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How would you rate episode 409?  

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But . . . but . . . "Stannis!"? :shocked:

We had 20 minutes of dialogue. Followed by 20 minutes of fighting. Followed by 5-10 minutes of Tormund Husband of Bear in chains and Jon's "mission." I had hoped they would cover more ground tonight.

The fight scenes were very well done. Lots of great camera work and it was well coordinated. Aliser Thorne, Tormund, Ygritte, Jon, and Grenn had strong episodes. I suppose the CGI money went into giants? Ghost's scene was quite limited. The dialogue was noticeably lagging though.

It felt like they were half-way between a movie and TV show and forgot about the story.

7 for now. Maybe revised on rewatch.

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Since the battle was just pointless anyway (the Wall was to protect all people against the White Walkers) at least the show could have made an awesome performance.

Eh, the Battle wasn't pointless. The Wildlings needed to be stopped, no matter the cost.

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It needed 10 more minutes, but Ygritte's death was well done. A shame Pyp went down. Janos hiding like a coward was great. It was the fastest 50 minutes of TV I have ever seen. I gave it a 9.0 because it should have been 60 minutes.

Praying this is dealt with appropriately

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That was how it ended?!

Er...sorry about that. The quick ending aside, this was a really impressive hour of television. Not as good as Blackwater storywise but definitely surpassed it in terms of action. Great job!

I was sorry to see Pyp and Grenn die too but at least they went out in a good way.

Loved getting to see Peter Vaughn as Aemon...that man never disappoints.

Owen Teele also shined as tonight and his fight with Tormund was awesome. We didn't see Ser Alliser die so I would assume he'll live to see another day.

Good job by Kit Harrington...the character of Jon Snow really shined. I did love how he utilized some dirty fighting against the Thenn. Same with John Bradley and I'm glad he was part of this battle. Loved him dropping an F bomb. He might have been the MVP tonight.

Will miss Rose Leslie a lot.

Some really impressive action pieces and FX. Nothing with the Giants disappointed, especially the one who fired an arrow all the way up to the top of the Wall. That was awesome!

I can appreciate letting the Wilding situation go on another week and build things further but without Stannis's appearance, I agree this episode lacks from the other Episode 9 ones. It wasn't a game-changer. But next week's episode sure as hell will be and I think that's the key.

Next week is going to be a series-long 66 minutes and they are going to need it...that episode has a LOT to pack in.

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5 no stannis they can't put him in the beginning of next ep that's BS he should have had his triumphant episode ending moment now it's just gonna be a scene no one talks about because of all the other stuff that will happen in episode 10.

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Very good. The adapted Ygritte death scene was excellent. Making Slynt out to be a coward was well done. The attack at the gate good but not great. However they missed once again when it comes to putting the direwolves on screen. Ghost should of had a more prominent role.

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I gave it a 9. It was close to a ten.

I haven't had many qualms with deaths for the show that don't happen in the books, but Grenn and Pyp hurt, even if they were both well done. I also understand that GRRM pretty much writes them out of ADWD when Jon goes all "A Commander can't hang with his boys". My reading of that was to put them out of danger for whatever mayhem breaks out in Castle Black in the wake of Jon's assassination. But maybe they won't figure into the story very much in the future even if they are alive.

My other criticism is maybe a pacing complaint. The buildup might have lagged a bit in the beginning. I loved the middle section with the initiation of the attacks. But then it seemed to lag despite the action going on. I think they might have tightened it. I'm not sure it would have been enough time to have a Jon/Mance scene and Stannis's arrival, but maybe.

Overall it was quite entertaining. They do very well when they can focus an episode, as occurred in Blackwater.

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I thought this was a strong episode. I hope Neil is just their go to for battle episodes! I loved the scythe! Great addition. I thought the changes were actually beneficial in this episode, but I don't particularly like Jon walking out alone to meet with Mance. But, let's hope it's somewhat interesting. I was really hoping to see a certain person. I don't want to include spoilers, but I really wanted to see the end of this battle like it occurred in the books, but I understand the size and scope of such a thing in ONE episode.

Whew, I'm rambling. Good episode. Like a breath of fresh air after the previous episode's disappointments.

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It was a 10 for me if you can't give this episode a 10 then there's very little point to you watching the show because it was amazing!!! , I hope people remember this is not a spoiler free thread, and when things that you think should of happened in this episode happen in the next I hope you all will be big enough to come back here and raise your vote to a 10.

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8 from me. Grenn (I believe that qualifies as a good death, if there is such a thing under those circumstances) and Pyp dying gave it that unpredictable feel. And so dId Dolorous Edd taking charge.

I kinda wish they'd deviated and have TV Ygritte survive and be taken prisoner. Her death scene was rather generic. And so was Maester Aemon's "I was a young man once" speech.

But way to go, Sam.

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I loved the episode it was very well done. For all those that say the ending was anticlimactic, I say it was the opposite. Since his "betrayal" was dismissed earlier, the show needed another way for Jon to go to Mance. It was well written and it was very action packed. I liked how they concentrated all their efforts on the wall in order to really highlight the importance of it.

As for Stannis coming to the rescue that would need a whole entire episode which I'm guessing would be next season. I haven't seen the preview for next week yet so I'm not sure.

It was an adrenaline rush for me and very emotional towards the end. Very well executed.

I gave it a 10/10

Edit: Just saw the Preview....I guess it's next week then :)

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I felt like this episode topped 'Blackwater' in S2.

I'm not a big fan of 'The Wall' story line on the show, but with this episode it came alive.

I was glued and my eyes didn't leave the screen for a second. The first 10 minutes was waiting for a Lannister scene. After the first 10 minutes, I just didn't care anymore because I was so engrossed.

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I... I don't know.

I'm at such a loss for opinion here. there were some great visuals, great acting, the fight scenes seemed choreographed well enough, though its not my strong suit to judge... but why does it feel so underwhelming? If they tried to recreate Blackwater, I think they failed. I don't know exactly where its off... but if my sister who doesn't read the books actually hated it or felt cheated of a good episode, I think something is definitely wrong..

I give it a four for that anticlimactic ending, useless death of Grenn, very messy battle scene in the front of Castle Black, and the useless death of Grenn. I know I repeated myself.... Oh, and one more reason. the death of fucking Grenn!!!!!! RAAAAGGGGGEEEEEE!!!

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