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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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I am leaning towards that myself. More for the notion that as we get closer to the series catching up with the books, and the show 'previews' character fates, I don't want to know if characters (like LSH?) are in the end expendable and not worth the time to introduce.

This may be it for me, not for enjoying the show, I really have some problems how the producers are working with the source material and I do so love the books. I started watching the TV show because of the books, not the other way around.

I have to agree. I will be dropping HBO and hope to avoid the show next year. too bad really
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Also, you remember when that one guy said "and"? I mean, WTH? I was completely ok with the whole episode until that guy said "and". Completely out of character and it just shows how stupid D&D are. I mean, come on... at least TRY to do this right D&D.... that guy NEVER said "and" in the books for god sake.


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Also, you remember when that one guy said "and"? I mean, WTH? I was completely ok with the whole episode until that guy said "and". Completely out of character and it just shows how stupid D&D are. I mean, come on... at least TRY to do this right D&D.... that guy NEVER said "and" in the books for god sake.



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512 votes, 7.51 average, 8 median, 7.73 normalized average, 81% "fresh".

Re: worst rated season, I will note that episode 3's botched sept scene led to a huge amount of outrage that dragged the episode down quite a lot. This episode, if anything, makes it clear that the botching was purely a matter of staging -- their intent was true to the novels, if a little "edgier", they just failed to convey it. I though "Breaker of Chains" would otherwise have been an 8.0+ episode, and possibly the fourth episode would have been liked a little more, in which case season 4 would have been comfortably preferred over season 2 and may well have challenged season 3 for the #2 spot on the forum.

Another statistical note: this is the only season of the series without at least one episode rated 9.0 or higher.

Worse rated season ever? As if the hand full of whiners on this forum's opinions mean anything at all? Go read some reviews from out side this pit of despair if you want to know how real people feel about this amazing show. Honestly, the moaners on this site are so bad, I wouldn't doubt at all if most of them didn't have 20 different accounts on here just so they could post their idiocy under 20 different "users". I mean, have you ever read the complaints? They're almost always exactly the same. So, either we have a ton of clones that all whine about the same ridiculous things, or we have a few users that create multiple accounts just so it looks like more people agree with them. I'd say the latter.

This is seriously the worse forum I've ever visited.

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7/10 for me to end the season. Glad the final episode got a few of the shock moments to conclude some storylines this year, compared to the always mediocre season finales after amazing ep9's in previous seasons. However, most of the 'shock moments' came across a bit flat for me. It also wasn't as long as was promised by at least 10-15 mins right?


-Jon/Mance: Dialogue was consistent with both characters. It felt very realistic and how 2 great leaders on opposite sides would discuss terms.

-Stannis: My favourite part of the episode. The arrival was cool, the way Stannis' men tore through the free folk was cool, and overall Stannis' presence from then on was great.

-Meereen: Surprisingly everything was great here. I feel we went through quite a few book chapters in these scenes, and for the better. Pro's of being a slave, Drogon killed a kid, dragons must be chained and locked up. Good stuff, can we move at this pace at Meereen next season please?

-Cersei/Tywin/Jaime: All 3 characters were in the middle of toying between head vs heart and all with quite different motivations. Fascinating to see the dynamics at play.

-Brienne vs Hound: It was a book shift that didn't really need to happen as everything ended up the same. I'll count it as a positive because the fight was pretty brutal, and it'll be interesting when people realise what path Brienne could have lead Arya to.

-Varys: We need more Varys. He is such a good character and I loved the way Conleth played this. Just by his look you can tell he's part of something big.


-No LS: The big one. They've missed out on an unforgettable ending shot. Now it's going to be diluted if its shown early or mid season, if at all.

-Tormund: I'm just not feeling we are ever going to get the jovial hilarious Tormund from the books somehow.

-Bran: The skeletal wight attack was a bit messy, Leaf's powers came across way too OTT and almost too fantasy if that makes sense. First impressions of Bloodraven/3 Eyed Crow = underwhelming.

-Arya/Hound: I don't know, it just didn't feel right. It was neither sad or powerful or anything really. Arya getting on the boat again i think they were trying to go for uplifting but I wasn't feeling it.

-Tyrion/Shae: Didn't like this scene in the books, didn't like it in the show either. The beginning of dark Tyrion shouldn't have started with Shae's killing, but that's just me.

-Tyrion/Tywin: I don't know for sure but it felt like they missed a lot of dialogue here. The whole scene felt rushed tbh. Tyrion didn't make comment on his lack of shitting gold, and we never actually got to see Tywin die....lame.

-Tyrion/Jaime: No discussion of Tysha? Has the show forgotten about this. It's pretty big for Tyrion's mindset from here on. He's not supposed to think there is anything for him in Westeros anymore. Not contnue to think Jaime is the best bro ever.

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LOL, people need to realize there are going to be changes from the book, stop rating a show based on that. It was a great episode. Imagine if you didn't read the book how amazed would you be right now

Of course there will be changes. I think we just expect for those changes to:

A. Make sense

B. Be remotely comparable to the book

C. Be entertaining to watch

For me a lot of the changes have not done this. When you know how amazing this episode could've been it's a great disappointment to watch it. There are changes made for no apparent reason. They add things, taking up valuable screen time that have no point in the story line while removing things that were very much needed. They add things that make absolutely no sense. The Hound & Arya have all this vast land to cover but some how manage to cross paths with Brienne & Pod? (The two of them alone had the potential to be quite the dynamic duo but just haven't been given the script they could have) Bloodraven could've been done so much better. The whole scene with the Pirates of the Caribbean skeletons & light grenade throwing CotF was cringe worthy at best. This is HBO for God's sake. I don't buy for one second they don't have the budget to do what is necessary to make this show amazing. Instead they spend budget money on bomb throwing pixies (leaf should have looked way cooler too) They kill off characters they don't need to just for shock value I guess. Apparently they don't understand that the book has enough shock value as is. It really was beautifully written by a genius of an author IMO & D&D fall miles short of the talent GRRM has.

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-Varys: We need more Varys. He is such a good character and I loved the way Conleth played this. Just by his look you can tell he's part of something big.


Yep - for me Varys sitting next to the box contemplating was incredibly powerful and one of my personal 'most memorable images' of the series.

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I gave it an 8. I was hoping this would be a 10 episode with all the hype it received, but it did not live up to the hype. The Tyrion scenes fell a little flat (not Peter Dinklage's acting) but the plot holes. Also, disappointed about no LS. I also felt that Stannis' arrival didn't have the full impact that it should have. It started off really strong, but didn't carry through.

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Poor Coldhands must be feeling so sad right now. Everybody will forget about him and instead moan about the absence of Lady Stoneheart.

9 from me. Skeletons were poorly done, and Tyrion's escape just doesn't feel right. I mean, so much anger and despair for Tyrion during the whole season, and then Jaime casually walks in and frees him.

P.S. "Pit of despair" sounds good.

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I can't understand how anyone give an episode a 1. Even the ones I didn't like I gave at least a 6.

The level of resources put into this to stay true to the original story is staggering (70 million per season!). The actors have all been top notch and the story is well done considering time restraints.

People mentioned water downed, can you imagine how water downed it would be on AMC ? The Walking dead is a children's show compared to GoT.

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I was disappointed to begin with, then I realised all of my disappointments were because of scenes and speeches I was expecting that didn't occur, LS, She's been fucking..., Tyrion being witty when killing Tywin, etc.

After I realised that I rewatched some scenes, and I now think it's fucking brilliant.

Some of the changes I think are better, Brienne and the Hound, Varys going with Tyrion is a brilliant idea!!

I'm thinking that more and more, watchers who have read the books should only expect basic plot developments, then sit back, chill the fuck out, and enjoy one of the best shows on TV

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I'm usually a staunch defender of this show, but this finale was very....odd.

The highs were amazing, and the lows were well, downright disappointing.


-Stannis's attack was a bit quick but otherwise very grand and epic. Also all the other scenes tying up the Wall story arcs were done very well. (The Mag/Grenn conversation was epic!)

- The Brienne/Sandor fight has me conflicted. While I loved Brienne and Arya's interaction about fighting and the actual slug fest between Brienne and the Hound, it was just another one of those unecessary conveniances the D&D feel obligated to shove in. What pushed it over the line into a positive was Arya and Sandor's final interaction, which was done excellently, and Arya's Saltpans encounter was great.

-Liked Tyrion's last scenes with Tywin, Shae, Jaime and Varys albeit the lack of the Tysha issue and Varys deciding to jump onto the boat with him was odd, but I see why he did it.


-The skeleton fight outside the cave was terrible. Jason and the Argonauts anyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF_Fi7x93PY

(Also Jojen dying confirms that he dies in the cave in tWoW which I didn't want to believe) I did like the three-eyed raven and the costuming of the children, but hated the fireballs they threw at the skeletons.

-Cersei/Tywin, Jaime/Cersei scenes were so meh that I seriously wonder why they were included them over scenes like LS.

Overall I gave the episode an 8. I rate it based against the books and the quality of other tv shows. So although compared to the book it was fairly poor, compared to other tv shows, it still reigns supreme.

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