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How would you rate episode 409?  

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A message to all who are getting a little hot under the collar...

Why let an arbitrary number that somebody attributes to an episode of a TV show affect you so much? Just let it wash over you. Nothing is going to happen based on these ratings, you do know that right?

It's certainly not worth getting enraged over.

A woman after my own heart. (Or man, of course - I shouldn't take user names for granted ;) )

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As to the show's increasing popularity, are you familiar with the expression "There are lies, damn

lies and statistics"? I'm cynical about stats.How could one possibly verify the figures? Knock on

every door in the world and take a census?

As to why people continue to watch the show who are disappointed in it? Quite frankly, it has

become my surrogate MST3K. I enjoy rolling my eyes, groaning at its cheesiness and bursting

out laughing at truly ridiculous moments. Of which there have been so many since Season 1.

Any episode now I expect to see some extra wearing a Rolex or smoking a cigarette, a vapor

trail in the background. And then I can come to the Forum and read people explain it away as

some truly awesome or clever move on D&D's part. I'll enjoy that too!

Let's be honest, who doesn't rubberneck at the scene of an accident? Sometimes, a person

you like is part of the accident...say Stannis or Sansa....and you lose your objectivity and
become upset and rail against Fate.....but then you go back to rubbernecking despite the

big cop waving you past and saying "Show's over....nothin' to see here."

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I watched the episode again and it wasn't half as bad the second time. No Stannis is still a complete cop out and completely takes away the glory of his moment(And Davos since it was his plan!).

The Battle for Castle Black is amazing despite a few hiccups and terrible parts.

The Battle for the Wall just had no tension or suspense. Slowly watching the giants attach ropes to the gates was a joke.

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I wasn't looking forward to this episode for 2 reasons.

I didn't want a whole episode filled with one storyline, especially a continuing battle throughout. With only one episode left to go in the series, there's lots more going on throughout the realm that I wanted to get into.

My guts and heart were torn out last week after Oberyn's fight and death. I need to mourn with Ellaria and I need to share the shock and consequences of this tragedy with Tyrion. I don't want an interlude battle episode as a commercial break. Jeeeezus, they may as well give me a 10 minute beetle speech before the Mountain/Oberyn fight :rolleyes:

In saying that, I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it.

I didn't mind the character interactions before the fight, or the vocal exchanges during it. There was some touching moments pre and during the fight, but I thought some of the actual fight sequences cheesey and didn't wince once at any of the gore. Who the hell thought it feasible for Alliser Thorne to do a little sword jab around a pole?!

Samwell Tarley was the stand out character in this episode for me. Maester Aemon shone in his scene (as he always does),Ygritte's death was also moving.

One thing I was really grateful for, was no Stannis marching in to be the hero of this episode. This one was about the Wall, the Nights Watch, let them shine. Stannis will come to the rescue in due time, as he did in the book.

I usually rewatch the episodes at least 4 or 5 times, this one i've watched twice and won't bother again (until i'm going through withdrawals in the off season)

Better than I was expecting, but far from loving this episode. I gave it a 6

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I cheered Ser Alliser over Tormund??

I liked it, but when did the Nights Watch invent cloning tech? Way too many gusrdsmen, or rather they should never have numbered them at 100. And what happened to Terminus people? One minute he had wiped out most of the nights watch, next he was the last wildling standing.

It felt messy. Spartacus had better battle scenes, especially the finale.

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Only 19.43% of those who voted believed the episode was a 6 or less. 80.57% actually rated it higher. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

"Stop liking what I don't like", right?

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Normally I give my rating after my 1st watch. I do this intentionally as part of a process. Watch/think a bit/give score.

I just can't do it this time.... I am going to have to think on it for a day or two, and do a rewatch.

Summary thoughts - really really surprised they didn't do the full sequence up to the Stannis arrival. I don't have a problem with that per se, but I do have to reassess my position based on that knowledge.

I do want to toss something out there though - about the lack of numbers of Wildlings (and I know this was never supposed to be about the full weight of Mance's army)... and the assertion it is because of budget. I'll just say this: "Mhysa"

Edited by Ser Desmond Wine's Bane
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Gave it a one, and that's only because zero is not on the list. W.T.F.

There's so much I absolutely hate that I don't even know where to start, and I still have some 5 mins to go.

So so wrong. Will get into more detail after I've recovered from the shock. :crying:

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