complain that they're rushing Sansa's change, and muddling the character a bit, but I don't. That last scene with her coming down the stairs was one of the moments of the season.

Tyrion's beetle story was great.

Emilia Clarke handled Jorah's expulsion very well.

Not yet sure how I feel about the whole Grey Worm romance.

Dialogue still just leaves that little bit to be desired...

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Ran I also rated this episode a 6 and agree with most of your assessment except the Grey Worm - Missandei scenes. Grey Worm is both unsullied and a eunuch. Only in the PC world of HBO would D&D create a sexual tension where none should never exist.

^I feel that you are not putting yourself in Grey Worms shoes

I actually really enjoy Grey Worms parts. Just imagine all the things that he is feeling. He was a slave soldier essentially his entire life. He was never able to love someone let alone even given the chance to love someone. He is free now thanks to the great Dany Stormborn and is starting to actually FEEL things emotionally. Then when he learns that these feelings are pointless because of his lack of manhood, it must be really depressing. I think the scenes between Grey Worm and Missandei show a type of feeling that most would really find difficult to understand. I feel that is why a lot of people don't like these scenes.

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No poison on the end of the spear??? Although anyone catch littlefingers line "some people die hovering over their chamber pot"...but still no poison???? ...and i feel like they undersold oberyns nickname like they had so many times to mention it!...idk im still up in the air...

Not sure if somebody already mentioned this, but they did have the lingering camera shot of the guy with a cloth rubbing the spear. It could very easily be poison which we may find out in the next episode if the Mountain ends up slowly and painfully diting.

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Won't rate until after rewatch, but preliminary rating would be 5/10.

Worst episode of the season.

The Good:
Moat Cailin: Don't have any complaints. Alfie Allen is amazing, as usual.

Bolton Bonding: Lovely.

Sansa and the Lords: Cool.

Trial By Combat: The writing and cinematography was fantastic, as was the fight choreography. But, I felt the duel flew by too quickly - so many fast cuts and it should have lasted a bit longer. Great performance by Pascal and great ending.

The Meh:

Mole's Town and Jon With Friends: I really don't care for the Wall storyline at this point. It's been dragged out ad nauseam.

Jorah's discovery and banishment: Felt soul-less and lacked emotion.

Arya's LOL: Weirdly out of place, but I won't judge until they finish the storyline off in the season finale.

Littlefinger and the Lords: Not much to say.

The UGH:
Missandei and Grey Worm: Boring filler.

Tyrion and Jaime, in the cell, again: I GET IT, THEY'RE BROS. I DIDN'T NEED ANOTHER FIVE MINUTE SCENE TO TELL ME THAT, especially such a boring one.

Lady Sansa's new dress: WTF? So goddamn heavy-handed I couldn't believe it.

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