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The Crow from Ramsey Bolton to "the Bastard"

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This may be the wrong place to post this, but what's everyone's take on the crow that Ramsey sent to Jon stating all that he had done to Stannis, and what he wants in return. Thoughts???

P.S. Sorry if I posted this twice ... how do I delete one of them?

Winter is Coming

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Report your thread to a Mod and ask if it can be deleted (and explain why) (report button can be found in every post below on the right).

Double threads pop up every now and then by accident, no worries :)

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Ramsay being Ramsay would love to pick a fight with Jon. Think as Ramsay would, He sees Jon as the last Stark male. It'd not matter whether or not he's found out about Robb's decree, making Jon his successor.

Put yourself in Jon's place. The crow brought words that fired him up, good and proper.

That's one of Ramsay's skills, knowing the buttons to push. He's rubbing it in Jon's face that he's been made legit by his Father. Something Ned may have been coming round to eventually, and obvious can't do now.

NW aren't supposed to be drawn into whatever goings on there are within The Kingdom. They are, supposedly, at The Wall, in defence of The Realm.

Certain NW commanders have openly said 'we have friends in KL'. What's to stop KL meddling with NW?

Roose, for the moment, is a Lannister man. Even though he is known to change sides whenever it suits him. Other than leeches, he has a love of gold too. Cersei is fast becoming a target.... for assassins or worse, to her, for suitors. Wouldn't Roose and Cersei have some insane offspring! More playthings for Ramsay as well. (Oops! Dad? The baby's lost a toe. Eek. This one's lost a finger....)

However, I don't feel House Bolton will be around for much longer. Sooner or later, Ramsay would turn more and more against House Bolton's cause. It seems to be coming sooner. What goes around, comes around.

Sooner or later The North must cotton on. The North Remembers - AND - Winter Is Coming.

Even in KL, snow has been seen.

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