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How would you rate episode 410?


How would you rate episode 410?  

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I'm pretty damn disappointed with this season.

This should have been the season to end all seasons. This episode does not deserve a nomination for anything.

Everything was rushed. Stannis scene sucked, most of the stuff was made up, so what is there to even talk about?

Dumb dumb dumb.

Arya & the Hound are just allowed to leave the Vale? Bullshit. Such stupid writing.

Tyrion was given the chance to all-out murder Shae, but the writers decide she's the one to instigate violence. Fuck.

As for the child of the forest... There are some who call me... Tim?

Most everything fell flat this episode. Definitely was not the best. Blackwater was wayyyyyyy better than this junk.

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I’m going to give you verbatim my predictions (in bold), what really happened, and then my reactions. I went with the spoiler tags since maybe not everyone has seen the episode yet. Don't know why you'd be reading this thread if you haven't but I'll still be a courteous guy. If you're curious as to why I give the episode a solid 2 then read away.

Begins with Jon Snow and the Wildlings/ Stannis Stannis Stannis!

Right about that one. Good scene, I was pretty happy with it.

Cuts to the Red Keep where Qyburn and Pycelle reveal the Mountain was poisoned

Right again. Don't think it was in the Red Keep, but still pretty good scene. I would have preferred to see the Mountain kicking and screaming. Small gripe, not enough to really consider it bad.

Cut to Tywin and Ellaria (give us a hint Tywin has been poisoned)/ Cersei and Tywin/ Cersei and Jaime

I was only about half right since Ellaria was nowhere to be found and I guess the show is definitely not throwing out the possibility Tywin was poisoned. Not a huge deal to me. Pretty good, I was shocked as Hell Cersei told Tywin about her and Jaime.

Cut to Brienne meeting Hound and Arya

Didn’t happen here, this scene happened instead:

Cut to Drogon burning the kid/ Dany has to make a choice

They never actually showed Drogon burning the kid and Dany actually chained up the dragons (the two who didn’t do it might I add) in this scene. I was kind of underwhelmed by this scene, I just think they’ve gotten too far into A Dance With Dragons, I’m sure there was a way to fluff up her story in Meereen to not give us any material from that book. The scene with Hizdar Zo Loraq in episode six was brilliant and I don't think it came from the book. We could have definitely used more of that.

Bran and the Gang meet Bloodraven/ cotf after white walker attack.

Didn’t happen next because there was the scene of the Night’s Watch burning their dead and Jon burning Ygritte. Which I thought was pretty well done. I’m very disappointed Stannis didn’t talk to Jon Snow about becoming Jon Stark and that they didn’t elect a new Lord Commander but there’s only so much time in one episode. I’m content with waiting until next season for these things because they did do the burning part very well.

But the Bloodraven thing did happen right after that Night’s Watch stuff. Or shall I say, Meera and Hodor fought Stalfos while Jojen got redshirted and they all got rescued by the Kokiri. I just expected the COTF to look otherworldly not like people. I am about 50/50 on this part. Always good to see Hodor wreck some stuff, but I’m a little disappointed that Jojen is dead and especially since we have gotten ZERO exposition about the Knight of the Laughing Tree in the show. Maybe it will be a weirwood vision in season 5? Who knows?

Dany Chains up the Dragons

Happened earlier, and wasn’t as satisfying as I would have hoped covered that.

Arya meets Braavosi Captain and begins journey to Braavos.

Happens later, what happened instead of my two predictions was Brienne fighting the Hound and Arya showing him the gift of Mercy which I liked. I actually thought the Hound was going to confess that he didn't kill the butcher's boy, he just found him dead after some Lannister guys did it and took credit for it. I figured that was why he won the trial by combat against Beric in the first place. I thought it was done reasonably well though.

Jon and Stannis arrive at the wall/ Rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell

Already didn’t happen, last Jon scene was earlier. My thoughts are already out about it.

Jaime frees Tyrion/ Tysha story/ Tyrion kills Shae and Tywin/ leaves for Pentos

I was sooooooooo disappointed in how they handled this. Tysha has been mentioned enough in the show that the audience wouldn’t have been left in the dark by the revelation. Tyrion and Jaime departed on good terms in the show, maybe Tyrion forgives Jaime in the books or one of them dies and D&D didn’t want their parting to be too sour, I don’t know either way I’ll come right out and say I think it was hack writing on their part. They had the time to do it, they should have done it. The next few scenes almost lose their meaning entirely.

Tyrion killing Shae in self defense, honestly I don’t really care that much about this since it was hard to picture when I read it him strangling a woman who is far bigger than he is. I figured he was going to get behind her somehow and convince her her sins were forgiven and then grab the chains to do it when she thought she was safe, I was wrong. Bottom line she’s dead. Tyrion is in emotional turmoil. Whatever.

No “Where ever whores go?” D&D you goofed again guys. This scene had almost none of the punch it was supposed to have since Tysha was not mentioned earlier. Good enough death for Tywin but holy crap they just really blew that scene hard. Thank the gods we still have the book that got this part right.

Lady Stoneheart ends the episode

Three strikes and they are out! Season five better give us sharks with freaking laser beams at this point. They had so much gold book material for this season and they just blew the last fifteen minutes of this episode hard. This was the perfect cliffhanger ending. Besides maybe not being able to get Michelle Fairley, Paul Kaye, whatever his name was who played Anguy to be in one scene for this season, there is no reason this scene should have been left out. Sure Arya ending the season wasn’t a bad scene but the last fifteen minutes and lack of punch just killed this episode for me. I can’t give it higher than about a 2 for the scenes that were good because the bad literally outweighs it that much. I’m actually quite disappointed they killed Lysa Arryn in episode 7 because that would have segued perfectly into Lady Stoneheart and been the “oh crap” ending we were all expecting. One of my early predictions was that Ser Dontos was going to accompany them to the Vale and Littlefinger was going to pin Lysa’s murder on him ("Guards! Come quick, the fool's killed my lady wife!" Fits perfectly right?) since there wasn’t a chance it would have been Marillion, but we all saw how that went.

Bottom line, gets a solid 2 from me. Their worst finale yet.

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Based purely on it being a tv show and series, I give the episode a 10. Great TV. I give the season a 9, by far the best TV season of the series.

As a book reader and fan of the books first I am a bit disheartened by how far they are deviating from the books now. I understand why they have to do it, but the story is so much better in the books. It is more intriguing and I really dislike that they are now spoiling certain things for book readers to make their show better. The main thing from this episode was Jojens death, I mean I figured he was probably going to die in the books, but he is more of an important character than a lot of the side characters they have killed so far, like Irri, Grenn, Pyp, etc. it bugs me that they are taking advantage of their advance knowledge of events.

And that is partially GRRM's fault to for giving that information up and selling out the series before he finished the book. Couple that with the snails pace he writes at and it really is a big issue. I've lost some respect,for him to be honest. Anyways, I love the series, it is the best show on tv, but I may have to hold off on finishing it for when the books all come out. Sadly, I don't think I can have both and be satisfied.

Like I said though, that was a great episode of tv.

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So I guess this episode more or less spoiled for us what's going to happen to Jojen in the next book, along with the real faith of The Moutain.

I suppose more book spoilers will follow next season.

That more than disappointment over additions/omissions may drive me from the show.

I enjoyed the insights over and above what the books have covered (the NIght's King) but previewing character fates? Either by killing them outright or perhaps deleting 'unimportant' characters.

No thanks. I can and will wait for the books. I can live with disappointment in the way D&D treat the source material and failing to deliver on the wealth of killer source material, but not with having the punch line of the books ruined.

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I gave it a 10,a fantastic award worthy fight between Brienne and the hound, the visuals in this episode were stunning, Stannis's army was fantastic and so well shot. The attack of the skeleton warriors on Bran and his cohorts reminded me of Jason and the Argonauts and I love it. Dany chaining up her dragons was oddly heartbreaking.The tyrion scenes fitted well with what they have done on the show i think it would of been too much to ask of the unsullied audience to understand what happened with Tysha and breaking it down to be just about Tyrion and Tywin was the right call. I know people might hate me for saying this but I'd much rather that they didn't have LS at all I think its too much for the series.If she's not a major part of the end game then she will just be a tacky and forced new character. I mean that solely from a Tv point of view, Arya heading to Bravos was a great way to end the series.

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I'm at the part where Brienne is speaking with the Hound and I'm ready to give it a 10 already. How fucking great was that dialogue. So much good shit, I can't elaborate until I've finished the episode. Totally makes up for last episode. That's all for now...

I just LOVED the Hound/Arya/Brienne dialogue. Perhaps the best part of the episode for me. Though I still think Jon/Mance was stellar as well.

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I gave it a 1...may up it to a 3 because of good photography at the Wall & Arya on her way to Braavos

So many missed opportunities to have a good episode blown by poor writing & staging on scenes..that is a huge complaint--at the Wall there is so much good dialogue and characters but no D & D know better THEY BUTCHER THE WHOLE STORYLINE

Edd isn't even Dolorous Tormund doesn't get to Har and talk about his member showfans would love that stuff

Love the story at the wall and how Stannis gets there...and damn it was Davos idea not Melisandre

Just stupid fight w Brienne and the Hound though alot of grunting & groaning--looked like it hurt :cool4:

Why are Cersei and Jamie still getting it on?? and by the White Book travesty!!

Mance and Jon just hangin out as Stannis charges through the camp

burning pyres next to the wall & peeps standing right up next to them--it's cold out but eeewwww

Skelewights??? there is a wight way to do things

Disney Snow White Techotree

Bloodraven??not even an albino with 1 red eye

poor Jojen at least he was blasted with a fire grenade so he wouldn't wight the night skys :ack:

I still watch the show but usually tape it.........the books are so much better & could have been much better adapted for screen no I don't believe we'll see Lady Stoneheart

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Dany scenes and locking up the dragons

Mance and Jon

Mel giving Jon the eyes across the flames

Cersei and Quburn


Bloodraven, who is my favorite book character, looked totally lame

CotF firebombs and the goofy looking skeleton wights

Stannis' army slaughtering a bunch of dudes just hanging out at their campsite

Jaime-Tyrion and Tyrion-Tywin scenes are normally the best of any episode, but this week fell flat

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Fuck that. Random pointless brothel scenes in every other fucking episode, Tyrion and Shae ad naseum. But, not a minute for Stoneheart? Fuck that. Did I say fuck that? I don't care whether she got two chapters or not. If we got Pod in a brothel, we should get Stoneheart. Fuck them.

They know more about the plot than you, they obviously decided she is not that important in the long run.

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Solid 6/10. Pretty compelling as an episode of TV-my unsullied friends loved it and if I wasn't a book reader I would have thought it was pretty awesome, a 10/10.

Since I am a book reader, from an adaptation-only POV it would have to be a 1/10. I'm not sure if it's just wish fulfillment or what but the Sandor-Brienne-Arya-Pod stuff, Cersei telling Tywin about her and Jaime, Tyrion leaving without hating Jaime, Varys getting on the ship, Jon taking Ygritte out to burn her body...these all work for the purposes of the show. But part of the reason the books are so compelling is that this kind of stuff just doesn't fly-it's just wishful thinking.

There were some nonsense moments (Tyrion apologizing to Shae, the whole Pirates of the Caribbean feel before Bran, Meera and Hodor got into the Cave + Jojen dying, Brienne v. Sandor) but for the purposes of the story the show is telling us they all still worked obviously.

I did think the Arya sequence to close the episode was well done, although I was disappointed that LS didn't show up. It was a different way to end the season for sure.

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Good stuff:

Loved Arya's scenes, Cersei/Tywin confrontation was good, LOVED Tyrion's scenes, Jon and Melisandre's eyes meeting through the fire was great foreshadowing. Liked Jaime's contributions - he looked the hottest he has for a long time. Stannis' coming to the rescue was awesome. I really liked the way his army, so disciplined in columns, astride horses, wreaking havoc, was super cool! Varys' scene, where he takes a look at the castle, where obviously Tywin's body has been found, and decides to accompany Tyrion on the ship was well done. Neat and to the point.

Bad stuff: Dragging out certain scenes when you wanted them to be done with it and move on to other stuff you want to see. Ground-sprouting skeletons a la old Sinbad movies was a bit much. That scene was dragged out past my interest quotient. Then the "children's introduction by exploding hand grenades was kinda stupid. Didn't like JoJen's death at all. Frankly, that whole scene was pretty bad. I can just imagine what people who haven't read the books must be thinking. "Jumping the shark" comes to mind.

I guess I should have rated it a seven because there were more scenes I like than those I didn't, but I just feel a vague sense of disappointment.

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After last week's conundrum of how to vote, I have to say this one was much easier. This episode goes 8/10, and well, we'll have to discuss in depth of the overall rating of this season.

I am not some book purist, but the biggest let down was Tyrion and the entire Jaime/no-Tysha/killing-Tywin-for-Shae thing. This show needs a great anti-hero, the likes of Tonly Soprano and Walter White, or even Gregory House, and the books relatively give us that. The show's depiction of Tyrion is simply uninteresting. I thought the gloomy heroic type is Jon, but Tyrion gives him run for his money... So, despite how much I loved Tyrion in episode 7 (which was my favorite Tyrion episode in, well, almost entire show), I have to say that this was such waste...

As for Jojen's death, I didn't see that coming, but in a way I understand it. Even in ADWD, Jojen keeps repeating how he's gonna die, so I imagine this was just skipping some steps.

Arya was so lovely this episode... And I had such great fun watching Lena... Bloodraven was too human but likable.

Stannis' army made me feel like I was watching Pelennor fields battle all over again... Ah... Also, loved that look Mel gave to Jon...

BTW, I have to say I was so happy watching those burned skull and bones... I finally felt like Dany has some tough choices to make...

No Stoneheart... IMO, big mistake... This episode needed truly dramatic turnover that would stick in the minds of viewers in the weeks to come. I suppose we'll see it at some point...

So, 8/10... Tyrion and the lack of LS are major complaints, with that kame hame move by Leaf...

And, the music... If anything in this show deserves perfect 10, it's the music... I bow to the excellence of Ramin Djawadi...

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