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So it will be Jon vs. Ser Allister for LC next season(Book Spoilers)

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So Allister was wounded, but not mortally, thank the Gods. Which means he will be one of the candidates for LC.

Not sure if D&D will bring in other candidates from ST and EW, to make it more like the books, hence Bowden Marsh, but at least it won't be Slynt, the cravinous bastard. "I'm sorry about the children."

I'm sure Slynt will try and put his name in the hat, so to speak, but Sam will bring him aside and set his ass straight. "I'll keep your secret only if you do not enter for candidacy. Otherwise every brother will know you as the coward Jonas Slynt, former commander of the Gold Cloaks of KL."

It will be great, Sam stepping up and being the man his vile father wanted him to be.

I wonder if D&D will ever have Maester Aemon tell the truth behind Ser Allister's hatred toward 'Lord Snow.' Allister is too proud to tell the truth. It would work with Aemon telling Sam. "Ser Allister came to Castle Black a beaten man soon after Robert's Rebellion. A former Lord himself, who fought for the wrong side. Truth be told it was called Robert's Rebellion, but it was Ned Stark with Jon Aryan's counsel that won that war and defeated Ser Allister in battle. Ned Stark told Ser Allister to take the black and live, or be served cold justice by Robert."

I'm not sure if my theory is true according to GRRM, because we don't have all the facts of RR, but it sure does seem to fit. Ned and his vanguard seemed to be sweeping all over Westeros winning battle after battle, while Stannis held SE. From what I remember Robert was wounded early on, eventually healed and fought Raegar at the Trident.

It just seems more fitting that D&D kept Allister alive to continue his antagonist role toward Jon, rather than let Slynt take the role over.

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LC is a vote between all NW members, they need at least 50% of the votes I believe, maybe 65%. So in reality, someone like Janos who has only been at the wall for a short time could be nominated as well.

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