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ASOIAF 20 Questions v. 101 -- Elephants Will Come Out Of The Sea

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Hint of my old style: they make a pair and they are rose.

1. Characters.

2. Westerosi.

3. Humans.

4. NotN.

5. At least one is male.

6. Alive in time span of asoif.

7. Both male.

Minor hint: they couldn't make a pair unless being both male.

8. Not both are highborn.

9. Both commoners or not both. Strongly depends of PoV.

10. 10. Neither is bastard, up to law of North.

Well, maybe one is.

11. At least one has been North of the Wall.

Non-minor hint: both were.

12. Not brothers.

13. At least one wildling.

14. Both wildlings.
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But what wildling leaders are named in the series but not in the books?

I started thinking of Gilly's sisters / aunts but they are female... what about her brothers / nephews? They are definately unnamed in the books. Do we get a name in the tv show?

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