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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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Well, my first post on this forum is to rate this episode with a 9.5. That being said, I believe it is one of the best episodes in TV Show history, even though it may not have fulfilled every book reader's dreams (honestly, I don't know a single movie that was better than the book it was made after).

I think Tysha being omitted was ok, considering that her relationship with Tyrion wasn't explored as much as Tyrion's relationship with Shae (and basically they serve kind of the same purpose). Sadly, a little more dialogue in the scene would have been better and more emotional (but I also liked the little fight, as I always wondered why in the books Shae didn't fight against him). The scene with Tywin should have been more focused on his betrayal of Tyrion by sleeping with Shae, but otherwise it was also ok.

I really liked the Brienne/Hound fight, because I think it was a more appropriate way to end this plot line, rather than him being left behind with an infected wound. Their meeting was improbable, but not impossible.

The skeleton and COTF scene was fast paced and quite emotional, especially with Jojen's death. The fireball may be an indication that the Children's power is greater than we know and they may be used in future battles (holding off the WW at the Wall, while they are throwing fireballs at them maybe), even though it may not quite fit in at the moment. I always imagined Bloodraven to be like Harold in Fallout, but we only had a glimpse of him, there may be changes in the future.

Stannis's attack was fantastic, the camera showing the perfect cavalry formation was great and the wildling charging at Stannis, only to be cut by a knight, was great. Many people underrated last week's episode because this scene wasn't in, but I think it was worth the wait. Also the Ygritte scene was very touching and closed her arc nicely.

Also, I really liked the Tywin/Cersei scene because it showed the madness and recklesness that start to consume her over the next seasons. I wished that Tywin acted more like he knew about her relationship with Jaime, but that it is something that must never be spoken of.

Qyburn scene and Dany's scenes, both were awesome.

Finally, I think it is unfair to underrate this episode just because LS wasn't shown. We may get her next season and be mindblown.

For me, the show complements the books very nicely. It puts a face and personality on certain characters that I wasn't very invested in when I read the books. When Oberyn got wasted in ASOS I wasn't really bummed, but after seeing Pedro Pascal play the dude all season, his death brought a little tear to my eye. Also, Stephen Dillane made Stannis my fav character, even though when I first read the books I wasn't too impressed by him. The show also helps me imagine some scenes more vividly. After the Blackwater episode I reread the book chapter and I saw it in a new (better) light.


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I really really really liked that finale. It would have been a 100 if it had LS, there were some stupid changes but they still worked within the episode - the lack of Tysha. But what really sold me is how well paced and filmed everything was - there were so many iconic shots and the acting was superb throughout from everyone involved

Yeah, the acting was one of the best overall. No cringe worthy facial expressions/lines from any of the actors.

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Arya ending was so lame. If they would at least have made a cut and had shown her go under the titan of Braavos. That would have been epic.

I thought it played out well and was acted terrifically by Maisie. That kid's got some acting chops.

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I'm really pleased in this season with how well the Arya/Sandor arc has turned out. I was really close to groaning as Brienne wound up where she seemed had no right to be, but the fight was pretty epic, and after the alterations earlier in the season the logical way to wrap things up.

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7 for me, people will completely overreact and give it a 0, let's be honest it wasn't a bad episode at all was it? It was an average finale

Also I can already imagine the lady stoneheart complaints, can we try and rate what was in the episode not what wasn't.

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Lady Stoneheart's omission may prove dramatically to be an error, but really with where they were in Brienne's storyline, I'm guessing there's no need for the revation until she gets taken by the Brotherhood without Banners. They could actually postpone that until the latter part of next season without disrupting the narrative shape in any way.

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7 for me, people will completely overreact and give it a 0, let's be honest it wasn't a bad episode at all was it? It was an average finale

Also I can already imagine the lady stoneheart complaints, can we try and rate what was in the episode not what wasn't.

Man I was pissed last week but even I gave ep.9 6/10

I'm giving this one 10. Even with what it didn't have it was extremely well executed ep and Stannis' arrival was mesmerizing and that was the scene I was imagining for so long.

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I give it a 7, though I'm a harsh grader.

-1 point for the laughable (literally) wight attack

-1 point for BR's design...he's now my mental image for Ser Grandfather

-1 point for Tyrion killing out of self-defense (plus a few smaller nitpicks around this story line)

-1 point for no LS

+1 point for Brienne vs. the Hound...passed all my expectations, so it counts as extra credit.

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I'm surprised at the lack of people that disliked the Hound vs. Brienne fight. Sure, logically I don't understand how the Hound and Arya end up leaving the bloody gate as if they walked up to a closed shop, but the fight was really great and pretty brutal, but not in a tasteless way. My only gripe is that they perhaps should've shown Sandor being a bit more exhausted/wounded before the fight.

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this episode is way too highly rated.

Most people just give it 9 points just for being game of thrones. Like every week so far.

If we have a rating system, rate. And don't just write you loved it. The competition here is not the real housewives or Jersey Shore. The competition here is books vs series. And it sucked.

The goal is to get as near as possible to the books or make a decent epic episode. None of that happened.

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I gave it a 3.

Sorry, I just didn't like this episode. Everything beyond the Wall was solid. Arya's last encounter with Brienne was solid. Besides that, there really wasn't much.

For being one of the most powerful dramatic scenes in the entire book series, Tyrion's final scene was just... meh in this episode. I didn't feel Tyrion's dread after he basically killed her out of self defence and then said "sorry sorry sorry" afterwards. All I could think was "hail Tyrion, humble white knight of Westeros". His whole reason for visiting Tywin felt weird and contrived. Does he blame Tywin for his killing Shae? And why go up there to risk his life in the first place? I get that Tywin treat him like shit and sentenced him to death and all, but I just didn't feel his reasoning. I did in the book (with the basically crucial Tysha element that drove everything he did).

I don't understand why they added the dialogue between Cersei and Tywin.

Brienne and Sandor's fight was actually very well choreographed and enjoyable. But... why did it happen? Just for flashiness? It felt completely awkward and contrived, like they just had to fill a quota of fight scenes. How did she not find Arya afterwards? Just take a high ground and you'll see her going in any direction. It seems especially silly since Arya dwelled at his body for quite a while.

I'm sorry, but the wight attack was just ridiculous. BTW, as someone raised in another thread, why even burn the bodies if the Others can animate their skeletons? Also, nice addition of the CotF being able to throw Super Mario fireballs. I wonder how the Children lost to the First men in the first place.

Oh and obligatory "no LS". IDK, I'm not even that bothered by it. I am just very bothered that they took one of the most powerful, dramatic, morally grey scenes in the books, and completely watered it down because they had to make time for some pointless scenes. I'm okay with novel adapters using creative license and all, but it's just that every creative license they're taking is for the worse, by replacing fantastic writing with the mediocre "Dawson's Creek" style writing of the show writers.

But it's not like I'm only rating it as a comparison to the source material. I was in the middle of watching a Sopranos episode when it aired so I paused to watch it. Then I finished that Sopranos episode. It was amazing to me to see the immense difference in writing quality between the two shows, GoT is just laughable in comparison.

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