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F*ck, marry, kill - ASoIaF style, vol. X

King Tyrion I

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  • 4 weeks later...

Fuck The Greatjon

Marry Roose Bolton

Kill Wyman Manderly


Pyat Pree

Kindly man



Fuck Pyat Pree,

marry Wun-Wun,

kill the kindly man

The Ghost of High Heart

Mirri Maz Duur


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Fuck Sweets,

marry Tyrion,

kill Goat boy

Skahaz mo Kandaq

Reznak mo Reznak

Hizdahr zo Loraq

@ Jon Samwell Snow: Rules are quiet easy. You take the three people posted at the end of the post of the previous poster and decide which one of them you would fuck, which one you would marry and which one you would kill. Then you post three more characters for the next poster to choose from.

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Fuck Qyburn because his knowledge of anatomy must make him a great lover

:lol: Well, as far as logic goes, it's not worse than show!Marg's "He must be a great lover because he's been with many women he paid to sleep with him and pretend they like it".

Fuck Asha

Marry Dacey

Kill Barsena

Random page (ACOK, which I'm re-reading)

Quorin Halfhand

Jeor "Old Bear" Mormont

Jon Snow

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