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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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I'm sad LS wasn't introduced, but if people rate this episode low only because of that would be unfair.

I loved the addition of the Brienne/Hound confrontation, sometimes things are so obvious after they happen. Like why didn't I realize that was going to be what was going to happen

7-8...If people ignore leaving LS out they'd realize the end was really well done.

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Giving it an 8 as well. The exceptional moments are exceptional, but there's a number of things that had the bite taken out of them. (And no, Lady Stoneheart is not something I'm concerned with; I've been pretty sure it was out this season for a long while -- I'll angst about it only if season 5 has nothing about it.)

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It was good, but could have been perfect if they have stayed closer to the books.

Even though I wanted to see LS, I already predisposed myself to not expecting it, so I wouldn't be dissapointed :p

I don't understand why they didn't finish with Tywin's death, or why they omited Tysha (and Jaime's involvement of it) but I'm glad they won't use "where do whores go"

My biggest complain have to be Brienne vs Sandor, I really didn't like that change, actually I didn't like what they did with the hound for the last 4 episodes, so whatever... :dunno:

Really good episode still... Bran's and Stannis's scenes were great

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I gave it an 8 as well. It was a good episode overall although I was underwhelmed by the ending. I was certain it would end with magic of sorts. Oh well...

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I thought it was good for the most part. I got chills from the shots of Melisandre and Jon staring through the funeral pyre at one another.

On the negative side, I don't really get why they left out Jaime's explanation of what really happened with Tysha, the fireball-shooting children of the forest were a bit much, and personally I didn't really buy Brienne defeating The Hound.

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7 for the episode, 5 for the season.

The episode was entertaining, but it really felt made for show-only viewers. My main issue with this whole season was the pacing. Several episodes felt very rushed and I think a few were even under 50 minutes. The producers left themselves with way too much to do in the finale, so I came in expecting them to miss at least one major plot element tonight. This episode was good, this season was one of the weaker seasons.

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