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Bumping for Benjen, Vol. II

King Tyrion I

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Hmmm...Me thinks the watch needs to enslave some Oompa Lumpas and rename them Bumpa Lumpas.They would be dark days for the Oompa Lumpa but hilarious ones for the watch and meh it would probably be less dangerous than that chocolate factory they were working in...

Yes Ser!!

Totally agree..of course I am against slavery but I am confident our Bumpa Lumpas will soon be conquered by the nobility of our cause and bump chocolate enough to build another Wall of it and feed all the wildlings and dragons besides.

At this point Benjen will come back and he will hailed as the King of Bumpa Lumpas.

He will refuse of course because loyal to the watch.

What happens next only to be discovered in a Dream of Bumps.

Looking forward to it...

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