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F*ck, marry, kill - ASoIaF style, vol. X

King Tyrion I

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Although we all know it's fiction and a game, I feel I have to state that I age them all to +18.

Marry Sansa

Fuck Lyanna

Kill Arya (I love this brat, but I wouldn't feel safe around her)

ETA: Haha, funny we both chose the same way!

Marry Jon

Fuck Rob (obviously meaning Richard Madden :kiss: )

Kill Brandon

People with doubtful identity:

(f)Aegon Targaryen

Septa Lemore


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Kill Quaithe. Just because the time travel Dany theory really insulted my sensabilities.

I'm not acquainted with that theory! Link? I want to laugh a bit.

Kill Davos

Fuck Bloodraven

Marry Mace Tyrell (and then suggest a horse ride)

Brave Companions


Septon Utt

Vargo Goat

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I would kill Jon Arryn... because he is very old and frail. It would be easy.

I'm not too sure who the others are, though Artys rings a bell... I'll go.. marry Artys and have my way with the other one.

Alright, next batch:

Aemon, ancient maester on the Wall
Grand Maester Pycelle


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