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Board Issues 4


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I shall double check on notifications.

Tapatalk I think needs to be updated. Need to see if there's an update actually available as of yet.


ETA: Tapatalk updated. Let me know if it's working properly.

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3 hours ago, beniowa said:

I can't post in Firefox from my laptop, even after clearing the browser history or logging out and back in.  Chrome is having issues too.  I'm posting this with Explorer. 

Having the same issue.  Can't post in firefox or on my phone.  Also found a way in through Internet Explorer.

The reply screen just goes gray.

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Also having issues quoting and posting on my android devices.  Can't do either in Chrome.  Apparently I can post with Firefox, but quoting takes me to a Mozilla crash report page.  

Tried clearing my chrome history to no avail.  And this is a brand new Firefox install, which may be why it's sort of working, but I don't have any history or cache to clear.


eta:  crisis resolved. 

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Thank goodness it wasn't just me. I was wondering how I was even going to ask about this issue if I couldn't post (this post made from Explorer). I wasn't able to create a new post or use quote feature to get the box ungreyed.

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11 hours ago, Rhaenys_Targaryen said:

I use Chrome as well, and I haven't experienced any problems today or yesterday...

Chrome is working for me, but I've been unable to post in the forum since the update on monday with firefox.
The bits where you actually write text in for posting won't open up the box to write in. It just stays dark grey and unable to enter anything into. The insert other media box would open up a place to type in a link or attachment but then do nothing when clicking the "Insert into post" button.  

...and the answer is on the previous page in this thread - clear your cache. Fine for me now - this edit from firefox.

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A bit of an oddity (I'm in chrome); the gear wheel button is the hyperlink option. The "center text" button is "quote." The smiley face is "code," the hyperlink brings up the emoticon list, the "left alight" functions as spoiler.

The bullets, numbering, and indent buttons are functioning fine. But then left align is a flag facing right, center align is a flag facing left, and right align is yet another hyperlink button. Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

I took a screenshot of me hovering over the smiley face to show you:


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