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Duke Godfrey

General Overview

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Can someone please give me a general overview of the current state of play with this mod?

im a huge ASOIF fan and a Total War fan and just came across this mod today!

what is the current version of the mod people are playing? I have been reading about legal issues, has this effected the game in anyways?

there is a ton of info about the mod but finding the info I'm looking for is proving difficult

thanks in advance

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Legal issues are now sorted. The issues were not to do with the mod but due to the hosting site of the forum making money through adverts. Basically no issue with the mod it was the potential to make money off it.

The are two versions. One which was released a long time ago and is essentially just Medieval TW with a Westeros map.

This is the current version people are playing but I believe most are now using the various submods ontop of this like Blackfire Rebellion or War of Conquest etc because to be honest its not very good.

The current version being made is almost finished and I believe is completly sepperate team to the original. This version will have all the units reskined and number of models for places like Kings Landing and Winterfell. This is version everyone is waiting to play :drool:

You're best going to the mod's forum on TW center. http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?721-Westeros-Total-War for more information. Sadly alot of the previews no longer have images but I expect the game to be out this year if not early next.

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