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Quaithe and Dany's last chapter.


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I think Quaithe is manipulated all the dreams and hallucinations in the Dothraki Sea, which eventually lead Dany into her "Fire and Blood" attitude.

First of all, we know that Quaithe is using glass candles to communicate with Dany, it's not confirmed but she shows all the powers of glass candles; appearing out of nowhere, getting into dreams and talking with Dany over far distances. With a glass candle she can easily give Dany dreams and visions.

Dany saw Quiathe's face in the sky, her mask was made of starlights. Quite magical. Quaithe told her that "Remember who you are Daenerys, the dragons know, do you?". I think she basically says you're a monster of fire and blood, don't play the rabbit queen.

Dany also dreamed of Viserys. He blamed her about his death.

Dany talks with the grass then.

“I am the blood of the dragon,” she told the grass, aloud.

Once, the grass whispered back, until you chained your dragons in the dark.

“Drogon killed a little girl. Her name was ... her name ...” Dany could not recall the child’s name. That made her so sad that she would have cried if all her tears had not been burned away. “I will never have a little girl. I was the Mother of Dragons.”

Aye, the grass said, but you turned against your children

Quaithe is encouraging her to use the dragons by blaming her about betraying her children.

Then she talks with the grass again, this time the grass is Joras Mormont.

I will not quote; he is telling her how he was a good counselor to her and how he said leave Meereen to Meereenese and leave for Westeros and they also talk about Jorah's surprise kiss in the ship.

Now, you may ask how can you be so sure that it was Quaithe, well because we know that Quaithe was watching Dany while she was in Astapor, she appeared in Dany's chamber, and she also appeared in Meereen. She can watch her without appearing and this would explain how she knows everything.

Now I will quote grass!Jorah's last words;

No. You are the blood of the dragon. The whispering was growing fainter, as if Ser Jorah were falling farther behind.

Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words.

These are almost the exact words Quaithe told Dany in her first dream.

So, she made a psychological pressure on Dany and created a monster by blaming her about Viserys' death and chaining of the dragons and how she screwed up by playing the good queen.

Quaithe wants Dany to leave for Westeros (dunno why?) and to be not afraid of using dragons in combat. She is also the reason how Dany will become a pyromaniac and murderer, you know, Fire and Blood.

*bonus: I'm sure Quaithe is no prophet, she didn't saw a prophecy about the people who Dany shouldn't trust. She said Griffin and the Mummer's Dragon are on their way to meet her but we know that JonCon and Aegon changed their ways, if it was a prophecy then sure it would turn out right but we know that Quaithe uses glass candles, we know she can find those people by using it. I think she made a fake prophecy and listed a couple of people which will eventually make Dany a paranoiac.

I don't really know what is the reason behind Quaithe's actions but I'm sure she is not a nice lady who wants to help Dany.

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Of all the mysteries in the series, Quaithe's endgame puzzles me the most. If she was purely there to help Dany, there's no need to be as cryptic as she is. If she's manipulating Dany for her own ends, she's done a piss poor job of it. If she's trying to mold Dany to be a very specific type of savior, whyhasn't she been more active in trying to influence her dreams before Mereen?

This last part is of special note, because while Quaithe could have been influencing Dany from as early as CoK subconsciously, we don't see a lot of signs that point to this. I suppose there could be in-story explanations, but overall it seems like the shadowbinder has been content to only pop up every now and then.

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I think that there are a few things about Quaithe's behavior to consider. Perhaps she didn't communicate as much or as vividly with Dany before because magic is growing in the world along with the dragons. She simply wasn't powerful enough to show Dany the visions before that she can now. And why is she cryptic? Well, aside from the fact that it's a better plot device than saying "Girl, you gotta get to Westeros, and when you do this this and that will happen" there is a power in discovering the meaning of something on your own. It's the "aha" moment of discovery. Lessons you learn and figure out on your own are always more powerful and better remembered and followed than instructions that you are given.

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Quaithe wants Dany to leave for Westeros (dunno why?) and to be not afraid of using dragons in combat. She is also the reason how Dany will become a pyromaniac and murderer, you know, Fire and Blood.

Yea because that sort of thing won't come in handy with the imminent man-killing ice army invasion

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