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How would you rate episode 410?

How would you rate episode 410?  

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Highly satisfied with the finale and the season as a whole. I've seen the episode twice so my thoughts are well-grounded.

Season 4 episode rankings:

1. Mockingbird (10/10)
2. The Children (9/10)
3. Two Swords (9/10)
4. Oathkeeper (8/10)
5. Breaker of Chains (8/10)
6. The Laws of Gods and Men (7/10)
7. The Lion and the Rose (7/10)
8. The Watchers on the Wall (7/10)
9. First of His Name (6/10)
10. The Mountain and the Viper (5/10)

Season 4 story arc rankings:
1. King's Landing (8/10)
2. Arya (9/10)
3. Reek (9/10)
4. Sansa (8/10)
5. Night's Watch and Wildlings (7/10)
6. Daenerys (7/10)
7. Bran (7/10)
8. Team Stannis (5/10)

Overall Season: 9/10

Season rankings:
1. Season 1 (10/10)
2. Season 4 (9/10)
3. Season 3 (6/10)
4. Season 2 (6/10)


Now, as for the episode... here's the breakdown, from least-great to best:

King's Landing: Disappointing. My most anticipated too, haha. The Cersei scenes was categorically bad and Jaime just confused me. I wanted to hear Gregor scream in anguish and look even worse than he did (pus piss?). Qyburn was cool and I like the actor. The scene with Tywin was well-acted but poorly-written. I can't believe Tywin would lose out like that and that Cersei would be stupid enough to do that just so she won't need to marry Loras. And then... UGH. Jaime regressing and fucking Cersei. He was supposed to break up with her, goddammit. And that propels him, having lost his father and sister/lover, to rescue his last bit of family: Tyrion. But, instead, we get him randomly popping up to save the day. Why? Because he's a good guy, I guess. Why didn't he do it BEFORE the trial by combat? Tyrion's stuff felt very rushed. The Tysha omission made everything feel less emotional, from the Shae encounter to the Tywin confrontation. Everything lacked punch. You can't win em all, I guess.

Jon: I enjoyed most of it. Glad they didn't rush into the LC election and Winterfell offer. Those things can wait until next season. I like that they kept things focused on Ygritte and that they ended it with him burning her on the pyre. I understand the focus was on Jon, so we didn't get a lot of Stannis, but I like what we got. He seemed more confident. He's still a far cry of the ideal Stannis, but we'll see how that shapes up next season when he interacts with Jon. The famous charge was cool, but not as spectacular as I feel it could have been. I'm still salty it didn't end episode 9. I still feel it would have been better-placed there.

Bran: I could have done without the silly magic grenades and RPG skeletons (why didn't they use the same wights from the season 2 finale?), but it was an intense fight and well-directed. Jojen's death was a nice surprise that added impact to the situation; kept it from being mere spectacle. Leaf was a bad actor, but I'm okay with the look of the children. Bloodraven's lair looks phenomenal and the Three-Eyed Raven himself looks suitably creepy and mysterious. I'm not really bothered that he's not as grotesque-looking as he was in the book. Love that they kept the "you will fly" line. In general, this storyline was actually exciting and fun to watch, for once.

Daenerys: Wow. I usually hate Meereen scenes and Emilia's performance, but it was all great here. Emilia knocked it out of the park in the scene where she locks up her babies. (That look on her face at the end.) They could have made the thing a spectacle with angry dragons breathing fire at unsullied, but they chose a more subdued, emotional approach and I appreciate it. I actually felt sad for those CGI lizards. Their screams (completely fabricated computer audio) were devastating. The scene with the child bones was really well-acted as well.

Arya: Rory and Maisie both did god's work. That final scene between them is one of the series' best and most well-acted. Seeing the Hound cry and be so vulnerable... Arya's dead look and utter silence... Phenomenal. The preceding scene with Brienne was good as well. I liked the Brienne/Arya parallel and the fight between Brienne and Sandor was well-done and suitably brutal. I'm a little annoyed at the dumb plot hole of how Arya and Sandor got away from the Bloody Gate, but oh well... The scene where she finds Saltpans and a ride out was beautiful and a nice rousing ending.

Oh, and I didn't really care about LS.

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OMG LOL waht are you all complaining? Like best episode ever.


And no score higher.

I could digest no Stones, but every fucking scene was horrible. No meaningful dialogue, no decent cliffhangers(the ship scenes are not that much of a cliffhanger. they could have done that better)

No Stannis chant.

What the fuck? Jon Snow just rides out alone in the forest to burn Arwen from LOTR?

Hound scene was way overdone. 10 minutes for him dying? Thanks for that.

Lannister dialogues were crap.

No brother moment.

No white book entry.

Teh Mountain that shuts his mouth.

Brienne and Arya started good, but ended in a cliche Arya? Arya? Arya? Dora the explorer or what?

Bloodraven was good. Children of the forest were pretty good. Weirwood was not really scary (the cave) and had no real aura. The death of Jojen killed like 200 theories. I could take that positive and negative, Bran is no cannibal, but also...Jojen is pretty useless now. Why not just stab him(liked that) and take him in the cave?

Err..ya. 66 minutes. they could have covered these plot lines in 45.

Oh, I liked the Stannis army. Looked good, but they made it crap right after that with the senseless killing and then "Uh, ah, me the king, take them prisoners alive. Uh ah. I am so proud I have to smile now and make you all shine. yay"

Melisandre cliffhanger was the only one. And done good.

End of rant.

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I wavered between 9 and 10, but gave it a 10 because finale and "of course you shall have a cabin!!!" with proper awed look.

The Brienne-Hound fight was good and fit into the story surprisingly well. Emilia did some really good acting for a change. I couldn't care less about Lady Stoneheart. I was a bit sad that Tysha and Jaime confession was cut, but I agree with a comment on WiCnet, the audience would have been confused.

Stannis arrival was a bit underwhelming, felt more like 40 dudes fighting each other, not 4 000 against 100 000.

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the skeletons looked like the one from a childrens movie.

Not really scary. And the eye gouging from Hodor..err yap. More funny than scary.

Keeping it that they rise from the ice was good. The cotf looked good. The magic arrows should have been explained. An Meera should have used the obsidian she got from Sam

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I liked the Tywin/Cersei scene, Brienne vs The Hound, Jojen's Death (sacrificing himself), and Varys' "Dammit Tyrion!" moment made me laugh a lot. Shae's death, Stannis and other plot related stuff was fine. The Hound begging for mercy was my most emotional scene. Unfortunately,Tywin's death felt somewhat flat. They didn't nail it but that could just be me not having the benefit of the shock factor.

I don't have a problem with Jamie/Tyrion being best buds on the show but the goodbye was rushed and way too short. They had time for beetles but not a word about Cersei? Given the new relationship and how it ended, why not ask Jamie to go with him? At least a small "bros before hoes" moment would have been nice. Changes are okay but then do something with it.

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393 votes, 7.58 average, 9 median, 7.81 normalized average, 81% "fresh" (aka votes 6 or higher).

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First post around here so, please, bear with me.

I was appalled at the death of Jojen. Seriously, what? Can we expect them to spoil even more deaths from the book next season? Hope the book is done by then, and Martin only takes 2 years for DoS or we're getting spoiled even more.

Tysha. "Wherever the whores go." So, what are their foundation for Tyrion in free cities? That's what keeps him going, that's his thoughts. He obsesses over that exact wording for a really long while in the books.

Where are they going with this? Will they deviate from the books when they catch up or what?

As for the good parts. Loved they way they did Stannis, Jon and Mance thingy. The Brienne-Sandor fight was pretty awesome too. Expected more from Bloodraven, even if they managed to get his "A thousand eyes and one" thing right.

I'll leave with a 7/10.

Can't wait to see Dorne next season, though.

Edited by Kyotsyu

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might not be the place to ask, and its nothing serious enough for me to factor it into my rating... but how exactly did the skele-wights happen? Like, did something like polar bear eat their flesh and then they were resurrected, or did they allow the flesh to get taken and then they were resurrected to seem more scary? I mean, in the north I'm sure flesh doesn't just rot away. :D

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In series 1, there was an attempted assassination. The fallout from that is what lead to the war. Events in this series is when the person behind that assassination attempt is revealed - but they neglected to cover it.

Ok I got it now. I know what your talking about. I'm not sure how much spoilers is allowed in this thread so I'll just say I thought you were talking about Jon Arryn which was revealed this season obviously.

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5....well, let me clarify: I liked pretty much everything and would have rated it a 9, but the Tyrion part was so needlessly awful that it dragged it down.

All of the Night's Watch and Stannis scenes? Great.

The Bran stuff? Great. Odd that Jojen died but he is "dying" in the books and maybe his ultimate death will be similar enough.

Daenerys stuff: all great. Weighty issues, subtle acting, great dragon effects.

to be honest I walked into this episode thinking the Brienne mixed with Arya stuff would be the worst; honestly it didn't really change the *fundamental* formula of what happened all that much, and was a great and well acted interaction.

The Pycelle and Qyburn scene was fun.

The Cersei scenes with Tywin and later Jaime were also nice. Yeah we can pick over specific inconsistencies if we fixate too hard on it, but I thought they were great (there is the problem that they aren't sure if they want Jaime to be TOO good so they have him backslide; well it's never been outright bizarrely contradictory, they established that he's also pulled by his love for Cersei; the point is that I wish we had more of Blackwater Cersei, but I don't really mind at all.

No....everything in this episode was 9 or above.

But Tyrion's stuff.

The CENTRAL moment of Tyrion's character arc, Tywin's death....and they utterly changed it. Now the acting is fine, but the writers......

What was the POINT of it all? Why change such an iconic scene? Why change the fundamental motivations?

Why the hell did they build up TV-Shae so much, to the point that *she overshadows Tysha in the storyline*?

YES, they set up Tysha in Season 1. YES they have dropped references to her every season since.

Why simply abandon that? An utter, shocking betrayal by Tywin?

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion. Dear god, since Season 2 we've all been worrying, "Why are they building up Shae as an actual romance so much?".....but as Elyo's review succinctly pointed out, they NEVER really established it as a relationship other than by SAYING "they're in love" -- she's never Tyrion's "partner in crime" the way Bronn is. Their interactions were limited. And we got some vague mentions about her parents (did they molest her or something? It's never stated) but otherwise she remains a cypher.

Now we go through the sad motions of having Benioff and Weiss explaining how things they changed are in fact the "real spirit" of the story.

"Shae would never really act like that in the books"

B&W: "But Shae is really angry in this scene"
"No. TV-Shae is obviously "angry" because you wrote her that way. I'm telling you that she isn't angry in the same situation in the books, and if you think about the context she's in, she really shouldn't be angry."

"But Shae really loves Tyrion"
"The entire point in the books is that she doesn't"

"But recall that scene last episode in which she really seems to love..."
"STOP CITING your OWN changes....as justifications for your own changes! That's circular reasoning!"

I'm only mildly disappointed at the lack of Stoneheart or Night's Watch election; we'll get to those eventually.

Edited by The Dragon Demands

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7 - maybe would have been higher if it wasn't billed as 'the best hour of TV yet', which it clearly wasn't.

No Stoneheart...if she does make an appearance in S5 then HBO have missed a great opportunity for Michelle Farley to do promo work (which she does so well!). And a big spoiler for the readers with Jojen dying.

Agree with previous comments; they can waste big chunks of each episode with filler such as Tyrion's beetle speech, but couldn't spare 5 mins for SH or Tyrion/Tywin's full dialogue?

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I like their innocent way and their sweet world view.

Skeletons being able to move?

I mean, yes it is magic, but without muscles and tendons, you cannot move. How do the bones even stick together?

And with no eyes, how is the being that controls them able to see its target?

Oh, honey.

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the skeletons looked like the one from a childrens movie.

I thought the skeletons (can we classify them as wights?) looked pretty amazing. However, whenever I watch this show, if there's a CGI heavy scene, I can't help but thinking about where else that CGI budget could have gone.

As awesome as I found this scene, I must confess, that budget could have been better spent elsewhere. :dunno:

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The Tyrion scene.

Now, for the most part, it was OK. The acting is good, and everything fell into place well. But... when Jaime just went away without a word, I was stunned. No Tyrion hating Jaime for a lie? More whitewashing? No Tysha? OK then, maybe Tywin will tell Tyrion in the privy. No, not there either. Well OK, what was the point of introducing her story in season 1? I mean, that was the scene that got Dinklage a fucking Emmy, am I right? What point does it have now? Also, why omit it? You couldn't squeeze into the recap a little bit of footage from S01E09 where Tyrion talks about Tysha? You think the viewers would forget about her?

Shae trying to kill Tyrion before he strangles her bothered me as well. It made no sense seeing how Shae in the show is more sympathetic and good than book-Shae. I believe that Tyrion killing her while she was begging to take her away made it more shocking. This way, Shae is hostile towards Tyrion, therefore giving him more of a better reason to kill her. Isn't GoT about grey, conflicted characters? Yes, but let's just whitewash Tyrion more.

Time for the privy. This was the scene that I anticipated the entire season. Probably ,my favorite scene from the books. I wanted Dinklage and Dance to give it their all here, as this was a very important scene. Thankfully, they delivered. The writers... not so much. Making the whole Jules Winnfield "say whore again" thing about Shae was foolish. Wasn't that the point of Tysha, that she WASN'T a whore and his father deprived him of the only woman that truly loved him, while Shae was just another whore? They fucked this up so badly that I can't even comprehend to say how disappointed I was. I also hated the dismissal of the line "wherever whores go". Isn't that line going to haunt Tyrion for the rest of his journey? Won't that be his biggest quest when travelling to Essos? To find "where whores go"?

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I gave it a 10, but really it was a 9.5/9.3 IMO. Most of what I didn't like, is nitpicking.

I have said many times that there is no way that they could cast all 200+ speaking parts, and the fact they have nearly 40 cast members + support cast is amazing. Since they had already had the scene in the "inn of the crossroads" and didn't give him the wound, they had to have him fight someone else. Brienne is the only major character near him, and one of the few that could be able to defeat him. Also having the 2 non knights fight, when they both are just trying to look out for Arya's kind of felt like a GRRM storyline. When I saw it predicted before the ep came out I was like WTF, but after seeing it, it played out very well, but still think it would have been better if he had "died" earlier in the season, and that her last scene should have been arriving at the church of B/W.

JoJen paste debate aside, having him die there did not seem right to me.

While all of the Wall/ Stannis/ Wildling scenes seemed very well done, there were just to many of them for this one ep.

Varys getting on the ship w/ Tyrion instead of hiding in KL, is not only wrong, but changes much of what should happen next season.

The only non-nitpicky problems were both of Jaime scenes. They were too short, too simple, and each played out completely wrong.

1st the Cersei scene, she basically took the wind out of his sails, over rid his growing distrust of her, and gave in to the part of him that still wants her. Ironically, IMO this played out like the way the chapel scene after Joff death should have played out. I think this scene should have shown how much distances has grown between them, and his defending of Tyrion, and her condemning should have increased the distance between them, and one or the other should have stormed out of the room. Which would have lead nicely to his 2nd scene, w/ Tyrion.

Jaime not trusting Cersei's growing insanity, and wanting to protect his brother, choses to help Tyrion escape. He did not go into it pure of heart, but w/ frustration and distrust for his life, his choices and his family. His attitude angers Tryrion, which leads to them arguing w/ each other, and to Tyrion looking to confront their father. By continuing to show the brotherly love between them, It changes Tyrion's mind set. An already angry Tyrion, seeing Shae, and then killing her makes sense.

ETA: The only way I could see them being able to bring Lady Stoneheart into the ep, would be the telling of slow Freys story, and I just don't see them spending that much time on him.

Edited by Black Wolf Smith

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I thought the skeletons (can we classify them as wights?) looked pretty amazing. However, whenever I watch this show, if there's a CGI heavy scene, I can't help but thinking about where else that CGI budget could have gone.

As awesome as I found this scene, I must confess, that budget could have been better spent elsewhere. :dunno:

like on making the dragons look like dragons for grown ups and not like dragons from a nick series or disney?

The dragons looked awesome in the season 1 finale and season 2. In season three, while growing up, they looked more and more childish.

And they could have just made the wights like in season1. use normal actors for it. I wouldn't have minded that change in this direction, but making them skeletons?

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